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Chairman/ordförande Gunilla Thomsson
2021 book

English: FamSACFamilia Suecana Americana & Cetera – is an international non-profit society of relatives founded in 2006 with over 3000 passive and 270 active members (2022). In its combined membership, where most are active, known names are Americans Serena Altschul and Jacob Truedson Demitz; Brazilian Robert Scheidt; and Swedes Mattias Klum, Per Åhlin, Jens von Reis, Biörn Riese, Margareta Ridderstedt, Maria Ridderstedt, Lotta Rosenström, Annabelle Rice, Margareta Edström Ridderstedt, Curt-Åke Stefan and Caroline Gentele. Deceased members include Stanley M. Truhlsen, Erland Brand, Siri von Reis, Lars Ridderstedt and Bo Stefan. The active members have applied in writing, and those who have turned 80 or head main branches are appointed Honorary Members. The non-profit society pays fees for ancestors’ graves, sends flowers on special occasions and maintains a website where the public has access to a complete roster and free information and images pertaining to the deceased, who normally have been traced back at least to the 17th century. All members get invited to attend an AGM to elect the Board of Directors. FamSAC published a 564-page book in 2021.

Svenska: FamSACFamilia Suecana Americana & Cetera – är en internationell ideell släktförening grundad 2006 med över 3000 passiva och 270 aktiva medlemmar (2022), där ovan nämnda kända personer ingår, i härstamning från bland andra Jacob Marcus, Aron von Reis, John Truedsson Ridderstedt och Stefan Anderson. De aktiva medlemmarna har ansökt skriftligt, och de som har fyllt 80 eller står först genealogiskt i stora grenar är utsedda till Hedersmedlemmar. Den ideella föreningen betalar avgifterna för anföräldrars gravar, skickar blommor vid högtider och upprätthåller en nätplats där allmänheten har tillgång till hela släktregistret och gratis uppgifter och bilder för de avlidna, som oftast har spårats tillbaka åtminstone till 1600-talet. Alla medlemmar blir kallade till årsmöten för att välja styrelse. FamSAC gav 2021 ut en bok på 564 sidor.


This is a selection of images from the FamSAC archives. There are many more images on file on these various sub-heading subjects. Some have been uploaded to Commons, whereas many others are so recent that they cannot be uploaded in public due to copyright issues (i.e. available only for private use through FamSAC memberhip). Some of the years given are approximate. Identifications are mainly left to right. The images' own pages often have more detail on locations and other information. Subject headings may overlap on occasion, e.g. a family photo may be found under Homes because the house actually is the main item in it, etc.

Select family trees and other FamSAC artwork[edit]

FamSAC events (& events with members) since 2006[edit]

A small year-by-year selection.

FamSAC's main founding parents[edit]

Wedding couples & other rare pairs[edit]

Also see above section on FamSAC's main founding parents.

Founding families[edit]

Homes of the main founding families[edit]

Notable members, ancestors & other related personalities[edit]

(Passive FamSAC members are members through relationship. Others, including Honorary Members, are registered members with applications on file. Names here are followed by FamSAC member codes in parentheses.)

First Ladies & Head Gentlemen as of 2022[edit]

FamSAC's genealogical VIPs heading the association's 8 greater families and a few large main branches. The histories of these positions, and all predecessors in them, are detailed on the FamSAC website.

Selection of other FamSAC archive images[edit]

Suspected photos of key people[edit]

Ancestors’ graves[edit]