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Enrique Ángel Angelelli (17 June 1923 – 4 August 1976) was a bishop of the Roman Catholic Church of Argentina, killed during the last military dictatorship for his involvement with social issues.

Image source[edit]

The photographs in the gallery below (to be filled in) come from the Arnulfo Romero Archive, Casa Monseñor Angelelli, Córdoba, Argentina (http://www.casaangelelli.com.ar/). They can be used freely, provided the source is acknowledged. Most of them are already in the public domain in any case ((see Template:PD-AR-Photo). See the original email notifying of the permission below.

Permission note[edit]

This is a translation of the reply to a request for free use of the pictures that I sent to the contact address of www.casaangelelli.com.ar:

Dear Pablo Flores
Wikipedia collaborator
[... skipped intro thanks, comments on the Wikipedia article, etc. ...]
As for the photos, you have full freedom to use the ones you deem convenient. I'm inquiring the oldest members of our group on who were the photographer(s). One of them is, I believe, still alive, and was a photographer of the newspaper El Independiente.
For our work of compiling, restoring, ordering and making [the pictures] available to the media, journalists and researchers, we ask them to cite the source of the pictures as Arnulfo Romero Archive, Casa Mons[eñor] Angelelli, Córdoba.
We also understand, as you say in your email, that almost all of these pictures (we have more than 150 in our archive) were taken more than 25 years ago.
[... skipped goodbye ...]
Hugo Mamani
Centro Tiempo Latinoamericano
Belgrano 715 CP 5000
Córdoba - Argentina