Elisabeth Farnese

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English: Elisabeth Farnese (25 October 1692 - 11 July 1766) was the second wife of King Philip V of Spain and one of the most influential women in history. As a result of her husband's forty-six-year long reign, she is the longest Spanish consort to date. She was born into the House of Farnese, the ruling family of the duchy of Parma, in modern day northern Italy. She and Philip V had seven children. At the time of her death, she was the mother of the a King of Spain, a Duke of Parma and grandmother of the King of Naples and the future Maria I of Portugal. She has been hailed as "the most ambitious woman in history".
Español: Isabel de Farnesio (en italiano: Elisabetta Farnese) (Parma, Italia; 25 de octubre de 1692 - Aranjuez, España; 10 de julio de 1766), fue reina consorte de España por su matrimonio con el rey Felipe V de España e hija del príncipe Eduardo II Farnesio y de la princesa Dorotea Sofía de Neoburgo.

Princess of Parma and Queen of Spain[edit]