Empress Elisabeth of Austria

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Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie, Duchess in Bavaria and Princess of Bavaria (December 24, 1837 - September 10, 1898), of the House of Wittelsbach, was Empress-Consort of Austria and Queen consort of Hungary due to her marriage to Emperor Franz Joseph. From an early age, she was called Sisi (or Sissi in films and novels) by family and friends. (from English Wikipedia)

Elisabeth Eugenie Amalie, genannt Sisi (nicht Sissi, wie sie in den Sissi-Filmen und -Romanen benannt wurde) war Kaiserin von Österreich und Königin von Ungarn. (Deutsche Wikipedia)


Empress Elisabeth was not interested in new portraits after her 30th birthday. So nearly all later paintings were painted after her youth photographs by Angerer/Rabeding

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