Experimental digital photography

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Experimental Digital Photography is a catch-all phrase for non-traditional photographic imagery created with a digital camera.
It often includes effects created with slow shutter speed exposures such as: light painting, light graffitti, painting with light, camera painting and motion photos with deliberate blur -- often called 'motion blur'. Motion effects are created by subject movement, camera movement or a combination of the two. The term can also apply to software manipulation of digital photographs to create non-traditional effects with the digital medium, effects that were not possible previously with film.

Guitarists with motion-blur effects

Ferris Wheels with motion-blur effects

Roads at night with motion-blur effects

Violinists with motion-blur effects

Various musicians with motion-blur effects

Candid photos of musicians with both areas of sharpness and motion-blur effects

Audience with motion-blur effects

"Camera Painting" photographs created by moving a camera for an extended time, over a light source

Early candid motion-blur digital photos of rave dancers

Experimental portraits and self-portraits

Experimental asynchronous digital still photographs made into animated Gif Cinemagraphs.
Shot in 1998 with an early lo-res fixed-lens Casio camera.