European painting in Poland by museum

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Archdiocesan Museum in Katowice[edit]

Art Museum in Łódź[edit]

Czartoryski Museum[edit]

Lublin Museum[edit]

National Museum in Gdańsk[edit]

National Museum in Kielce[edit]

National Museum in Kraków[edit]

National Museum in Poznań[edit]

National Museum in Szczecin[edit]

National Museum in Warsaw[edit]

National Museum in Wrocław[edit]

Palace on the Water[edit]

Porczyński Gallery[edit]

Royal Castle in Warsaw[edit]

Lanckoroński Collection[edit]

Tarnowskie Góry Museum[edit]

Visitationist Monastery in Warsaw[edit]

Wawel Castle[edit]

Lanckoroński Collection[edit]

Wilanów Palace[edit]

Other museums[edit]