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Deutsch: Radierung
Español: Aguafuerte
Français : Eau-forte
Italiano: Acquaforte

Etchings are made using an intaglio method of image making in which the image is incised into the surface of a metal plate using an acid. The acid eats the metal, leaving behind roughened areas, or if the surface exposed to the acid is very narrow, burning a line into the plate. The process is believed to have been invented by Daniel Hopfer (circa 1470-1536) of Augsburg, Germany.

This technique should not be confused with engraving.


Daniel Hopfer[modifier]


Frans Balthazar Solvyns[modifier]


George Cruikshank[modifier]

Willem and Johannes Blaeu[modifier]

John Bull[modifier]


Quelques eau-forte en couleur[modifier]

Miscellaneous etchings[modifier]