Decorations of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

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Brief description of the history of Yugoslavian decorations[edit]

Decorations of the former SFRY that is Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia were created during the Second World War and throughout the existence of Second Yugoslavia. With the end of Yugoslavia, these decorations are now a valuable collectables and stopped to be awarded.

On the 15th of March 1943 first decorations were created: Order of the National hero, Order of the National liberation, Order of the partisan star, Order of the fraternity and unity, Order for courageousness and Medal for courageousness.

By the year 1960 the number of decoration increased to the total of 42 (35 Orders, 6 medals i 1 Commemorative medal). The status of decorations continued for three old army decorations of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

Orden / Ordre / Order[edit]

Medalja / Médaille / Medal[edit]

Spomenica / Médaille commémorative / Commemorative medal[edit]


Inside of every decoration there is a link to the web site of the World Intellectual Property Organization (L’Organisation mondiale de la propriété intellectuelle) where the orriginals are kept. At this international organization these decorations were, at the request of Yugoslavian government, given the status of official sign indicating control and warranty, which is in other countries and states reserved only for the National seal or some other kind of unicate instrument (exists only in one or two copies) which gives the bearer the official control and warranty.

Sequence of the orders and medals is from WIPO.

Some sequences differ, like this one.