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Two sector circular flow diagram, 2008

An economic diagram is a diagram representing macro-economical or business economical processes. In a broad sense economic diagrams also relate to economic charts and economic graphs, which are partly included here.

History macroeconomic diagrams[edit]

The different types of macroeconomic diagrams shown in historical order.

18th century[edit]

19th century[edit]

Economic charts, flow maps etc., 19th century
Economic graphs, 19th century
Economic diagrams, 19th century
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20th century[edit]

Economic diagrams, first part of 20th century
Economic diagrams, second part of 20th century

21th century[edit]

Economic diagrams, 21th century

Types of macroeconomic diagrams[edit]

Economic graphs[edit]

Conceptual models of economic processes[edit]

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Graphical representation of real economic processes[edit]

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Functional diagrams[edit]

Economic production and distribution, and similar models[edit]

Economic distribution[edit]

Other economic organization: Organization of Capital[edit]

Other economic organization: Systems of advertising and merchandising[edit]

Circular flow diagrams[edit]

Main gallery: Circular flow diagram.

Classification charts[edit]

Corporation finance[edit]

Classification of total costs[edit]

Cost accounting systems[edit]

Main gallery: Cost accounting.

Cost accounting data flow diagrams[edit]

Further reading[edit]

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