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English: The Edict of Milan was a letter that proclaimed religious toleration in the Roman Empire. The letter was issued in 313, shortly after the conclusion of the Diocletianic Persecution. The Edict, in the form of a joint letter to be circulated among the governors of the East, declared that the Empire would be neutral with regard to religious worship, officially removing all obstacles to the practice of Christianity and other religions. It declared unequivocally that the co-authors of the regulations wanted no action taken against the non-Christian cults.
Italiano: Si intende per editto di Milano (noto anche come editto di Costantino, editto di tolleranza o rescritto di tolleranza) l'accordo sottoscritto nel febbraio 313 dai due Augusti dell'impero romano, Costantino per l'Occidente e Licinio per l'Oriente, in vista di una politica religiosa comune alle due parti dell'impero.
Latina: Edictum Mediolanense est conventum ab imperatoribus Constantino I Occidentis et Licinio Orientis anno 313 promulgatum, quo "et Christianis et omnibus liberam potestatem sequendi religionem quam quisque voluisset, quod quicquid <est> divinitatis in sede caelesti" dederunt. Litterae paulo post persecutionem Diocletianam finitam editae sunt quasi supplementum Edicti tolerantiae Galerii anni 311.
Edict of Milan 
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Edicto de Milán (es); Mediolanumi ediktum (hu); Milango Ediktua (eu); Διάταγμα των Μεδιολάνων (el); Edictu de Milán (ast); Dekri Milan (ms); Edikt fan Milaan (fy); Mailänder Vereinbarung (de); Editt de Milan (lmo); Міланскі эдыкт (be); Միլանի էդիկտ (hy); Медиолански едикт (bg); Milano-ediktet (da); Milano Fermanı (tr); ミラノ勅令 (ja); Милански едикт (sr-ec); Edicto de Milán (gl); Milánsky edikt (sk); 米蘭敕令 (zh-hk); צו מילאנו (he); Edictum Mediolanense (la); 米蘭敕令 (zh-hant); 米兰敕令 (zh-cn); Edikti i Milanos (sq); 밀라노 칙령 (ko); Milanski edikt (sh); Edikto de Milano (eo); Милански едикт (mk); Edict van Milaan (nl); editto di Milano (it); فرمان میلان (fa); Édit de Milan (fr); Edikt milánský (cs); Мілянскі эдыкт (be-tarask); Edykt mediolański (pl); Edik Milano (id); 米兰敕令 (zh-sg); Миланский эдикт (ru); Milanski edikt (sr-el); Milanon edikti (fi); Édito de Milão (pt); Milanes Bann (ang); Milano ediktas (lt); Edicte de Milà (ca); Милански едикт (sr); Milanski edikt (sl); Міланський едикт (uk); Edictul de la Milano (ro); Edict o Milan (sco); พระราชกฤษฎีกาแห่งมิลาน (th); Hati ya Milano (sw); Milanoediktet (nb); 米蘭敕令 (zh-tw); მილანის ედიქტი (ka); Milanski edikt (hr); Milano edikt (et); 米兰敕令 (zh); Edict of Milan (en); مرسوم ميلانو (ar); 米兰敕令 (zh-hans); Ediktet i Milano (sv) edicto de milan (es); statute (en); 詔勅 (zh); Vertrag zur Religionsfreiheit aus dem Jahr 313 (de) Editto di costantino, Pace di Costantino, Editto di Nicomedia (it); Édit de Constantin, Édit de tolérance de Milan, Edit de Constantin, Edit de Milan (fr); Медиоланский эдикт (ru); Toleranzedikt von Mailand, Mailänder Toleranzedikt, Mailänder Konvention, Edikt von Mailand, Mailänder Abkommen (de); Edito de Milão, Édito da tolerância, Edicto de milão, Édicto de Milão (pt); Милански едикт, Миланския едикт за толерантност (bg); Edictul de la Milan, Edictul din Milan (ro); Milanoediktet, Milanesiska ediktet (sv); Mediolański edykt tolerancyjny (pl); אדיקט מילאנו, צו מילנו, האדיקט של מילאנו, הצו של מילאנו, אדיקט מילנו, האדיקט של מילן (he); Maklumat Milano, Edik Milan, Edictum Mediolanense (id); พระราชกฤษฎีกามิลาน, Edict of Milan (th); Медіоланський едикт (uk); Edictum Mediolanense, Edicto de Milan (es); 밀라노칙령 (ko); Edictum Mediolanense (gl); Ediktet i Milano (nb); Milánský edikt (cs); 米蘭敕令 (君士坦丁), 米兰敕令 (君士坦丁), 米蘭詔令, 米蘭諭旨, 米蘭詔書 (zh)
Remains of the enormous Imperial palaces complex in Mediolanum, now Milan. Built by Maximinian (III C AD) when Milan become the capital of the Western Roman Epire.


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