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This table is used in Chinese character classification, based on images and materials in Classification des sinogrammes. The table is also adapted from Classification des sinogrammes, originally for the English translation.

Archaic Seal script Traditional Simplified Pinyin Gloss
Ren arch.png Ren sigil.png rén man
U5973-radical-38 early-form.svg Nuu sigil.png woman
Zi arch.png Zi sigil.png child
Ri arch.png Ri sigil.png sun
Yue arch.png Yue sigil.png yuè moon
Shan arch.png Shan sigil.png shān mountain
Chuan arch.png Chuan sigil.png chuān river
Shui arch.png Shui sigil.png shuǐ water
Yu arch.png Yu sigil.png rain
Zhu arch.png Zhu sigil.png zhú bamboo
Mu arch.png Mu sigil.png tree
Ma arch.png Ma sigil.png horse
Niao arch.png Niao sigil.png niǎo bird
Gui arch.png Gui sigil.png guī turtle
Long arch.png Long sigil.png lóng dragon