Dynge borgruin

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Svenska: "Dynge hus", var tidvis en norsk riksborg, verkade som en befäst borg från ca 1250 till 1500-talets början, då den brann ned. Omnämns i det norska diplomatariet ett flertal gånger. Utgrävd 1912-1913 av Wilhelm Berg, som även grävde ut Ragnhildsholmen på 1880-talet, vars borgs tillkomst var samtida med Dynge hus och hade flera likheter. Dynge hus låg för övrigt nära Dragsmarks kloster.
English: Fortress from the 13th-14th century. It was destroyed by fire and abandoned during the later part of the sixteenth century. The square exterior wall enclosed both a dwelling area and a cellar. The buildings were of wood with tiled roof. Near the fortress there are remains of a blacksmith’s workshops. Parts of the motes are visible in south, east and west. Finds made during an excavation in 1912-1913 are now in "The City Museum of Gothenburg".