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Català: La bandera estelada o simplement Estelada és considerada la bandera que simbolitza la independència dels Països Catalans
Español: La bandera Estelada o simplemente Estelada es considerada la bandera que simboliza la independencia de los Países Catalanes
English: The Estelada flag or simply Estelada is considered the flag that symbolizes the independence of the Països Catalans
Français : Le drapeau Estelada ou plus simplement Estelada est considéré comme le drapeau qui symbolise l'indépendance des Països Catalans
Gnome-emblem-important.svg This flag is fictitious or proposed but not adopted. It may be named as it would be as an official flag of a geographical or other entity and have some visual elements that are similar to official logos or flags of that entity, but it is not official and doesn't have any official recognition.


Photographs of Estelades[edit]

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