Eriophorum polystachyon

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Eriophorum polystachyon/polystachion may refer to:

  • Common cottongrass, the most common - a rhizomatous species, on acidic ground.
    • E. polystachyon L.: E. angustifolium subsp. subarcticum (V.N. Vassil.) Hultén
    • E. polystachion var. angustifolium (Honck.): E. angustifolium Honck.
  • Broad-leaved cottongrass, more robust and less common species - only on bad lime ground.
    • E. polystachion var. latifolium (Hoppe) A.Gray: E. latifolium Hoppe
  • Slender cottongrass, a slender, rhizomatous and rare species - only on very bad, acidic ground.
    • E. polystachion subsp. gracile (Koch ex Roth) Bonnier & Layens: E. gracile Koch, syn. E. angustifolium var. vaillantii Poit. & Turp.
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