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The free FatCow-Farm-Fresh Web Icons are the biggest icon set drawn by a single designer (in pixel smooth style by Marcis Gasuns) worldwide.

Farm Fresh icons[edit]

Time & measurements[edit]

Farm-Fresh date.png Farm-Fresh date add.png Farm-Fresh date delete.png Farm-Fresh date go.png Farm-Fresh date edit.png Farm-Fresh date link.png Farm-Fresh date error.png Farm-Fresh date magnify.png Farm-Fresh date next.png Farm-Fresh date previous.png Farm-Fresh date next gray.png Farm-Fresh date previous gray.png Farm-Fresh date relation.png Farm-Fresh date task.png

Farm-Fresh calendar.png Farm-Fresh calendar add.png Farm-Fresh calendar delete.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh calendar edit.png Farm-Fresh calendar link.png Farm-Fresh calendar view day.png Farm-Fresh calendar view month.png Farm-Fresh calendar view week.png Farm-Fresh open calendar.png Farm-Fresh calendar group.png Farm-Fresh next seven days.png Farm-Fresh outlook calendar day.png Farm-Fresh outlook calendar month.png Farm-Fresh outlook calendar shedule view.png Farm-Fresh outlook calendar week.png Farm-Fresh outlook calendar work week.png Farm-Fresh outlook meeting.png Farm-Fresh outlook more.png Farm-Fresh outlook new items.png Farm-Fresh outlook new meeting.png Farm-Fresh email calendar.png

Farm-Fresh data chooser.png Farm-Fresh data field.png Farm-Fresh abacus.png Farm-Fresh calendar copy.png Farm-Fresh select recipient.png Farm-Fresh edit recipient list.png

Farm-Fresh hourglass.png Farm-Fresh hourglass add.png Farm-Fresh hourglass delete.png Farm-Fresh hourglass go.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh hourglass link.png

Farm-Fresh time.png Farm-Fresh time add.png Farm-Fresh time delete.png Farm-Fresh time go.png

Farm-Fresh clock.png Farm-Fresh clock add.png Farm-Fresh clock delete.png Farm-Fresh clock go.png Farm-Fresh clock edit.png Farm-Fresh clock link.png Farm-Fresh clock error.png Farm-Fresh clock red.png

Farm-Fresh clock stop.png Farm-Fresh clock pause.png Farm-Fresh clock play.png Farm-Fresh clock 15.png Farm-Fresh clock 45.png Farm-Fresh clock moon phase.png

Farm-Fresh stopwatch finish.png Farm-Fresh stopwatch pause.png Farm-Fresh stopwatch start.png Farm-Fresh profiles.png Farm-Fresh timeline.png

Farm-Fresh clock select remain.png Farm-Fresh clock history frame.png Farm-Fresh speedometer.png Farm-Fresh traffic usage.png Farm-Fresh record slide show.png Farm-Fresh compass.png Farm-Fresh radiolocator.png Farm-Fresh bandwith.png Farm-Fresh view bandwidth usage.png Farm-Fresh limit bandwidth usage.png Farm-Fresh system monitor.png Farm-Fresh action log.png Farm-Fresh counter.png Farm-Fresh dashboard.png Farm-Fresh diagramm.png Farm-Fresh sound wave.png


Farm-Fresh money.png Farm-Fresh money add.png Farm-Fresh money delete.png Farm-Fresh account balances.png Farm-Fresh company generosity.png Farm-Fresh credit.png Farm-Fresh total plan cost.png Farm-Fresh cash stack.png Farm-Fresh financial functions.png

Farm-Fresh coins.png Farm-Fresh coins add.png Farm-Fresh coins delete.png Farm-Fresh finance.png Farm-Fresh coins in hand.png Farm-Fresh coin stack gold.png Farm-Fresh coin single gold.png Farm-Fresh coin single silver.png Farm-Fresh coin single cooper.png Farm-Fresh money bag.png Farm-Fresh safe.png Farm-Fresh atm.png Farm-Fresh moneybox.png Farm-Fresh wallet.png Farm-Fresh save money.png

Farm-Fresh money dollar.png Farm-Fresh price alert.png Farm-Fresh money euro.png Farm-Fresh money pound.png Farm-Fresh money yen.png Farm-Fresh conversion of currency.png

Farm-Fresh visa.png Farm-Fresh visa 2.png Farm-Fresh visa electron.png Farm-Fresh master card.png Farm-Fresh creditcards.png Farm-Fresh dinersclub.png Farm-Fresh american express.png Farm-Fresh card amex gold.png Farm-Fresh card amex gray.png Farm-Fresh card amex green.png Farm-Fresh cirrus.png Farm-Fresh money bookers.png Farm-Fresh discover.png Farm-Fresh card discover black.png Farm-Fresh card discover novus.png Farm-Fresh card amazon.png Farm-Fresh card apple.png Farm-Fresh card ipod.png Farm-Fresh card back.png Farm-Fresh card chase.png Farm-Fresh card bank.png Farm-Fresh card credit.png Farm-Fresh card debit.png Farm-Fresh card echeck.png Farm-Fresh card front.png Farm-Fresh card gift 2.png Farm-Fresh card gift.png Farm-Fresh card gold.png Farm-Fresh card miles.png Farm-Fresh card money.png Farm-Fresh card sapphire.png Farm-Fresh card save.png Farm-Fresh card solo.png Farm-Fresh echeck.png Farm-Fresh no creditcards.png


Farm-Fresh showel.png Farm-Fresh ax.png Farm-Fresh screwdriver.png Farm-Fresh wrench orange.png Farm-Fresh wrench.png Farm-Fresh toolbox.png Farm-Fresh setting tools.png Farm-Fresh hammer.png Farm-Fresh scalpel.png Farm-Fresh magnifier.png Farm-Fresh zoom.png Farm-Fresh flashlight.png Farm-Fresh flashlight shine.png Farm-Fresh multitool.png Farm-Fresh measure.png Farm-Fresh cut.png Farm-Fresh cut red.png Farm-Fresh cutter.png Farm-Fresh drill.png Farm-Fresh baggage cart.png Farm-Fresh baggage cart box.png Farm-Fresh trolley.png Farm-Fresh pipette.png

Sports & game[edit]

Farm-Fresh sport.png Farm-Fresh sport 8ball.png Farm-Fresh sport basketball.png Farm-Fresh sport football.png Farm-Fresh sport golf.png Farm-Fresh sport raquet.png Farm-Fresh sport shuttlecock.png Farm-Fresh sport soccer.png Farm-Fresh sport tennis.png Farm-Fresh cricket.png

Farm-Fresh chess king white.png Farm-Fresh chess queen white.png Farm-Fresh chess tower white.png Farm-Fresh chess bishop white.png Farm-Fresh chess horse white.png Farm-Fresh chess pawn white.png

Farm-Fresh chess king.png Farm-Fresh chess queen.png Farm-Fresh chess tower.png Farm-Fresh chess bishop.png Farm-Fresh chess horse.png Farm-Fresh chess pawn.png Farm-Fresh checkerboard.png Farm-Fresh board game.png Farm-Fresh dice.png Farm-Fresh playing cards.png Farm-Fresh poker.png

Drinks & Food[edit]

Farm-Fresh cake.png Farm-Fresh piece of cake.png Farm-Fresh cheese.png Farm-Fresh bread.png Farm-Fresh toster.png Farm-Fresh chicken leg.png Farm-Fresh chocolate.png Farm-Fresh chocolate bite.png Farm-Fresh chocolate milk.png Farm-Fresh cookie chocolate.png Farm-Fresh cookies.png Farm-Fresh gingerbread man.png Farm-Fresh gingerbread man chocolate.png Farm-Fresh drink empty.png Farm-Fresh drink.png Farm-Fresh glass narrow.png Farm-Fresh wine pairings.png Farm-Fresh beer.png Farm-Fresh pint.png Farm-Fresh link juice.png Farm-Fresh glass of milk.png Farm-Fresh baby bottle.png Farm-Fresh milk.png Farm-Fresh omelet.png Farm-Fresh pepper.png Farm-Fresh mushroom.png Farm-Fresh pizza.png Farm-Fresh soup.png Farm-Fresh chinese noodles.png Farm-Fresh steak fish.png Farm-Fresh steak meat.png Farm-Fresh tea cup.png Farm-Fresh teapot.png Farm-Fresh cocacola.png Farm-Fresh icecream.png Farm-Fresh escimo pie.png Farm-Fresh apple.png Farm-Fresh apple half.png Farm-Fresh candy cane.png Farm-Fresh lollipop.png Farm-Fresh lollypop.png Farm-Fresh donut.png Farm-Fresh sushi.png Farm-Fresh popcorn.png Farm-Fresh fruit grape.png Farm-Fresh fruit lime.png Farm-Fresh bean.png Farm-Fresh hamburger.png

Farm-Fresh dish.png Farm-Fresh salver.png Farm-Fresh cutlery.png Farm-Fresh cutleries.png Farm-Fresh microwave.png

Farm-Fresh cup.png Farm-Fresh cup add.png Farm-Fresh cup delete.png Farm-Fresh cup edit.png Farm-Fresh cup error.png Farm-Fresh cup go.png Farm-Fresh cup key.png Farm-Fresh cup link.png


Weather & Misc[edit]

Farm-Fresh weather sun.png Farm-Fresh weather sun fog.png Farm-Fresh weather cloudy.png Farm-Fresh sun cloudy.png Farm-Fresh sun rain.png Farm-Fresh weather rain little.png Farm-Fresh rain.png Farm-Fresh weather rain.png Farm-Fresh snow rain.png Farm-Fresh weather snow little.png Farm-Fresh weather snow.png Farm-Fresh weather clouds.png Farm-Fresh weather lightning.png

Farm-Fresh download cloud.png Farm-Fresh upload for cloud.png Farm-Fresh network cloud.png Farm-Fresh network clouds.png

Farm-Fresh moon.png Farm-Fresh weather moon fog.png Farm-Fresh weather moon cloudy.png Farm-Fresh weather moon half.png Farm-Fresh half moon.png Farm-Fresh star.png

Farm-Fresh rainbow.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh rainbow cloud.png

Farm-Fresh breeze.png Farm-Fresh co2.png Farm-Fresh snowman.png Farm-Fresh snowman head.png Farm-Fresh diamond.png Farm-Fresh windy.png Farm-Fresh fog.png Farm-Fresh tornado.png Farm-Fresh fire.png

Farm-Fresh lightning.png Farm-Fresh lightning add.png Farm-Fresh lightning delete.png Farm-Fresh lightning go.png

Farm-Fresh temperature cold.png Farm-Fresh temperature cool.png Farm-Fresh temperature normal.png Farm-Fresh temperature warm.png Farm-Fresh temperature hot.png Farm-Fresh hot.png Farm-Fresh cold.png Farm-Fresh celsius.png

Farm-Fresh world.png Farm-Fresh globe africa.png Farm-Fresh globe australia.png Farm-Fresh earth night.png


Farm-Fresh grass.png Farm-Fresh mushroom.png Farm-Fresh green.png Farm-Fresh green wormhole.png Farm-Fresh green yellow.png Farm-Fresh plant.png Farm-Fresh leaf plant.png Farm-Fresh cactus.png Bush (from Farm-Fresh tree).png Farm-Fresh tree.png Farm-Fresh tree red.png Farm-Fresh tree yellow.png Farm-Fresh tree white.png Farm-Fresh tree bare.png Abies (from Farm-Fresh christmas tree).png Farm-Fresh flower.png Farm-Fresh apple.png Farm-Fresh acorn.png Farm-Fresh soil layers.png Farm-Fresh bamboo.png Farm-Fresh bamboos.png


Farm-Fresh dog.png Farm-Fresh cat.png Farm-Fresh rabbit.png Farm-Fresh snail.png Farm-Fresh hippocampus.png Farm-Fresh pearl.png Farm-Fresh butterfly.png Farm-Fresh hummingbird.png Farm-Fresh peacock.png Farm-Fresh flamingo.png Farm-Fresh parrot.png Farm-Fresh chameleon.png Farm-Fresh toucan.png Farm-Fresh spider web.png Farm-Fresh burro.png Farm-Fresh clown fish.png Farm-Fresh ladybird.png Farm-Fresh unicorn.png

Farm-Fresh bug.png Farm-Fresh bug add.png Farm-Fresh bug delete.png Farm-Fresh bug edit.png Farm-Fresh bug error.png Farm-Fresh bug go.png Farm-Fresh bug link.png Farm-Fresh bug fixing.png


Farm-Fresh user.png Farm-Fresh user add.png Farm-Fresh user delete.png Farm-Fresh user edit.png Farm-Fresh modify suspended account page.png Farm-Fresh user go.png Farm-Fresh rearrange account.png Farm-Fresh upgrade downgrade account.png Farm-Fresh suspend unsuspend account.png Farm-Fresh account functions.png Farm-Fresh user comment.png Farm-Fresh search accounts.png Farm-Fresh quota modification.png Farm-Fresh disable enable demo mode.png Farm-Fresh show accounts over quota.png Farm-Fresh list suspended accounts.png Farm-Fresh view relayers.png

Farm-Fresh group.png Farm-Fresh group add.png Farm-Fresh group delete.png Farm-Fresh group edit.png Farm-Fresh group go.png Farm-Fresh group error.png Farm-Fresh group gear.png Farm-Fresh group key.png Farm-Fresh group link.png Farm-Fresh allow users edit ranges.png Farm-Fresh meeting workspace.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh users 3.png Farm-Fresh users 4.png Farm-Fresh users 5.png Farm-Fresh users men women.png

Farm-Fresh user suit.png Farm-Fresh premium support.png Farm-Fresh submit support request.png Farm-Fresh ceo.png Farm-Fresh administrator.png Farm-Fresh reseller account.png Farm-Fresh reseller account template.png Farm-Fresh client account template.png Farm-Fresh session idle time.png Farm-Fresh participation rate.png Farm-Fresh account balances.png Farm-Fresh reseller programm.png

Farm-Fresh user gray.png Farm-Fresh user green.png Farm-Fresh user orange.png Farm-Fresh user red.png Farm-Fresh status away.png Farm-Fresh status busy.png Farm-Fresh status offline.png Farm-Fresh status online.png Farm-Fresh user level filtering.png

Farm-Fresh santa.png Farm-Fresh role.png Farm-Fresh user silhouette.png Farm-Fresh xfn.png Farm-Fresh account menu.png Farm-Fresh walk.png Farm-Fresh stickman.png Farm-Fresh toilet.png

Farm-Fresh user female.png Farm-Fresh user blondy.png

Farm-Fresh user angel.png Farm-Fresh user angel black.png Farm-Fresh user angel female.png Farm-Fresh user angel female black.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh angel.png

Farm-Fresh user chief.png Farm-Fresh user chief black.png Farm-Fresh user chief female.png Farm-Fresh user chief female black.png

Farm-Fresh user cook male white.png Farm-Fresh user cook male black.png Farm-Fresh user cook female white.png Farm-Fresh user cook female black.png

Farm-Fresh user waiter.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh user waiter female.png Farm-Fresh user waiter female black.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh user maid.png

Farm-Fresh user medical.png Farm-Fresh user medical black.png Farm-Fresh user medical female.png Farm-Fresh user medical female black.png

Farm-Fresh user nude.png Farm-Fresh user nude black.png Farm-Fresh user nude female.png Farm-Fresh user nude female black.png

Farm-Fresh user oldman.png Farm-Fresh user oldman black.png Farm-Fresh user oldwoman.png Farm-Fresh user oldwoman black.png

Farm-Fresh user imprisoned white.png Farm-Fresh user imprisoned black.png Farm-Fresh user imprisoned female white.png Farm-Fresh user imprisoned female black.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh user judge.png Farm-Fresh user judge black.png

Farm-Fresh user policeman white.png Farm-Fresh user policeman.png Farm-Fresh user police female.png Farm-Fresh user police female black.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh user police england.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh user officer.png Farm-Fresh user officer black.png Farm-Fresh user soldier.png Farm-Fresh user striper.png Farm-Fresh user striper black.png Farm-Fresh user sailor.png Farm-Fresh user sailor black.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh user diver.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh user firefighter.png Farm-Fresh user firefighter black.png

Farm-Fresh user pilot civil.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh user stewardess.png Farm-Fresh user stewardess black.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh user pilot.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh user racer.png

Farm-Fresh user student.png Farm-Fresh user student black.png Farm-Fresh user student female.png Farm-Fresh user student female black.png

Farm-Fresh user king.png Farm-Fresh user king black.png Farm-Fresh user queen.png Farm-Fresh user queen black.png

Farm-Fresh user swimmer.png Farm-Fresh user swimmer black.png Farm-Fresh user swimmer female.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh user beach lifeguard.png Farm-Fresh user beach lifeguard female.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh user boxer.png Farm-Fresh user boxer black.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh user ballplayer.png Farm-Fresh user ballplayer black.png

Farm-Fresh user priest.png Farm-Fresh user priest black.png Farm-Fresh user nun.png Farm-Fresh user nun black.png Farm-Fresh user bishop.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh user muslim.png Farm-Fresh user muslim female.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh user jew.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh user buddhist.png

Farm-Fresh user cowboy.png Farm-Fresh user cowboy female.png Farm-Fresh user redskin.png Farm-Fresh user mexican.png Farm-Fresh user zorro.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh user detective.png Farm-Fresh user detective gray.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh user banker.png

Farm-Fresh user egyptian.png Farm-Fresh user egyptian female.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh user viking.png Farm-Fresh user viking female.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh user knight.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh user gladiator.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh user pirate.png

Farm-Fresh user indian.png Farm-Fresh user indian female.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh user eskimo.png Farm-Fresh user eskimo female.png

Farm-Fresh user goth.png Farm-Fresh user emo.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh user hendrix.png

Farm-Fresh user samurai.png Farm-Fresh user geisha.png Farm-Fresh user ninja.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh user vietnamese.png Farm-Fresh user vietnamese female.png

Farm-Fresh user alien.png Farm-Fresh user astronaut.png Farm-Fresh robot.png Farm-Fresh user bender.png

Farm-Fresh user leprechaun.png Farm-Fresh user clown.png Farm-Fresh user jester.png Farm-Fresh user pumpkin.png

Farm-Fresh user patrick.png Farm-Fresh user plankton.png

Farm-Fresh user c3po.png Farm-Fresh user r2d2.png Farm-Fresh user darth vader.png Farm-Fresh user jawa.png Farm-Fresh user wicket.png Farm-Fresh user trooper.png Farm-Fresh user trooper captain.png

Farm-Fresh user superman.png Farm-Fresh user batman.png Farm-Fresh user catwomen.png Farm-Fresh user spiderman.png Farm-Fresh user halk.png

Farm-Fresh user robocop.png Farm-Fresh user rambo.png

Farm-Fresh user dracula.png Farm-Fresh user devil.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh user jason.png Farm-Fresh user freddy.png Farm-Fresh user scream.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh user death.png


Farm-Fresh emotion evilgrin.png Farm-Fresh emotion grin.png Farm-Fresh emotion happy.png Farm-Fresh emotion cool.png Farm-Fresh emotion smile.png Farm-Fresh emotion tongue.png Farm-Fresh emotion waii.png Farm-Fresh emotion wink.png Farm-Fresh emotion bigsmile.png Farm-Fresh emotion angel.png Farm-Fresh emotion baffle.png Farm-Fresh emotion confuse.png Farm-Fresh emotion exciting.png Farm-Fresh emotion haha.png Farm-Fresh emotion lol.png Farm-Fresh emotion bye bye.png Farm-Fresh yahoo messenger.png Farm-Fresh emotion red.png

Farm-Fresh emotion unhappy.png Farm-Fresh emotion angry.png Farm-Fresh emotion horror.png Farm-Fresh emotion sad.png Farm-Fresh emotion snooty.png Farm-Fresh emotion sure.png Farm-Fresh emotion sweat.png Farm-Fresh emotion tire.png Farm-Fresh emotion too sad.png Farm-Fresh emotion unbelievable.png Farm-Fresh emotion unhappy very.png Farm-Fresh emotion yuush.png

Farm-Fresh emotion surprised.png Farm-Fresh emotion adore.png Farm-Fresh emotion ah.png Farm-Fresh emotion amazing.png Farm-Fresh emotion bad egg.png Farm-Fresh emotion doubt.png Farm-Fresh emotion misdoubt.png Farm-Fresh emotion ops.png Farm-Fresh emotion shocked.png Farm-Fresh emotion shame.png Farm-Fresh emotion what.png Farm-Fresh emotion whew.png

Farm-Fresh emotion anger.png Farm-Fresh emotion baby.png Farm-Fresh emotion bad smelly.png Farm-Fresh emotion beat brick.png Farm-Fresh emotion beaten.png Farm-Fresh emotion blind.png Farm-Fresh emotion bloody.png Farm-Fresh emotion blow current.png Farm-Fresh emotion boo.png Farm-Fresh emotion bubblegum.png Farm-Fresh emotion bully.png Farm-Fresh emotion burn joss stick.png Farm-Fresh emotion chinese.png Farm-Fresh emotion chupachups.png Farm-Fresh emotion confident.png Farm-Fresh emotion convict.png Farm-Fresh emotion crazy rabbit.png Farm-Fresh emotion crazy.png Farm-Fresh emotion cry.png Farm-Fresh emotion cyclops.png Farm-Fresh emotion evolution.png Farm-Fresh emotion daddy cool.png Farm-Fresh emotion david blaine.png Farm-Fresh emotion dead.png Farm-Fresh emotion detective.png Farm-Fresh emotion diver.png Farm-Fresh emotion doze.png Farm-Fresh emotion draw.png Farm-Fresh emotion dribble.png Farm-Fresh emotion drink.png Farm-Fresh emotion drunkard.png Farm-Fresh emotion eyes droped.png Farm-Fresh emotion fan.png Farm-Fresh emotion freak.png Farm-Fresh emotion frost.png Farm-Fresh emotion gangs.png Farm-Fresh emotion ghost.png Farm-Fresh emotion girl.png Farm-Fresh emotion go.png Farm-Fresh emotion gourmand.png Farm-Fresh emotion grad green.png Farm-Fresh emotion grad red.png Farm-Fresh emotion grad yellow.png Farm-Fresh emotion greedy.png Farm-Fresh emotion harry potter.png Farm-Fresh emotion hatched.png Farm-Fresh emotion hidden.png Farm-Fresh emotion hungry.png Farm-Fresh emotion hypnotized.png Farm-Fresh emotion injured.png Farm-Fresh emotion japan.png Farm-Fresh emotion juggler.png Farm-Fresh emotion kiddy.png Farm-Fresh emotion kiss.png Farm-Fresh emotion kissed.png Farm-Fresh emotion lollipops.png Farm-Fresh emotion love.png Farm-Fresh emotion mad.png Farm-Fresh emotion mah playlist.png Farm-Fresh emotion meaw.png Farm-Fresh emotion medic.png Farm-Fresh emotion money.png Farm-Fresh emotion musician.png Farm-Fresh emotion nerd.png Farm-Fresh emotion nom nom.png Farm-Fresh emotion nose pick.png Farm-Fresh emotion nosebleed.png Farm-Fresh emotion oddball.png Farm-Fresh emotion party.png Farm-Fresh emotion patient.png Farm-Fresh emotion pirate.png Farm-Fresh emotion punk.png Farm-Fresh emotion question.png Farm-Fresh emotion rap.png Farm-Fresh emotion razz.png Farm-Fresh emotion reading.png Farm-Fresh emotion rocknroll.png Farm-Fresh emotion shave.png Farm-Fresh emotion sick.png Farm-Fresh emotion silent.png Farm-Fresh emotion skull.png Farm-Fresh emotion sleep.png Farm-Fresh emotion smokes grass.png Farm-Fresh emotion speaking.png Farm-Fresh emotion spy.png Farm-Fresh emotion star.png Farm-Fresh emotion still dreaming.png Farm-Fresh emotion stink.png Farm-Fresh emotion struggle.png Farm-Fresh emotion stupid.png Farm-Fresh emotion surrender.png Farm-Fresh emotion unshaven.png Farm-Fresh emotion victory.png Farm-Fresh emotion waaaht.png Farm-Fresh emotion whist.png Farm-Fresh emotion zedz.png Farm-Fresh emotion hot.png

Farm-Fresh emotion cold.png Farm-Fresh emotion fire.png Farm-Fresh emotion after boom.png Farm-Fresh emotion burnt.png

Farm-Fresh emotion face monkey.png Farm-Fresh emotion face panda.png Farm-Fresh emotion tomato.png Farm-Fresh emotion pumpkin.png Farm-Fresh emotion watermelon.png Farm-Fresh emotion zingy.png Farm-Fresh emotion eye.png Farm-Fresh emotion aqua.png Farm-Fresh emotion gear.png Farm-Fresh emotion umbrella.png Farm-Fresh emotion hand flower.png Farm-Fresh emotion flower dead.png

Farm-Fresh emotion clown.png Farm-Fresh emotion alien.png Farm-Fresh emotion batman.png Farm-Fresh emotion superman.png Farm-Fresh emotion spiderman.png Farm-Fresh emotion matrix.png Farm-Fresh emotion terminator.png Farm-Fresh emotion knight.png Farm-Fresh emotion viking.png Farm-Fresh emotion ninja.png Farm-Fresh emotion vampire.png Farm-Fresh emotion franken.png Farm-Fresh emotion brains.png Farm-Fresh emotion mummy.png Farm-Fresh emotion devil.png Farm-Fresh emotion hitler.png Farm-Fresh emotion darth wader.png Farm-Fresh emotion jason.png Farm-Fresh jason mask.png Farm-Fresh scull.png Farm-Fresh skull old.png

Body parts/Medical[edit]

Farm-Fresh stethoscope.png Farm-Fresh stethoscope vintage.png Farm-Fresh injection.png Farm-Fresh bandaid.png Farm-Fresh eye.png Farm-Fresh eye red.png Farm-Fresh eye half.png Farm-Fresh eye close.png Farm-Fresh brain.png Farm-Fresh brain trainer.png Farm-Fresh health.png Farm-Fresh things beauty.png Farm-Fresh tooth.png Farm-Fresh ear listen.png Farm-Fresh x ray.png Farm-Fresh snake and cup.png Farm-Fresh mustache.png

Farm-Fresh pill.png Farm-Fresh pill add.png Farm-Fresh pill delete.png Farm-Fresh pill go.png Farm-Fresh tablets.png

Farm-Fresh hand.png Farm-Fresh hand point.png Farm-Fresh hand point 090.png Farm-Fresh hand point 180.png Farm-Fresh hand point 270.png Farm-Fresh hand fuck.png Farm-Fresh hand horns.png Farm-Fresh hand property.png Farm-Fresh draw smudge.png Farm-Fresh small business.png Farm-Fresh share.png Farm-Fresh preferences.png Farm-Fresh thumb down.png Farm-Fresh thumb up.png Farm-Fresh property export.png Farm-Fresh property import.png Farm-Fresh receipt share.png

Clothing & accessories[edit]

Farm-Fresh kids.png Farm-Fresh children cap.png Farm-Fresh party hat.png Farm-Fresh wizard women.png Farm-Fresh wizard.png Farm-Fresh santa hat.png Farm-Fresh cap.png Farm-Fresh hat.png Farm-Fresh site enhancer.png Farm-Fresh chefs hat.png Farm-Fresh peak cap.png Farm-Fresh security.png Farm-Fresh hard hat military.png Farm-Fresh helmet.png Farm-Fresh helmet mine.png Farm-Fresh page magnifier.png Farm-Fresh private.png Farm-Fresh 3d glasses.png Farm-Fresh wand.png Farm-Fresh handbag.png Farm-Fresh umbrella.png Farm-Fresh umbrella folded.png Farm-Fresh sneakers.png Farm-Fresh shoe.png Farm-Fresh skate.png Farm-Fresh boxing glove.png Farm-Fresh t shirt print.png Farm-Fresh shirt polo.png Farm-Fresh down jacket.png Farm-Fresh jacket.png Farm-Fresh jeans.png Farm-Fresh shorts.png Farm-Fresh tie.png Farm-Fresh life vest.png Farm-Fresh ring.png Farm-Fresh theater.png

Misc objects[edit]

Farm-Fresh teddy bear.png Farm-Fresh weight.png Farm-Fresh support.png Farm-Fresh find.png Farm-Fresh fire extinguisher.png Farm-Fresh horoscopes.png Farm-Fresh gas.png Farm-Fresh attach.png Farm-Fresh direction.png Farm-Fresh cigarette.png Farm-Fresh no smoking.png Farm-Fresh draw eraser.png Farm-Fresh anchor.png Farm-Fresh vase.png Farm-Fresh origami.png Farm-Fresh paper airplane.png Farm-Fresh broom.png Farm-Fresh knot.png Farm-Fresh trojan horse.png Farm-Fresh tub.png Farm-Fresh soap.png Farm-Fresh rubber duck.png Farm-Fresh magic wand 2.png Farm-Fresh magnet.png Farm-Fresh key solid.png Farm-Fresh gnupg keys.png Farm-Fresh quill.png

Farm-Fresh christmas tree.png Farm-Fresh holly.png Farm-Fresh ornament gold.png Farm-Fresh candle.png Farm-Fresh candle 2.png Farm-Fresh faberge egg.png

Farm-Fresh baloon blue.png Farm-Fresh ballon green.png Farm-Fresh ballon green empty.png

Farm-Fresh file manager.png Farm-Fresh autoarchieve settings.png Farm-Fresh drawer.png Farm-Fresh drawer open.png

Farm-Fresh box.png Farm-Fresh box down.png

Farm-Fresh shopping.png Farm-Fresh gift add.png Farm-Fresh ribbon.png

Farm-Fresh briefcase.png Farm-Fresh travel.png Farm-Fresh hotjobs.png Farm-Fresh luggage brown.png Farm-Fresh luggage brown tag.png Farm-Fresh luggage.png Farm-Fresh backpack.png

Farm-Fresh picture frame.png Farm-Fresh no image.png

Farm-Fresh flask.png Farm-Fresh flask empty.png Farm-Fresh beaker.png Farm-Fresh beaker empty.png Farm-Fresh jar empty.png Farm-Fresh jar open.png Farm-Fresh tubes.png Farm-Fresh mixture.png Farm-Fresh draw ink.png Farm-Fresh microscope.png Farm-Fresh molecule.png

Farm-Fresh rocking chair.png Farm-Fresh chair.png Farm-Fresh sofa.png Farm-Fresh terminal seats blue.png Farm-Fresh terminal seats red.png Farm-Fresh bed.png Farm-Fresh cushion.png Farm-Fresh curtain.png Farm-Fresh torchere.png Farm-Fresh switch.png Farm-Fresh electric socket 120.png Farm-Fresh electric socket 220.png Farm-Fresh led.png Farm-Fresh stairs.png

Farm-Fresh dynamite.png Farm-Fresh bomb.png Farm-Fresh grenade.png Farm-Fresh gun.png Farm-Fresh baton.png Farm-Fresh bow.png Farm-Fresh shuriken.png Farm-Fresh boomerang.png Farm-Fresh sword.png

Farm-Fresh toilet pan.png Farm-Fresh poo.png


Farm-Fresh transmit.png Farm-Fresh transmit add.png Farm-Fresh transmit delete.png Farm-Fresh transmit edit.png Farm-Fresh transmit error.png Farm-Fresh transmit go.png Farm-Fresh transmit blue.png Farm-Fresh satellite.png Farm-Fresh satellite dish.png Farm-Fresh network ethernet.png Farm-Fresh network wireless.png

Farm-Fresh telephone.png Farm-Fresh telephone add.png Farm-Fresh telephone delete.png Farm-Fresh telephone edit.png Farm-Fresh telephone error.png Farm-Fresh telephone go.png Farm-Fresh telephone key.png Farm-Fresh telephone link.png Farm-Fresh ip telephone.png Farm-Fresh telephone off.png Farm-Fresh fax.png

Farm-Fresh phone.png Farm-Fresh phone add.png Farm-Fresh phone delete.png Farm-Fresh phone sound.png Farm-Fresh oms new multimedia message.png Farm-Fresh oms new text message.png Farm-Fresh oms send.png Farm-Fresh other phone.png Farm-Fresh iphone.png Farm-Fresh nokia s60.png Farm-Fresh phone Android.png Farm-Fresh blackberry.png Farm-Fresh blackberry white.png Farm-Fresh blackberry protect.png Farm-Fresh e book reader black.png Farm-Fresh e book reader white.png Farm-Fresh ipad protect.png Farm-Fresh ipad.png Farm-Fresh iphone protect.png Farm-Fresh android phone protect.png Farm-Fresh gps handheld protect.png Farm-Fresh gps handheld.png Farm-Fresh chartplotter.png Farm-Fresh gps automotive.png Farm-Fresh fishfinder.png

Farm-Fresh phone handset.png Farm-Fresh phone vintage.png Farm-Fresh remote.png Farm-Fresh cctv camera.png


Farm-Fresh email.png Farm-Fresh email add.png Farm-Fresh email attach.png Farm-Fresh email delete.png Farm-Fresh email edit.png Farm-Fresh email error.png Farm-Fresh email go.png Farm-Fresh email link.png Farm-Fresh email open.png Farm-Fresh email open image.png Farm-Fresh email to friend.png Farm-Fresh spam filter.png Farm-Fresh autoresponders.png Farm-Fresh email accounts.png Farm-Fresh email air.png Farm-Fresh email at sign.png Farm-Fresh email forward.png Farm-Fresh email inbox.png Farm-Fresh email send receive.png Farm-Fresh email setting.png Farm-Fresh emails stack.png Farm-Fresh emails.png Farm-Fresh mail black.png Farm-Fresh mail green.png Farm-Fresh mail red.png Farm-Fresh mail yellow.png Farm-Fresh mail torn.png Farm-Fresh mailing list.png Farm-Fresh money in envelope.png Farm-Fresh forwarders.png Farm-Fresh outlook change view.png Farm-Fresh new email.png Farm-Fresh outlook clean up.png Farm-Fresh outlook delete all.png Farm-Fresh outlook ignore email.png Farm-Fresh outlook reply all.png Farm-Fresh outlook reply.png Farm-Fresh rss share feed.png Farm-Fresh pop mail.png Farm-Fresh mail box.png Farm-Fresh view relayers.png Farm-Fresh pop3 server.png Farm-Fresh mail server setting.png Farm-Fresh book addresses.png Farm-Fresh contact email.png Farm-Fresh at sign.png Farm-Fresh import email accounts.png Farm-Fresh imap server.png

Farm-Fresh envelopes.png Farm-Fresh boxtrapper.png Farm-Fresh delay delivery outlook.png Farm-Fresh send receive all folders.png Farm-Fresh outlook cancel all.png


Farm-Fresh comment box.png Farm-Fresh comment.png Farm-Fresh comment add.png Farm-Fresh comment delete.png Farm-Fresh comment edit.png Farm-Fresh comments.png Farm-Fresh comments add.png Farm-Fresh comments delete.png Farm-Fresh previous comment.png Farm-Fresh question.png Farm-Fresh new comment.png Farm-Fresh next comment.png

Farm-Fresh comment facebook box.png Farm-Fresh comment facebook.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh comments facebook.png

Farm-Fresh comment twitter box.png Farm-Fresh comment twitter.png Farm-Fresh comment twitter retwit.png Farm-Fresh comments twitter.png

Img blank.png Farm-Fresh comment google.png

Sound / Music / Alarm[edit]

Farm-Fresh music.png Farm-Fresh events.png Farm-Fresh whistle.png Farm-Fresh web concierge.png Farm-Fresh metronome.png Farm-Fresh alarm bell.png Farm-Fresh drum.png Farm-Fresh acoustic guitar.png Farm-Fresh electric guitar.png Farm-Fresh radio oldschool.png Farm-Fresh radio modern.png Farm-Fresh turntable.png Farm-Fresh speakers.png Farm-Fresh subwoofer.png Farm-Fresh speaker network.png Farm-Fresh microphone.png Farm-Fresh headphone.png Farm-Fresh headphone mic.png Farm-Fresh horn.png Farm-Fresh piano.png Farm-Fresh sound wave.png

Farm-Fresh ipod.png Farm-Fresh ipod cast.png Farm-Fresh ipod cast add.png Farm-Fresh ipod cast delete.png Farm-Fresh ipod sound.png

Farm-Fresh bell.png Farm-Fresh bell add.png Farm-Fresh bell delete.png Farm-Fresh bell error.png Farm-Fresh bell go.png Farm-Fresh bell link.png

Farm-Fresh beacon light.png


Farm-Fresh egyptian pyramid.png Farm-Fresh entity.png Farm-Fresh tower.png Farm-Fresh landmarks.png Farm-Fresh factory.png Farm-Fresh church.png Farm-Fresh orthodox church.png Farm-Fresh mosque.png Farm-Fresh bank.png Farm-Fresh places.png Farm-Fresh shop.png Farm-Fresh shop open.png Farm-Fresh shop closed.png Farm-Fresh shop network.png Farm-Fresh street stall.png Farm-Fresh circus.png Farm-Fresh lighthouse closed.png Farm-Fresh lighthouse.png Farm-Fresh hospital.png

Farm-Fresh house.png Farm-Fresh house go.png Farm-Fresh house link.png Farm-Fresh house one.png Farm-Fresh house two.png

Farm-Fresh building.png Farm-Fresh building add.png Farm-Fresh building delete.png Farm-Fresh building edit.png Farm-Fresh building error.png Farm-Fresh building go.png Farm-Fresh building key.png Farm-Fresh building link.png


Farm-Fresh flag red.png Farm-Fresh flag orange.png Farm-Fresh flag yellow.png Farm-Fresh flag flyaway green.png Farm-Fresh flag blue.png Farm-Fresh flag pink.png Farm-Fresh flag purple.png Farm-Fresh flag finish.png Farm-Fresh pirate flag.png Farm-Fresh flag flyaway pointed.png Farm-Fresh flag green.png Farm-Fresh flag red dull.png

Farm-Fresh flag boy scout.png Farm-Fresh flag european union.png Farm-Fresh flag nato.png Farm-Fresh flag olympic.png Farm-Fresh flag red cross.png Farm-Fresh flag unesco.png Farm-Fresh flag united nations.png Farm-Fresh flag wto.png

Farm-Fresh locate.png Farm-Fresh change language.png Farm-Fresh view available locales.png Farm-Fresh locale xml.png


Farm-Fresh italy.png

Farm-Fresh flag afghanistan.png Farm-Fresh flag albania.png Farm-Fresh flag algeria.png Farm-Fresh flag american samoa.png Farm-Fresh flag andorra.png Farm-Fresh flag angola.png Farm-Fresh flag anguilla.png Farm-Fresh flag antigua and barbuda.png Farm-Fresh flag argentina.png Farm-Fresh flag armenia.png Farm-Fresh flag aruba.png Farm-Fresh flag australia.png Farm-Fresh flag austria.png Farm-Fresh flag azerbaijan.png Farm-Fresh flag bahamas.png Farm-Fresh flag bahrain.png Farm-Fresh flag bangladesh.png Farm-Fresh flag barbados.png Farm-Fresh flag belarus.png Farm-Fresh flag belgium.png Farm-Fresh flag belize.png Farm-Fresh flag benin.png Farm-Fresh flag bermuda.png Farm-Fresh flag bhutan.png Farm-Fresh flag bolivia.png Farm-Fresh flag bosnia.png Farm-Fresh flag botswana.png Farm-Fresh flag brazil.png Farm-Fresh flag british indian ocean.png Farm-Fresh flag british virgin islands.png Farm-Fresh flag brunei.png Farm-Fresh flag bulgaria.png Farm-Fresh flag burkina faso.png Farm-Fresh flag burma.png Farm-Fresh flag burundi.png Farm-Fresh flag cambodia.png Farm-Fresh flag cameroon.png Farm-Fresh flag canada.png Farm-Fresh flag cape verde.png Farm-Fresh flag cayman islands.png Farm-Fresh flag central african republic.png Farm-Fresh flag chad.png Farm-Fresh flag chile.png Farm-Fresh flag china.png Farm-Fresh flag colombia.png Farm-Fresh flag comoros.png Farm-Fresh flag congo democratic republic.png Farm-Fresh flag congo republic.png Farm-Fresh flag cook islands.png Farm-Fresh flag costa rica.png Farm-Fresh flag cote divoire.png Farm-Fresh flag croatia.png Farm-Fresh flag cuba.png Farm-Fresh flag cyprus.png Farm-Fresh flag czech republic.png Farm-Fresh flag denmark.png Farm-Fresh flag djibouti.png Farm-Fresh flag dominica.png Farm-Fresh flag dominican republic.png Farm-Fresh flag east timor.png Farm-Fresh flag egypt.png Farm-Fresh flag el salvador.png Farm-Fresh flag england.png Farm-Fresh flag equador.png Farm-Fresh flag equatorial guinea.png Farm-Fresh flag eritrea.png Farm-Fresh flag estonia.png Farm-Fresh flag ethiopia.png Farm-Fresh flag falkland islands.png Farm-Fresh flag faroe islands.png Farm-Fresh flag fiji.png Farm-Fresh flag finland.png Farm-Fresh flag france.png Farm-Fresh flag french polynesia.png Farm-Fresh flag gabon.png Farm-Fresh flag gambia.png Farm-Fresh flag georgia.png Farm-Fresh flag germany.png Farm-Fresh flag ghana.png Farm-Fresh flag gibraltar.png Farm-Fresh flag great britain.png Farm-Fresh flag greece.png Farm-Fresh flag greenland.png Farm-Fresh flag grenada.png Farm-Fresh flag guam.png Farm-Fresh flag guatemala.png Farm-Fresh flag guernsey.png Farm-Fresh flag guinea bissau.png Farm-Fresh flag guinea.png Farm-Fresh flag guyana.png Farm-Fresh flag haiti.png Farm-Fresh flag honduras.png Farm-Fresh flag hong kong.png Farm-Fresh flag hungary.png Farm-Fresh flag iceland.png Farm-Fresh flag india.png Farm-Fresh flag indonesia.png Farm-Fresh flag iran.png Farm-Fresh flag iraq.png Farm-Fresh flag ireland.png Farm-Fresh flag isle of man.png Farm-Fresh flag israel.png Farm-Fresh flag italy.png Farm-Fresh flag jamaica.png Farm-Fresh flag japan.png Farm-Fresh flag jersey.png Farm-Fresh flag jordan.png Farm-Fresh flag kazakhstan.png Farm-Fresh flag kenya.png Farm-Fresh flag kiribati.png Farm-Fresh flag kuwait.png Farm-Fresh flag kyrgyzstan.png Farm-Fresh flag laos.png Farm-Fresh flag latvia.png Farm-Fresh flag lebanon.png Farm-Fresh flag lesotho.png Farm-Fresh flag liberia.png Farm-Fresh flag libya.png Farm-Fresh flag liechtenstein.png Farm-Fresh flag lithuania.png Farm-Fresh flag luxembourg.png Farm-Fresh flag macau.png Farm-Fresh flag macedonia.png Farm-Fresh flag madagascar.png Farm-Fresh flag malawi.png Farm-Fresh flag malaysia.png Farm-Fresh flag maledives.png Farm-Fresh flag mali.png Farm-Fresh flag malta.png Farm-Fresh flag marshall islands.png Farm-Fresh flag martinique.png Farm-Fresh flag mauretania.png Farm-Fresh flag mauritius.png Farm-Fresh flag mexico.png Farm-Fresh flag micronesia.png Farm-Fresh flag moldova.png Farm-Fresh flag monaco.png Farm-Fresh flag mongolia.png Farm-Fresh flag montserrat.png Farm-Fresh flag morocco.png Farm-Fresh flag mozambique.png Farm-Fresh flag namibia.png Farm-Fresh flag nauru.png Farm-Fresh flag nepal.png Farm-Fresh flag netherlands antilles.png Farm-Fresh flag netherlands.png Farm-Fresh flag new zealand.png Farm-Fresh flag nicaragua.png Farm-Fresh flag niger.png Farm-Fresh flag nigeria.png Farm-Fresh flag niue.png Farm-Fresh flag norfolk islands.png Farm-Fresh flag north korea.png Farm-Fresh flag northern mariana islands.png Farm-Fresh flag norway.png Farm-Fresh flag oman.png Farm-Fresh flag pakistan.png Farm-Fresh flag palau.png Farm-Fresh flag panama.png Farm-Fresh flag papua new guinea.png Farm-Fresh flag paraquay.png Farm-Fresh flag peru.png Farm-Fresh flag philippines.png Farm-Fresh flag pitcairn islands.png Farm-Fresh flag poland.png Farm-Fresh flag portugal.png Farm-Fresh flag puerto rico.png Farm-Fresh flag qatar.png Farm-Fresh flag romania.png Farm-Fresh flag russia.png Farm-Fresh flag rwanda.png Farm-Fresh flag saint helena.png Farm-Fresh flag saint kitts and nevis.png Farm-Fresh flag saint lucia.png Farm-Fresh flag saint pierre and miquelon.png Farm-Fresh flag saint vincent and grenadines.png Farm-Fresh flag samoa.png Farm-Fresh flag san marino.png Farm-Fresh flag sao tome and principe.png Farm-Fresh flag saudi arabia.png Farm-Fresh flag scotland.png Farm-Fresh flag senegal.png Farm-Fresh flag serbia montenegro.png Farm-Fresh flag seychelles.png Farm-Fresh flag sierra leone.png Farm-Fresh flag singapore.png Farm-Fresh flag slovakia.png Farm-Fresh flag slovenia.png Farm-Fresh flag solomon islands.png Farm-Fresh flag somalia.png Farm-Fresh flag south africa.png Farm-Fresh flag south georgia.png Farm-Fresh flag south korea.png Farm-Fresh flag spain.png Farm-Fresh flag sri lanka.png Farm-Fresh flag sudan.png Farm-Fresh flag suriname.png Farm-Fresh flag swaziland.png Farm-Fresh flag sweden.png Farm-Fresh flag switzerland.png Farm-Fresh flag syria.png Farm-Fresh flag taiwan.png Farm-Fresh flag tajikistan.png Farm-Fresh flag tanzania.png Farm-Fresh flag thailand.png Farm-Fresh flag tibet.png Farm-Fresh flag togo.png Farm-Fresh flag tonga.png Farm-Fresh flag trinidad and tobago.png Farm-Fresh flag tunisia.png Farm-Fresh flag turkey.png Farm-Fresh flag turkmenistan.png Farm-Fresh flag turks and caicos islands.png Farm-Fresh flag tuvalu.png Farm-Fresh flag uganda.png Farm-Fresh flag ukraine.png Farm-Fresh flag united arab emirates.png Farm-Fresh flag uruquay.png Farm-Fresh flag usa.png Farm-Fresh flag uzbekistan.png Farm-Fresh flag vanuatu.png Farm-Fresh flag vatican city.png Farm-Fresh flag venezuela.png Farm-Fresh flag vietnam.png Farm-Fresh flag virgin islands.png Farm-Fresh flag wales.png Farm-Fresh flag wallis and futuna.png Farm-Fresh flag yemen.png Farm-Fresh flag zambia.png Farm-Fresh flag zimbabwe.png

Signs & symbols[edit]

Farm-Fresh female.png Farm-Fresh male.png Farm-Fresh update.png Farm-Fresh skip occurrence.png Farm-Fresh asterisk orange.png Farm-Fresh asterisk yellow.png Farm-Fresh toggle expand.png Farm-Fresh toggle.png Farm-Fresh edit button.png Farm-Fresh file start workflow.png Farm-Fresh file workflow tasks.png Farm-Fresh arrow repeat once.png

Farm-Fresh plus.png Farm-Fresh plus button.png Farm-Fresh plus shield.png Farm-Fresh plus octagon.png Farm-Fresh plus octagon frame.png Farm-Fresh add.png Farm-Fresh plus circle frame.png Farm-Fresh plus light blue.png

Img blank.png Farm-Fresh delete.png

Farm-Fresh tick.png Farm-Fresh tick button.png Farm-Fresh tick shield.png Farm-Fresh tick octagon.png Farm-Fresh tick octagon frame.png Farm-Fresh accept.png Farm-Fresh tick circle frame.png Farm-Fresh tick light blue.png

Farm-Fresh tick red.png

Farm-Fresh cross.png Farm-Fresh cancel.png

Farm-Fresh help.png Farm-Fresh information.png Farm-Fresh stop.png Farm-Fresh exclamation.png Farm-Fresh contact email.png Farm-Fresh info rhombus.png Farm-Fresh prohibition button.png Farm-Fresh geolocation sight.png

Farm-Fresh error.png Farm-Fresh error add.png Farm-Fresh error delete.png Farm-Fresh error go.png Farm-Fresh caution high voltage.png Farm-Fresh caution radiation.png Farm-Fresh caution biohazard.png Farm-Fresh caution board.png Farm-Fresh warning.png Farm-Fresh error checking.png Farm-Fresh radioactivity.png

Farm-Fresh personals.png Farm-Fresh heart.png Farm-Fresh heart add.png Farm-Fresh heart delete.png Farm-Fresh heart break.png Farm-Fresh heart empty.png Farm-Fresh heart half.png

Farm-Fresh zodiac aries.png Farm-Fresh zodiac taurus.png Farm-Fresh zodiac gemini.png Farm-Fresh zodiac cancer.png Farm-Fresh zodiac leo.png Farm-Fresh zodiac virgo.png Farm-Fresh zodiac libra.png Farm-Fresh zodiac scorpio.png Farm-Fresh zodiac sagittarius.png Farm-Fresh zodiac capricorn.png Farm-Fresh zodiac.png Farm-Fresh zodiac pisces.png


Farm-Fresh arrow branch.png Farm-Fresh arrow divide.png Farm-Fresh arrow down.png Farm-Fresh arrow in.png Arrow inout.png Farm-Fresh arrow join.png Farm-Fresh arrow left.png Farm-Fresh arrow merge.png Farm-Fresh arrow out.png Farm-Fresh arrow redo.png Farm-Fresh arrow refresh.png Farm-Fresh arrow refresh small.png Farm-Fresh arrow repeat.png Farm-Fresh arrow right.png Farm-Fresh arrow rotate anticlockwise.png Farm-Fresh arrow rotate clockwise.png Farm-Fresh arrow switch.png Farm-Fresh arrow turn left.png Farm-Fresh arrow turn right.png Farm-Fresh arrow undo.png Farm-Fresh arrow up.png


Farm-Fresh cup gold.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh crown gold.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh medal award gold.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh medal gold 1.png Farm-Fresh medal gold add.png Farm-Fresh medal gold delete.png Farm-Fresh medal gold 2.png Farm-Fresh medal gold 3.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh award star gold 1.png Farm-Fresh award star gold 2.png Farm-Fresh award star gold 3.png Farm-Fresh award star add.png Farm-Fresh award star delete.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh point gold.png Farm-Fresh point small.png Farm-Fresh points small.png

Farm-Fresh cup silver.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh crown silver.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh medal award silver.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh medal silver 1.png Farm-Fresh medal silver add.png Farm-Fresh medal silver delete.png Farm-Fresh medal silver 2.png Farm-Fresh medal silver 3.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh award star silver 1.png Farm-Fresh award star silver 2.png Farm-Fresh award star silver 3.png Img blank.png Img blank.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh point silver.png

Farm-Fresh cup bronze.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh crown bronze.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh medal award bronze.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh medal bronze 1.png Farm-Fresh medal bronze add.png Farm-Fresh medal bronze delete.png Farm-Fresh medal bronze 2.png Farm-Fresh medal bronze 3.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh award star bronze 1.png Farm-Fresh award star bronze 2.png Farm-Fresh award star bronze 3.png Img blank.png Img blank.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh point bronze.png

Farm-Fresh pedestal.png Farm-Fresh rosette.png Farm-Fresh rosette 2.png Farm-Fresh ribbon.png Farm-Fresh ribbon aids.png


Farm-Fresh car taxi.png Farm-Fresh autos.png Farm-Fresh car.png Farm-Fresh car add.png Farm-Fresh car delete.png Farm-Fresh train.png Farm-Fresh train metro.png Farm-Fresh roadworks.png Farm-Fresh road sign hard.png Farm-Fresh road sign.png Farm-Fresh construction.png Farm-Fresh vlc.png Farm-Fresh tire.png Farm-Fresh steering wheel common.png Farm-Fresh steering wheel racing.png Farm-Fresh steering wheel.png Farm-Fresh traffic lights green.png Farm-Fresh traffic lights yellow.png Farm-Fresh traffic lights red.png Farm-Fresh traffic lights.png Farm-Fresh oil.png Farm-Fresh oil barrel.png

Farm-Fresh routing around.png Farm-Fresh routing forward.png Farm-Fresh routing go left.png Farm-Fresh routing go right.png Farm-Fresh routing go straight left.png Farm-Fresh routing go straight right.png Farm-Fresh routing intersection right.png Farm-Fresh routing turn arround left.png Farm-Fresh routing turn arround right.png Farm-Fresh routing turn left 90.png Farm-Fresh routing turn left 2.png Farm-Fresh routing turn left crossroads.png Farm-Fresh routing turn right 90.png Farm-Fresh routing turn right 2.png Farm-Fresh routing turn u.png Farm-Fresh routing turnaround left.png Farm-Fresh routing turnaround right.png Farm-Fresh routing turning left.png Farm-Fresh routing turning right.png

Farm-Fresh lorry.png Farm-Fresh lorry add.png Farm-Fresh lorry delete.png Farm-Fresh lorry error.png Farm-Fresh lorry go.png Farm-Fresh lorry link.png Farm-Fresh lorry flatbed.png Farm-Fresh bus.png Farm-Fresh lorry box.png Farm-Fresh small car.png Farm-Fresh tipper.png Farm-Fresh evacuator.png Farm-Fresh bucket truck.png Farm-Fresh forklift.png Farm-Fresh tractor.png Farm-Fresh caterpillar.png Farm-Fresh yacht.png Farm-Fresh cruise ship.png Farm-Fresh yellow submarine.png Farm-Fresh helicopter.png Farm-Fresh plane.png Farm-Fresh ballon.png Farm-Fresh rocket.png Farm-Fresh ufo.png

Books & notes[edit]

Farm-Fresh book.png Farm-Fresh book add.png Farm-Fresh book delete.png Farm-Fresh book edit.png Farm-Fresh book error.png Farm-Fresh book go.png Farm-Fresh book key.png Farm-Fresh book link.png Farm-Fresh function recently used.png Farm-Fresh functions arrays.png Farm-Fresh bookmark.png Farm-Fresh education.png Farm-Fresh books.png Farm-Fresh translation tool tip.png Farm-Fresh bibliography.png Farm-Fresh book previous.png Farm-Fresh book open.png Farm-Fresh book next.png Farm-Fresh book picture.png Farm-Fresh book spelling.png Farm-Fresh open folder.png Farm-Fresh books stack.png Farm-Fresh research.png Farm-Fresh logic functions.png

Farm-Fresh report.png Farm-Fresh report add.png Farm-Fresh report delete.png Farm-Fresh report edit.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh report go.png Farm-Fresh report key.png Farm-Fresh report link.png Farm-Fresh report disk.png Farm-Fresh report magnify.png Farm-Fresh report picture.png Farm-Fresh report user.png Farm-Fresh report word.png Farm-Fresh view sent summary.png Farm-Fresh report images.png Farm-Fresh report torn.png Farm-Fresh reports.png Farm-Fresh report stack.png

Farm-Fresh math functions.png Farm-Fresh report design.png Farm-Fresh report green.png Farm-Fresh report wizard.png

Farm-Fresh book addresses.png Farm-Fresh photo album.png Farm-Fresh date time functions.png Farm-Fresh text functions.png Farm-Fresh books infront.png Farm-Fresh blank report.png Farm-Fresh bookshelf.png

Farm-Fresh note.png Farm-Fresh note add.png Farm-Fresh note delete.png Farm-Fresh note edit.png Farm-Fresh note error.png Farm-Fresh note go.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh note pin.png Farm-Fresh note torn.png Farm-Fresh notes pin.png

Farm-Fresh envelope string.png Farm-Fresh envelope.png



Farm-Fresh agp.png Farm-Fresh motherboard.png Farm-Fresh pci.png Farm-Fresh processor.png Farm-Fresh ddr memory.png Farm-Fresh network adapter.png Farm-Fresh bios.png Farm-Fresh 32 bit.png Farm-Fresh 64 bit.png Farm-Fresh card chip gold.png Farm-Fresh card chip silver.png Farm-Fresh cooler.png


Farm-Fresh terminal.png Farm-Fresh laptop.png

Farm-Fresh computer.png Farm-Fresh computer add.png Farm-Fresh computer delete.png Farm-Fresh computer error.png Farm-Fresh computer edit.png Farm-Fresh computer go.png Farm-Fresh computer key.png Farm-Fresh computer link.png

Farm-Fresh server.png Farm-Fresh server add.png Farm-Fresh server delete.png Farm-Fresh server error.png Farm-Fresh server edit.png Farm-Fresh server go.png Farm-Fresh server key.png Farm-Fresh server link.png Farm-Fresh server lightning.png Farm-Fresh server information.png Farm-Fresh server compress.png Farm-Fresh server uncompress.png Farm-Fresh server chart.png Farm-Fresh server connect.png Farm-Fresh server database.png Farm-Fresh system time.png Farm-Fresh mail server setting.png Farm-Fresh database server.png Farm-Fresh server configuration.png Farm-Fresh mail server exim.png Farm-Fresh server property.png Farm-Fresh mx entry.png Farm-Fresh dns server.png Farm-Fresh document management server.png Farm-Fresh file publish excel services.png Farm-Fresh file publish sharepoint.png Farm-Fresh servers network.png Farm-Fresh servers.png Farm-Fresh server stanchion.png Farm-Fresh configure cluster.png

Farm-Fresh drive.png Farm-Fresh drive add.png Farm-Fresh drive delete.png Farm-Fresh drive error.png Farm-Fresh drive edit.png Farm-Fresh drive go.png Farm-Fresh drive key.png Farm-Fresh drive link.png Farm-Fresh drive burn.png Farm-Fresh drive cd.png Farm-Fresh drive cd empty.png Farm-Fresh drive disk.png Farm-Fresh drive magnify.png Farm-Fresh drive network.png Farm-Fresh drive rename.png Farm-Fresh drive user.png Farm-Fresh drive web.png Farm-Fresh site backup and restore.png Farm-Fresh backup manager.png

Farm-Fresh monitor.png Farm-Fresh monitor add.png Farm-Fresh monitor delete.png Farm-Fresh monitor error.png Farm-Fresh monitor edit.png Farm-Fresh monitor go.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh monitor link.png Farm-Fresh monitor lightning.png Farm-Fresh monitor screensaver.png Farm-Fresh monitor sidebar.png Farm-Fresh monitor wallpaper.png Farm-Fresh monitor window.png Farm-Fresh monitor window 3d.png Farm-Fresh video mode.png Farm-Fresh screen error.png Farm-Fresh fire damage.png Farm-Fresh game monitor.png Farm-Fresh monitor window flow.png Farm-Fresh power surge.png Farm-Fresh spill.png Farm-Fresh drop.png Farm-Fresh widescreen.png

Farm-Fresh camera.png Farm-Fresh camera add.png Farm-Fresh camera delete.png Farm-Fresh camera error.png Farm-Fresh camera edit.png Farm-Fresh camera go.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh camera link.png Farm-Fresh camera small.png Farm-Fresh snapshot.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh camera black.png Farm-Fresh camera lens.png

Farm-Fresh printer.png Farm-Fresh printer add.png Farm-Fresh printer delete.png Farm-Fresh printer error.png Farm-Fresh printer color.png Farm-Fresh printer network.png Farm-Fresh printer empty.png

Farm-Fresh mouse.png Farm-Fresh mouse add.png Farm-Fresh mouse delete.png Farm-Fresh mouse error.png Farm-Fresh mouse pc.png Farm-Fresh mouse select left.png Farm-Fresh mouse select right.png Farm-Fresh mouse select scroll.png

Farm-Fresh joystick.png Farm-Fresh joystick add.png Farm-Fresh joystick delete.png Farm-Fresh joystick error.png

Farm-Fresh controller.png Farm-Fresh controller add.png Farm-Fresh controller delete.png Farm-Fresh controller error.png

Farm-Fresh webcam.png Farm-Fresh webcam add.png Farm-Fresh webcam delete.png Farm-Fresh webcam error.png

Farm-Fresh sound.png Farm-Fresh sound add.png Farm-Fresh sound delete.png Farm-Fresh sound low.png Farm-Fresh sound none.png Farm-Fresh slide sound.png Farm-Fresh slideshow volume.png Farm-Fresh sound mute.png

Farm-Fresh television.png Farm-Fresh television add.png Farm-Fresh television delete.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh lcd tv image.png Farm-Fresh lcd tv off.png Farm-Fresh lcd tv test.png Farm-Fresh lcd tv.png

Farm-Fresh keyboard.png Farm-Fresh keyboard add.png Farm-Fresh keyboard delete.png Farm-Fresh keyboard magnify.png

Farm-Fresh router.png Farm-Fresh backups.png Farm-Fresh backup wizard.png Farm-Fresh sd memory adapter.png Farm-Fresh scanner working.png Farm-Fresh scanner.png Farm-Fresh power supply.png Farm-Fresh digital signature.png


Farm-Fresh key escape.png Farm-Fresh key a.png Farm-Fresh key b.png Farm-Fresh key c.png Farm-Fresh key d.png Farm-Fresh key e.png Farm-Fresh key f.png Farm-Fresh key g.png Farm-Fresh key h.png Farm-Fresh key i.png Farm-Fresh key j.png Farm-Fresh key k.png Farm-Fresh key l.png Farm-Fresh key m.png Farm-Fresh key n.png Farm-Fresh key o.png Farm-Fresh key p.png Farm-Fresh key q.png Farm-Fresh key r.png Farm-Fresh key s.png Farm-Fresh key t.png Farm-Fresh key u.png Farm-Fresh key v.png Farm-Fresh key w.png Farm-Fresh key x.png Farm-Fresh key y.png Farm-Fresh key z.png


Farm-Fresh diskette.png Farm-Fresh save as.png Farm-Fresh disk multiple.png Farm-Fresh file save as.png Farm-Fresh save close.png Farm-Fresh save data.png Farm-Fresh save new.png Img blank.png Farm-Fresh flashdisk.png Farm-Fresh flashdisk logo.png Farm-Fresh micro sd.png Farm-Fresh micro sd blue.png Farm-Fresh vhs.png

Farm-Fresh dvd.png Farm-Fresh dvd add.png Farm-Fresh dvd delete.png Farm-Fresh dvd edit.png Farm-Fresh dvd error.png Farm-Fresh dvd go.png Farm-Fresh dvd key.png Farm-Fresh dvd link.png

Farm-Fresh cd.png Farm-Fresh cd add.png Farm-Fresh cd delete.png Farm-Fresh cd edit.png Farm-Fresh cd eject.png Farm-Fresh cd go.png Farm-Fresh cd burn.png

Farm-Fresh cd case.png Farm-Fresh cd case empty.png


Farm-Fresh tux.png Farm-Fresh arch linux.png Farm-Fresh android.png Farm-Fresh centos.png Farm-Fresh debian.png Farm-Fresh gentoo linux.png Farm-Fresh linux mint.png Farm-Fresh open suse.png Farm-Fresh pc linux os.png Farm-Fresh ubuntu.png Farm-Fresh fedora.png Farm-Fresh freebsd.png Farm-Fresh slackware.png Farm-Fresh mandriva.png


Farm-Fresh open source.png Farm-Fresh creative commons.png Farm-Fresh copyleft.png Farm-Fresh attribution.png Farm-Fresh copying and distribution.png Farm-Fresh understanding.png Farm-Fresh derivatives.png Farm-Fresh non derivative.png Farm-Fresh no commercial.png Farm-Fresh no drm trm.png Farm-Fresh no requirements.png Farm-Fresh production copyleft.png

Files, mimetypes[edit]

Files extensions[edit]

Farm-Fresh file extension 3gp.png Farm-Fresh file extension 7z.png Farm-Fresh file extension ace.png Farm-Fresh file extension ai.png Farm-Fresh file extension aif.png Farm-Fresh file extension aiff.png Farm-Fresh file extension amr.png Farm-Fresh file extension asf.png Farm-Fresh file extension asx.png Farm-Fresh file extension bat.png Farm-Fresh file extension bin.png Farm-Fresh file extension bmp.png Farm-Fresh file extension bup.png Farm-Fresh file extension cab.png Farm-Fresh file extension cbr.png Farm-Fresh file extension cda.png Farm-Fresh file extension cdl.png Farm-Fresh file extension cdr.png Farm-Fresh file extension chm.png Farm-Fresh file extension dat.png Farm-Fresh file extension divx.png Farm-Fresh file extension dll.png Farm-Fresh file extension dmg.png Farm-Fresh file extension doc.png Farm-Fresh file extension dss.png Farm-Fresh file extension dvf.png Farm-Fresh file extension dwg.png Farm-Fresh file extension eml.png Farm-Fresh file extension eps.png Farm-Fresh file extension exe.png Farm-Fresh file extension fla.png Farm-Fresh file extension flv.png Farm-Fresh file extension gif.png Farm-Fresh file extension gz.png Farm-Fresh file extension hqx.png Farm-Fresh file extension htm.png Farm-Fresh file extension html.png Farm-Fresh file extension ifo.png Farm-Fresh file extension indd.png Farm-Fresh file extension iso.png Farm-Fresh file extension jar.png Farm-Fresh file extension jpeg.png Farm-Fresh file extension jpg.png Farm-Fresh file extension lnk.png Farm-Fresh file extension log.png Farm-Fresh file extension m4a.png Farm-Fresh file extension m4b.png Farm-Fresh file extension m4p.png Farm-Fresh file extension m4v.png Farm-Fresh file extension mcd.png Farm-Fresh file extension mdb.png Farm-Fresh file extension mid.png Farm-Fresh file extension mov.png Farm-Fresh file extension mp2.png Farm-Fresh file extension mp4.png Farm-Fresh file extension mpeg.png Farm-Fresh file extension mpg.png Farm-Fresh file extension msi.png Farm-Fresh file extension mswmm.png Farm-Fresh file extension ogg.png Farm-Fresh file extension pdf.png Farm-Fresh file extension.png Farm-Fresh file extension pps.png Farm-Fresh file extension ps.png Farm-Fresh file extension psd.png Farm-Fresh file extension pst.png Farm-Fresh file extension ptb.png Farm-Fresh file extension pub.png Farm-Fresh file extension qbb.png Farm-Fresh file extension qbw.png Farm-Fresh file extension qxd.png Farm-Fresh file extension ram.png Farm-Fresh file extension rar.png Farm-Fresh file extension rm.png Farm-Fresh file extension rmvb.png Farm-Fresh file extension rtf.png Farm-Fresh file extension sea.png Farm-Fresh file extension ses.png Farm-Fresh file extension sit.png Farm-Fresh file extension sitx.png Farm-Fresh file extension ss.png Farm-Fresh file extension swf.png Farm-Fresh file extension tgz.png Farm-Fresh file extension thm.png Farm-Fresh file extension tif.png Farm-Fresh file extension tmp.png Farm-Fresh file extension torrent.png Farm-Fresh file extension ttf.png Farm-Fresh file extension txt.png Farm-Fresh file extension vcd.png Farm-Fresh file extension vob.png Farm-Fresh file extension wav.png Farm-Fresh file extension wma.png Farm-Fresh file extension wmv.png Farm-Fresh file extension wps.png Farm-Fresh file extension xls.png Farm-Fresh file extension xpi.png Farm-Fresh file extension zip.png


Farm-Fresh application.png Farm-Fresh application add.png Farm-Fresh application cascade.png Farm-Fresh application delete.png Farm-Fresh application double.png Farm-Fresh application edit.png Farm-Fresh application error.png Farm-Fresh application form.png Farm-Fresh application form add.png Farm-Fresh application form delete.png Farm-Fresh application form edit.png Farm-Fresh application form magnify.png Farm-Fresh application from storage.png Farm-Fresh application get.png Farm-Fresh application go.png Farm-Fresh application home.png Farm-Fresh application key.png Farm-Fresh application lightning.png Farm-Fresh application link.png Farm-Fresh application osx.png Farm-Fresh application osx terminal.png Farm-Fresh application put.png Farm-Fresh application side boxes.png Farm-Fresh application side contract.png Farm-Fresh application side expand.png Farm-Fresh application side list.png Farm-Fresh application side tree.png Farm-Fresh application split.png Farm-Fresh application tile horizontal.png Farm-Fresh application tile vertical.png Farm-Fresh application view columns.png Farm-Fresh application view detail.png Farm-Fresh application view gallery.png Farm-Fresh application view icons.png Farm-Fresh application view list.png Farm-Fresh application view tile.png Farm-Fresh application xp.png Farm-Fresh application xp terminal.png Farm-Fresh navigation panel.png Farm-Fresh to do bar.png Farm-Fresh people panel.png Farm-Fresh outlook show progress.png Farm-Fresh switch windows.png Farm-Fresh new window.png Farm-Fresh reviewing pane.png Farm-Fresh watch window.png Farm-Fresh universal binary.png

Farm-Fresh form photo.png Farm-Fresh form design.png Farm-Fresh form wizard.png Farm-Fresh navigation.png Farm-Fresh more form.png


Farm-Fresh folder.png Farm-Fresh folder add.png Farm-Fresh folder bell.png Farm-Fresh folder brick.png Farm-Fresh folder bug.png Farm-Fresh folder camera.png Farm-Fresh folder database.png Farm-Fresh folder delete.png Farm-Fresh folder edit.png Farm-Fresh folder error.png Farm-Fresh folder explore.png Farm-Fresh folder feed.png Farm-Fresh folder find.png Farm-Fresh folder go.png Farm-Fresh folder heart.png Farm-Fresh folder image.png Farm-Fresh folder key.png Farm-Fresh folder lightbulb.png Farm-Fresh folder link.png Farm-Fresh folder page.png Farm-Fresh folder page white.png Farm-Fresh folder palette.png Farm-Fresh folder picture.png Farm-Fresh folder star.png Farm-Fresh folder table.png Farm-Fresh folder user.png Farm-Fresh folder wrench.png Farm-Fresh folders.png Farm-Fresh folders explorer.png Farm-Fresh ftp.png Farm-Fresh move to folder.png Farm-Fresh network folder.png Farm-Fresh anonymous ftp controls.png Farm-Fresh folder black.png Farm-Fresh folder blue.png Farm-Fresh folder green.png Farm-Fresh folder red.png Farm-Fresh folder search.png Farm-Fresh folder stand.png Farm-Fresh folder torn.png Farm-Fresh ftp accounts.png Farm-Fresh ftp session control.png Farm-Fresh index manager.png Farm-Fresh leech protect.png Farm-Fresh outlook rules.png Farm-Fresh saved exports.png Farm-Fresh saved imports.png Farm-Fresh password protect directories.png Farm-Fresh show in favorites.png Farm-Fresh skeleton directory.png Farm-Fresh synchronize ftp password.png Farm-Fresh folder vertical document.png Farm-Fresh folder vertical open.png Farm-Fresh folder vertical rename.png Farm-Fresh folder vertical torn.png Farm-Fresh folder vertical zipper.png

Page – Document[edit]

Farm-Fresh page.png Farm-Fresh page add.png Farm-Fresh page delete.png Farm-Fresh page copy.png Farm-Fresh page edit.png Farm-Fresh page error.png Farm-Fresh page word.png Farm-Fresh page excel.png Farm-Fresh page find.png Farm-Fresh page gear.png Farm-Fresh page go.png Farm-Fresh page key.png Farm-Fresh page lightning.png Farm-Fresh page link.png Farm-Fresh page paintbrush.png Farm-Fresh page paste.png Farm-Fresh page world.png Farm-Fresh page refresh.png Farm-Fresh page save.png Farm-Fresh page attach.png Farm-Fresh page code.png Farm-Fresh page green.png Farm-Fresh page red.png

Farm-Fresh page white.png Farm-Fresh page white add.png Farm-Fresh page white delete.png Farm-Fresh page white copy.png Farm-Fresh page white edit.png Farm-Fresh page white error.png Farm-Fresh page white word.png Farm-Fresh page white excel.png Farm-Fresh page white find.png Farm-Fresh page white gear.png Farm-Fresh page white go.png Farm-Fresh page white key.png Farm-Fresh page white lightning.png Farm-Fresh page white link.png Farm-Fresh page white paintbrush.png Farm-Fresh page white paste.png Farm-Fresh page white world.png

Farm-Fresh page white horizontal.png Farm-Fresh page white width.png Farm-Fresh page white stack.png Farm-Fresh page white camera.png Farm-Fresh page white cd.png Farm-Fresh page white code.png Farm-Fresh page white code red.png Farm-Fresh page white compress.png Farm-Fresh page white c.png Farm-Fresh page white cplusplus.png Farm-Fresh page white csharp.png Farm-Fresh page white h.png Farm-Fresh page white cup.png Farm-Fresh page white database.png Farm-Fresh page white dvd.png Farm-Fresh page white get.png Farm-Fresh page white magnify.png Farm-Fresh page white medal.png Farm-Fresh page white office.png Farm-Fresh page white paint.png Farm-Fresh page white php.png Farm-Fresh page white picture.png Farm-Fresh page white powerpoint.png Farm-Fresh page white put.png Farm-Fresh page white ruby.png Farm-Fresh page white star.png

Farm-Fresh page white text.png Farm-Fresh page white text width.png Farm-Fresh page white tux.png Farm-Fresh page white vector.png Farm-Fresh page white visualstudio.png Farm-Fresh page white wrench.png Farm-Fresh page white zip.png Farm-Fresh page white acrobat.png Farm-Fresh page white flash.png Farm-Fresh page white actionscript.png

Farm-Fresh document break.png Farm-Fresh document check compatibility.png Farm-Fresh document empty.png Farm-Fresh document image ver.png Farm-Fresh document inspector.png Farm-Fresh document mark as final.png Farm-Fresh document page.png Farm-Fresh document page last.png Farm-Fresh document page next.png Farm-Fresh document page previous.png Farm-Fresh document prepare.png Farm-Fresh document properties.png Farm-Fresh document quote.png Farm-Fresh document shred.png Farm-Fresh document signature.png Farm-Fresh document stand.png Farm-Fresh document tag.png Farm-Fresh document view book.png Farm-Fresh document info.png Farm-Fresh document import.png

Farm-Fresh active sessions.png Farm-Fresh curriculum vitae.png Farm-Fresh directory listing.png Farm-Fresh debugging.png Farm-Fresh address block.png Farm-Fresh application parts.png Farm-Fresh catalog pages.png Farm-Fresh compare.png Farm-Fresh configure customer contacts.png Farm-Fresh create handouts word.png Farm-Fresh cross reference.png Farm-Fresh document back.png Farm-Fresh document background.png Farm-Fresh document center.png Farm-Fresh document comment above.png Farm-Fresh document comment behind.png Farm-Fresh document comment below.png Farm-Fresh document comments.png Farm-Fresh document copies.png Farm-Fresh document editing.png Farm-Fresh document export.png Farm-Fresh document font wizard.png Farm-Fresh document font.png Farm-Fresh document hash tag.png Farm-Fresh document image hor.png Farm-Fresh document image.png Farm-Fresh document index.png Farm-Fresh document inspect.png Farm-Fresh document next.png Farm-Fresh document plus.png Farm-Fresh document protect.png Farm-Fresh document redirect.png Farm-Fresh document spacing.png Farm-Fresh document split.png Farm-Fresh document todo.png Farm-Fresh document torn.png Farm-Fresh document valid.png Farm-Fresh document white torn.png Farm-Fresh documentation tools.png Farm-Fresh documents email.png Farm-Fresh error log.png Farm-Fresh error pages.png Farm-Fresh export excel.png Farm-Fresh finish and merge.png Farm-Fresh font colors.png Farm-Fresh font red delete.png Farm-Fresh font red.png Farm-Fresh from access.png Farm-Fresh from other resources.png Farm-Fresh from text.png Farm-Fresh from web.png Farm-Fresh greeting line.png Farm-Fresh highlight merge fields.png Farm-Fresh insert caption.png Farm-Fresh insert citation.png Farm-Fresh insert endnote.png Farm-Fresh insert merge field.png Farm-Fresh line numbers.png Farm-Fresh mark entry.png Farm-Fresh mark to download.png Farm-Fresh markup show mode.png Farm-Fresh mime types.png Farm-Fresh cpanel change log.png Farm-Fresh modify cpanel whm news.png Farm-Fresh new blog post.png Farm-Fresh next markup.png Farm-Fresh object insert.png Farm-Fresh page break.png Farm-Fresh page footer.png Farm-Fresh page header.png Farm-Fresh page number.png Farm-Fresh page numbers in margins insert.png Farm-Fresh page orientation.png Farm-Fresh page size.png Farm-Fresh page update.png Farm-Fresh previous markup.png Farm-Fresh publisher bookmark.png Farm-Fresh refresh all.png Farm-Fresh reject.png Farm-Fresh relationship report.png Farm-Fresh reset windows position.png Farm-Fresh rules.png Farm-Fresh save as excel.png Farm-Fresh save as excel macro.png Farm-Fresh setup slide show.png Farm-Fresh show notes.png Farm-Fresh text add.png Farm-Fresh text pagination 100.png Farm-Fresh text pagination.png Farm-Fresh track changes edit.png Farm-Fresh track changes.png Farm-Fresh view side by side.png Farm-Fresh watermark.png Farm-Fresh document tree.png Farm-Fresh manage sources.png

Farm-Fresh accept document.png Farm-Fresh validation document.png Farm-Fresh validation invalid document.png Farm-Fresh validation valid document.png

Farm-Fresh document yellow.png Farm-Fresh document green.png Farm-Fresh document red.png Farm-Fresh document black.png

Farm-Fresh blueprint.png Farm-Fresh blueprints.png Farm-Fresh blueprint horizontal.png

Farm-Fresh receipt.png Farm-Fresh receipt share.png Farm-Fresh receipt stamp.png Farm-Fresh receipt excel.png Farm-Fresh receipt invoice.png


Farm-Fresh zoom.png Farm-Fresh zoom in.png Farm-Fresh zoom out.png

Farm-Fresh magnifier.png Farm-Fresh magnifier zoom in.png Farm-Fresh magnifier zoom out.png Farm-Fresh zoom actual equal.png Farm-Fresh zoom actual.png Farm-Fresh zoom fit.png Farm-Fresh zoom extend.png Farm-Fresh zoom last.png Farm-Fresh zoom refresh.png Farm-Fresh search minus.png Farm-Fresh search plus.png Farm-Fresh evaluate formula.png Farm-Fresh zoom layer.png Farm-Fresh zoom selection.png Farm-Fresh preview results.png


Farm-Fresh clipboard empty.png Farm-Fresh clipboard sign.png Farm-Fresh clipboard sign out.png Farm-Fresh paste plain.png Farm-Fresh paste word.png Farm-Fresh page paste.png Farm-Fresh page white paste.png Farm-Fresh sheduled task.png Farm-Fresh wishlist add.png Farm-Fresh clipboard invoice.png

Text editing[edit]

Farm-Fresh panel blank.png Farm-Fresh text align center.png Farm-Fresh text align justity.png Farm-Fresh text align left.png Farm-Fresh text align right.png Farm-Fresh text allcaps.png Farm-Fresh text bold.png Farm-Fresh text columns.png Farm-Fresh text dropcaps.png Farm-Fresh text heading 1.png Farm-Fresh text heading 2.png Farm-Fresh text heading 3.png Farm-Fresh text heading 4.png Farm-Fresh text heading 5.png Farm-Fresh text heading 6.png Farm-Fresh text horizontalrule.png Farm-Fresh text indent.png Farm-Fresh text indent remove.png Farm-Fresh text italic.png Farm-Fresh text kerning.png Farm-Fresh text letter omega.png Farm-Fresh text letterspacing.png Farm-Fresh text linespacing.png Farm-Fresh text list bullets.png Farm-Fresh text list numbers.png Farm-Fresh text lowercase.png Farm-Fresh text padding bottom.png Farm-Fresh text padding left.png Farm-Fresh text padding right.png Farm-Fresh text padding top.png Farm-Fresh text replace.png Farm-Fresh text signature.png Farm-Fresh text smallcaps.png Farm-Fresh text strikethroungh.png Farm-Fresh text subscript.png Farm-Fresh text superscript.png Farm-Fresh text underline.png Farm-Fresh text uppercase.png Farm-Fresh perfomance.png Farm-Fresh backslash.png Farm-Fresh source code.png Farm-Fresh align center.png Farm-Fresh align left.png Farm-Fresh align none.png Farm-Fresh align right.png Farm-Fresh hlocchart.png Farm-Fresh horizontal line insert.png Farm-Fresh horizontal list.png Farm-Fresh insert text.png Farm-Fresh smartart insert bullet rtl.png Farm-Fresh text position slide.png Farm-Fresh text prose.png Farm-Fresh text.png Farm-Fresh edit mathematics.png Farm-Fresh draft.png Farm-Fresh color adjustment blue.png Farm-Fresh color adjustment green.png Farm-Fresh color adjustment red.png Farm-Fresh color pick.png Farm-Fresh color picker transparent.png Farm-Fresh trade.png Farm-Fresh table layout grand totals.png Farm-Fresh table layout subtotals.png Farm-Fresh text area.png Farm-Fresh text drama.png Farm-Fresh text language.png Farm-Fresh text large cap.png Farm-Fresh tree list.png Farm-Fresh legend.png Farm-Fresh regex split.png Farm-Fresh slide sorter.png Farm-Fresh data validation.png Farm-Fresh database repeat delete.png Farm-Fresh database repeat entry.png Farm-Fresh database repeat insert.png Farm-Fresh slide normal view.png Farm-Fresh slide notes master.png Farm-Fresh notes pages.png Farm-Fresh radiobutton group.png Farm-Fresh color adjustment.png Farm-Fresh reading view.png Farm-Fresh handout master.png

Farm-Fresh column left.png Farm-Fresh column one.png Farm-Fresh column right.png Farm-Fresh column tree.png Farm-Fresh column two.png Farm-Fresh picture position.png Farm-Fresh document layout.png Farm-Fresh web template editor.png Farm-Fresh document margins.png Farm-Fresh page width.png

Farm-Fresh column double.png Farm-Fresh column four.png Farm-Fresh column single.png Farm-Fresh text resize.png Farm-Fresh text width.png Farm-Fresh text document wrap.png Farm-Fresh text document.png

Farm-Fresh align above.png Farm-Fresh align below.png Farm-Fresh align compact.png Farm-Fresh align middle.png Farm-Fresh color picker default.png Farm-Fresh color picker switch.png Farm-Fresh color swatches.png

Farm-Fresh wrapping behind.png Farm-Fresh wrapping between.png Farm-Fresh wrapping edit.png Farm-Fresh wrapping in front.png Farm-Fresh wrapping inline.png Farm-Fresh wrapping magazine.png Farm-Fresh wrapping square.png Farm-Fresh wrapping tight.png Farm-Fresh insert object.png

Farm-Fresh style.png Farm-Fresh style add.png Farm-Fresh style delete.png Farm-Fresh style edit.png Farm-Fresh style go.png

Farm-Fresh spellcheck.png Farm-Fresh spellcheck error.png

Farm-Fresh insert token.png Farm-Fresh token anchors.png Farm-Fresh token atomic group.png Farm-Fresh token backreference.png Farm-Fresh token character.png Farm-Fresh token comment.png Farm-Fresh token group.png Farm-Fresh token literal text.png Farm-Fresh token lookaround.png Farm-Fresh token match character literally.png Farm-Fresh token match character.png Farm-Fresh token match single character.png Farm-Fresh token mode modifier.png Farm-Fresh token nonprintable character.png Farm-Fresh token quantifier.png Farm-Fresh token recursion.png Farm-Fresh token shortland character.png

Farm-Fresh text rotate.png Farm-Fresh font add.png Farm-Fresh font delete.png Farm-Fresh font go.png Farm-Fresh font size decrease.png Farm-Fresh font size increase.png Farm-Fresh font subscript.png Farm-Fresh font superscript.png Farm-Fresh font.png Farm-Fresh label link.png Farm-Fresh label.png Farm-Fresh labels.png Farm-Fresh text effects.png Farm-Fresh underle dictionary.png Farm-Fresh undo.png Farm-Fresh redo.png Farm-Fresh unmark to download.png Farm-Fresh previous footnote.png Farm-Fresh next footnote.png Farm-Fresh insert footnote.png Farm-Fresh sort asc az.png Farm-Fresh sort desc az.png Farm-Fresh word count.png Farm-Fresh word wrap.png Farm-Fresh sort ascending.png Farm-Fresh sort descending.png Farm-Fresh red line.png Farm-Fresh capitalization.png Farm-Fresh decimal less.png Farm-Fresh decimal more.png Farm-Fresh macro arguments.png Farm-Fresh macro conditions.png Farm-Fresh macro names.png Farm-Fresh macro show all actions.png Farm-Fresh perfomance analysis.png Farm-Fresh multilevel list.png Farm-Fresh multiplied by 10.png Farm-Fresh multiplied by 100.png Farm-Fresh multiplied by 2.png Farm-Fresh multiplied by 3.png Farm-Fresh multiplied by 5.png Farm-Fresh function.png Farm-Fresh use in formula.png Farm-Fresh digit separator.png Farm-Fresh clear formatting.png Farm-Fresh remove arrows.png Farm-Fresh check box list.png Farm-Fresh format percentage.png Farm-Fresh paginator.png Farm-Fresh separator.png Farm-Fresh separator label.png Farm-Fresh size horizontal.png Farm-Fresh size vertical.png Farm-Fresh sql.png

Farm-Fresh pilcrow.png Farm-Fresh pi math.png


Farm-Fresh border 1 bottom.png Farm-Fresh border 1 hor.png Farm-Fresh border 1 left.png Farm-Fresh border 1 middle.png Farm-Fresh border 1 none.png Farm-Fresh border 1 outer.png Farm-Fresh border 1 right.png Farm-Fresh border 1 top.png Farm-Fresh border 1 ver.png Farm-Fresh border 1.png Farm-Fresh border 1d around.png Farm-Fresh border 1d bottom.png Farm-Fresh border 1d left.png Farm-Fresh border 1d right.png Farm-Fresh border 1d top.png Farm-Fresh border 2 bottom.png Farm-Fresh border 2 left.png Farm-Fresh border 2 outer.png Farm-Fresh border 2 right.png Farm-Fresh border 2 top.png


Farm-Fresh chart organisation.png Farm-Fresh chart organisation add.png Farm-Fresh chart organisation delete.png

Farm-Fresh chart bar.png Farm-Fresh chart bar add.png Farm-Fresh chart bar delete.png Farm-Fresh chart bar edit.png Farm-Fresh chart bar error.png Farm-Fresh chart bar link.png Farm-Fresh assembled diagram.png Farm-Fresh recommended chart.png Farm-Fresh webalizer ftp.png Farm-Fresh chart column.png Farm-Fresh combined chart.png

Farm-Fresh chart pie.png Farm-Fresh chart pie add.png Farm-Fresh chart pie delete.png Farm-Fresh chart pie edit.png Farm-Fresh chart pie error.png Farm-Fresh chart pie link.png Farm-Fresh statistics.png Farm-Fresh disk space.png Farm-Fresh chart pie plane.png

Farm-Fresh chart column horizont.png Farm-Fresh align.png

Farm-Fresh category.png Farm-Fresh category item.png Farm-Fresh category item select.png Farm-Fresh category group.png Farm-Fresh category group select.png

Farm-Fresh categories.png

Farm-Fresh chart curve.png Farm-Fresh chart curve add.png Farm-Fresh chart curve delete.png Farm-Fresh chart curve edit.png Farm-Fresh chart curve error.png Farm-Fresh chart curve link.png Farm-Fresh chart curve go.png Farm-Fresh choose log programs.png

Farm-Fresh chart line.png Farm-Fresh chart line add.png Farm-Fresh chart line delete.png Farm-Fresh chart line edit.png Farm-Fresh chart line error.png Farm-Fresh chart line link.png

Farm-Fresh price watch.png Farm-Fresh marketwatch.png Farm-Fresh chart up color.png Farm-Fresh chart down color.png Farm-Fresh chart bullseye.png Farm-Fresh chart stock.png Farm-Fresh sparklines.png

Farm-Fresh barchart.png Farm-Fresh bubblechart.png Farm-Fresh candlestickchart.png Farm-Fresh columnchart.png Farm-Fresh linechart.png Farm-Fresh piechart.png Farm-Fresh plotchart.png Farm-Fresh areachart.png Farm-Fresh legend.png


Farm-Fresh table.png Farm-Fresh table add.png Farm-Fresh table delete.png Farm-Fresh table edit.png Farm-Fresh table error.png Farm-Fresh table excel.png Farm-Fresh table export.png Farm-Fresh table gear.png Farm-Fresh table go.png Farm-Fresh table import.png Farm-Fresh table key.png Farm-Fresh table lightning.png Farm-Fresh table link.png Farm-Fresh table money.png Farm-Fresh table multiple.png Farm-Fresh table paint can.png Farm-Fresh table refresh.png Farm-Fresh table relationship.png Farm-Fresh table row delete.png Farm-Fresh table row insert.png Farm-Fresh table save.png Farm-Fresh table select.png Farm-Fresh table select all.png Farm-Fresh table select column.png Farm-Fresh table select row.png Farm-Fresh table sheet.png Farm-Fresh table sort.png Farm-Fresh table split.png Farm-Fresh table sum.png Farm-Fresh access exports.png Farm-Fresh access imports.png Farm-Fresh after delete.png Farm-Fresh after insert.png Farm-Fresh after update.png Farm-Fresh before change.png Farm-Fresh before delete.png Farm-Fresh combine rows.png Farm-Fresh database repeat.png Farm-Fresh default value.png Farm-Fresh excel exports.png Farm-Fresh excel imports.png Farm-Fresh imex run export.png Farm-Fresh imex run import.png Farm-Fresh merge cells.png Farm-Fresh more exports.png Farm-Fresh more imports.png Farm-Fresh named macro.png Farm-Fresh object dependencies.png Farm-Fresh other fields.png Farm-Fresh odbs database.png Farm-Fresh pdf exports.png Farm-Fresh protect sheet.png Farm-Fresh protect workbook.png Farm-Fresh sharepoint.png Farm-Fresh summary table.png Farm-Fresh table analysis.png Farm-Fresh table design.png Farm-Fresh table filter.png Farm-Fresh table format.png Farm-Fresh table heatmap cell.png Farm-Fresh table heatmap.png Farm-Fresh table select group.png Farm-Fresh table tab resize.png Farm-Fresh table tab search.png Farm-Fresh table tab.png Farm-Fresh table torn.png Farm-Fresh watermark table.png Farm-Fresh word exports.png Farm-Fresh word imports.png Farm-Fresh db sql server.png Farm-Fresh database make mde file.png Farm-Fresh insert table for analysis.png Farm-Fresh text exports.png Farm-Fresh text imports.png Farm-Fresh xml exports.png Farm-Fresh xml imports.png Farm-Fresh collecting data.png Farm-Fresh cell style.png Farm-Fresh recommended summart table.png Farm-Fresh database table.png Farm-Fresh calculate sheet.png

Farm-Fresh cell clear.png Farm-Fresh cell copy.png Farm-Fresh cell delete.png Farm-Fresh consolidate.png Farm-Fresh table chart.png Farm-Fresh table columns insert left.png Farm-Fresh table columns insert right.png Farm-Fresh table insert.png Farm-Fresh table merge cells.png Farm-Fresh table replace.png Farm-Fresh table rows insert above word.png Farm-Fresh table rows insert below word.png Farm-Fresh view fullscreen view.png Farm-Fresh consolidate worksheets.png Farm-Fresh query design.png Farm-Fresh query make table.png Farm-Fresh query wizard.png Farm-Fresh what if analysis.png Farm-Fresh data table.png Farm-Fresh share workbook.png Farm-Fresh merge two tables.png Farm-Fresh create from selection.png

Farm-Fresh formatting above average.png Farm-Fresh formatting below average.png Farm-Fresh formatting bottom items.png Farm-Fresh formatting bottom percent.png Farm-Fresh formatting date occuring.png Farm-Fresh formatting dublicate value.png Farm-Fresh formatting equal to.png Farm-Fresh formatting greater than.png Farm-Fresh formatting highlight between.png Farm-Fresh formatting less than.png Farm-Fresh formatting text containing.png Farm-Fresh formatting top items.png Farm-Fresh formatting toppercent.png

Farm-Fresh sum.png

Image & vector editing[edit]

Farm-Fresh transform crop.png Farm-Fresh transform crop resize.png Farm-Fresh transform flip.png Farm-Fresh transform layer.png Farm-Fresh transform move.png Farm-Fresh transform path.png Farm-Fresh transform perspective.png Farm-Fresh transform rotate.png Farm-Fresh transform rotate 180.png Farm-Fresh transform rotate 270.png Farm-Fresh transform rotate 90.png Farm-Fresh transform scale.png Farm-Fresh transform selection.png Farm-Fresh zoom selection.png Farm-Fresh transform shear.png Farm-Fresh action.png Farm-Fresh review show hide markup.png Farm-Fresh smart art editing 2d.png Farm-Fresh smart art.png Farm-Fresh printscreen insert.png Farm-Fresh canvas.pngb

Farm-Fresh select.png Farm-Fresh select by adding to selection.png Farm-Fresh select by color.png Farm-Fresh select by difference.png Farm-Fresh select by intersection.png Farm-Fresh select continuous area.png Farm-Fresh select ellipse.png Farm-Fresh select invert.png Farm-Fresh select lasso.png Farm-Fresh select restangular.png

Farm-Fresh contrast.png Farm-Fresh contrast decrease.png Farm-Fresh contrast high.png Farm-Fresh contrast increase.png Farm-Fresh contrast low.png

Farm-Fresh draw airbrush.png Farm-Fresh draw calligraphic.png Farm-Fresh draw convolve.png Farm-Fresh draw dodge burn.png Farm-Fresh draw ellipse.png Farm-Fresh draw island.png Farm-Fresh draw line.png Farm-Fresh vector.png Farm-Fresh vector add.png Farm-Fresh vector delete.png Farm-Fresh draw path.png Farm-Fresh edit path.png Farm-Fresh draw points.png Farm-Fresh draw polygon.png Farm-Fresh draw polyline.png Farm-Fresh draw polygon curves.png Farm-Fresh centroid.png Farm-Fresh draw ring.png Farm-Fresh draw spiral.png Farm-Fresh draw star.png Farm-Fresh draw vertex.png Farm-Fresh draw wave.png Farm-Fresh line split.png Farm-Fresh shape insert.png Farm-Fresh quick styles.png

Farm-Fresh billiard marker.png Farm-Fresh paintbrush.png Farm-Fresh highlighter text.png Farm-Fresh highlighter.png Farm-Fresh livejournal.png Farm-Fresh paintcan.png Farm-Fresh fill color.png Farm-Fresh spray.png Farm-Fresh spray color.png Farm-Fresh palette.png Farm-Fresh format painter.png Farm-Fresh color gradient.png Farm-Fresh color management.png Farm-Fresh color picker.png Farm-Fresh color swatch.png Farm-Fresh color wheel.png Farm-Fresh smartart change color gallery.png Farm-Fresh skins.png Farm-Fresh change whm theme.png Farm-Fresh cpanel.png Farm-Fresh paint tube.png Farm-Fresh scale image.png Farm-Fresh print size.png Farm-Fresh border weight.png Farm-Fresh borders accent.png Farm-Fresh brushes.png Farm-Fresh mask.png

Farm-Fresh ruler.png Farm-Fresh pencil ruler.png Farm-Fresh measure crop.png Farm-Fresh hrule.png Farm-Fresh hslider.png

Farm-Fresh draw clone.png Farm-Fresh stamp pattern.png Farm-Fresh license management.png Farm-Fresh receipt stamp.png

Farm-Fresh pencil.png Farm-Fresh pencil add.png Farm-Fresh pencil delete.png Farm-Fresh pencil go.png Farm-Fresh border color.png

Farm-Fresh picture.png Farm-Fresh picture add.png Farm-Fresh picture delete.png Farm-Fresh picture edit.png Farm-Fresh picture empty.png Farm-Fresh picture error.png Farm-Fresh picture go.png Farm-Fresh picture key.png Farm-Fresh picture link.png Farm-Fresh picture save.png Farm-Fresh slideshow full screen.png Farm-Fresh swf loader.png Farm-Fresh pictures.png Farm-Fresh slideshow.png Farm-Fresh slideshow next.png Farm-Fresh slideshow previous.png Farm-Fresh convert color to gray.png Farm-Fresh convert gray to color.png Farm-Fresh sitemap image.png Farm-Fresh picture position.png Farm-Fresh resize picture.png

Farm-Fresh oms customize layout.png Farm-Fresh oms delete.png Farm-Fresh oms slide insert.png

Farm-Fresh photo.png Farm-Fresh photo add.png Farm-Fresh photo delete.png Farm-Fresh photo link.png Farm-Fresh photos.png

Farm-Fresh image.png Farm-Fresh image add.png Farm-Fresh image delete.png Farm-Fresh image edit.png Farm-Fresh image link.png Farm-Fresh images.png

Farm-Fresh map.png Farm-Fresh map add.png Farm-Fresh map delete.png Farm-Fresh map edit.png Farm-Fresh map go.png Farm-Fresh map magnify.png Farm-Fresh map torn.png Farm-Fresh google map.png Farm-Fresh chartplotter.png Farm-Fresh gps automotive.png

Farm-Fresh sharpen.png Farm-Fresh picture sunset.png Farm-Fresh billboard empty.png Farm-Fresh billboard picture.png Farm-Fresh two pictures.png Farm-Fresh button picture.png Farm-Fresh clipart pane.png Farm-Fresh picture insert.png Farm-Fresh picture insert from web.png


Farm-Fresh shape align bottom.png Farm-Fresh shape align center.png Farm-Fresh shape align left.png Farm-Fresh shape align middle.png Farm-Fresh shape align right.png Farm-Fresh shape align top.png Farm-Fresh shape flip horizontal.png Farm-Fresh shape flip vertical.png Farm-Fresh shape group.png Farm-Fresh shape handles.png Farm-Fresh shape move back.png Farm-Fresh shape move backwards.png Farm-Fresh shape move forwards.png Farm-Fresh shape move front.png Farm-Fresh shape rotate anticlockwise.png Farm-Fresh shape rotate clockwise.png Farm-Fresh shape square.png Farm-Fresh shape square add.png Farm-Fresh shape square delete.png Farm-Fresh shape square edit.png Farm-Fresh shape square error.png Farm-Fresh shape square go.png Farm-Fresh shape square key.png Farm-Fresh shape square link.png Farm-Fresh shape ungroup.png


Farm-Fresh layout.png Farm-Fresh layout add.png Farm-Fresh layout content.png Farm-Fresh layout delete.png Farm-Fresh layout edit.png Farm-Fresh layout error.png Farm-Fresh layout header.png Farm-Fresh layout link.png Farm-Fresh layout sidebar.png

Farm-Fresh layered pane.png Farm-Fresh layout panel.png Farm-Fresh layouts body 3 col.png Farm-Fresh layouts body select.png Farm-Fresh layouts design.png Farm-Fresh layouts footer select.png Farm-Fresh layouts four grid.png Farm-Fresh layouts header 3 col.png Farm-Fresh layouts header body.png Farm-Fresh layouts header footer 2 col.png Farm-Fresh layouts header footer 3 col.png Farm-Fresh layouts header footer.png Farm-Fresh layouts header select.png Farm-Fresh layouts header.png Farm-Fresh layouts join vertical.png Farm-Fresh layouts join.png Farm-Fresh layouts mixed equal.png Farm-Fresh layouts mixed.png Farm-Fresh layouts select select.png Farm-Fresh layouts sidebar.png Farm-Fresh layouts six grid.png Farm-Fresh layouts split vertical.png Farm-Fresh layouts split.png Farm-Fresh layouts three grid.png Farm-Fresh layouts three mix.png Farm-Fresh layouts top body.png Farm-Fresh layouts.png


Farm-Fresh layer.png Farm-Fresh layer add.png Farm-Fresh layer aspect arrow.png Farm-Fresh layer cell cats.png Farm-Fresh layer chart.png Farm-Fresh layer command.png Farm-Fresh layer create.png Farm-Fresh layer database.png Farm-Fresh layer delete.png Farm-Fresh layer edit.png Farm-Fresh layer export.png Farm-Fresh layer gps.png Farm-Fresh layer grid.png Farm-Fresh layer group.png Farm-Fresh layer his.png Farm-Fresh layer histogram.png Farm-Fresh layer import.png Farm-Fresh layer label.png Farm-Fresh layer open.png Farm-Fresh layer raster.png Farm-Fresh layer raster 3d.png Farm-Fresh layer redraw.png Farm-Fresh layer remove.png Farm-Fresh layer rgb.png Farm-Fresh layer save.png Farm-Fresh layer shaded relief.png Farm-Fresh layer to image size.png Farm-Fresh layer vector.png Farm-Fresh layer wms.png Farm-Fresh layers.png Farm-Fresh layers map.png Farm-Fresh layer arrange back.png Farm-Fresh layer arrange.png Farm-Fresh layer mask.png Farm-Fresh layer resize actual.png Farm-Fresh layer resize replicate h.png Farm-Fresh layer resize replicate v.png Farm-Fresh layer resize.png Farm-Fresh layer select.png Farm-Fresh layer shade.png Farm-Fresh layer shape ellipse.png Farm-Fresh layer shape polyline.png Farm-Fresh layer shape round.png Farm-Fresh layer shape text.png Farm-Fresh layer shape.png Farm-Fresh layer shred.png Farm-Fresh layer stack arrange back.png Farm-Fresh layer stack arrange.png Farm-Fresh layer transparent.png Farm-Fresh zoom layer.png Farm-Fresh transform layer.png


Farm-Fresh hd 1080.png Farm-Fresh hd 720.png Farm-Fresh hd ready.png

Farm-Fresh film.png Farm-Fresh film add.png Farm-Fresh film delete.png Farm-Fresh film save.png Farm-Fresh film edit.png Farm-Fresh film error.png Farm-Fresh film go.png Farm-Fresh film key.png Farm-Fresh film link.png Farm-Fresh online video insert.png

Farm-Fresh movies.png Farm-Fresh film photo.png Farm-Fresh video.png Farm-Fresh camcorder.png Farm-Fresh clip splitter.png Farm-Fresh edit video chain.png Farm-Fresh edit video unchain.png Farm-Fresh timeline marker.png



Farm-Fresh php.png Farm-Fresh php configuration.png Farm-Fresh php pear package.png Farm-Fresh select php version.png


Farm-Fresh ruby.png Farm-Fresh ruby add.png Farm-Fresh ruby delete.png Farm-Fresh ruby gear.png Farm-Fresh ruby get.png Farm-Fresh ruby go.png Farm-Fresh ruby key.png Farm-Fresh ruby link.png Farm-Fresh ruby put.png


Farm-Fresh script.png Farm-Fresh script add.png Farm-Fresh script delete.png Farm-Fresh script edit.png Farm-Fresh script error.png Farm-Fresh script gear.png Farm-Fresh script go.png Farm-Fresh script key.png Farm-Fresh script lightning.png Farm-Fresh script link.png Farm-Fresh script palette.png Farm-Fresh script save.png Farm-Fresh script code.png Farm-Fresh script code red.png Farm-Fresh script word.png Farm-Fresh script excel.png Farm-Fresh script office.png Farm-Fresh script visual studio.png Farm-Fresh script flash.png Farm-Fresh script php.png Farm-Fresh script stamp.png Farm-Fresh script import.png Farm-Fresh script export.png Farm-Fresh script green.png Farm-Fresh script red.png Farm-Fresh script yellow.png Farm-Fresh script black.png Farm-Fresh script torn.png Farm-Fresh script bricks.png Farm-Fresh script binary.png Farm-Fresh script globe.png Farm-Fresh script text.png Farm-Fresh mark citation.png Farm-Fresh bug report.png Farm-Fresh scripts text.png Farm-Fresh run macros.png


Farm-Fresh database.png Farm-Fresh database add.png Farm-Fresh database connect.png Farm-Fresh database delete.png Farm-Fresh database edit.png Farm-Fresh database error.png Farm-Fresh database gear.png Farm-Fresh database go.png Farm-Fresh database key.png Farm-Fresh database lightning.png Farm-Fresh database link.png Farm-Fresh database refresh.png Farm-Fresh database save.png Farm-Fresh database access.png Farm-Fresh database cleanup.png Farm-Fresh database mysql php.png Farm-Fresh storage.png Farm-Fresh mysql wizard.png Farm-Fresh database black.png Farm-Fresh database blue.png Farm-Fresh database green.png Farm-Fresh database red.png Farm-Fresh database yellow.png

Farm-Fresh sql join.png Farm-Fresh sql join inner.png Farm-Fresh sql join left.png Farm-Fresh sql join left exclude.png Farm-Fresh sql join outer.png Farm-Fresh sql join outer exclude.png Farm-Fresh sql join right.png Farm-Fresh sql join right exclude.png

Farm-Fresh compress repair.png

Farm-Fresh smartart add assistant.png Farm-Fresh smartart add shape above.png Farm-Fresh smartart add shape after.png Farm-Fresh smartart add shape before.png Farm-Fresh smartart add shape below.png Farm-Fresh smartart organization chart both.png Farm-Fresh smartart organization chart lh.png Farm-Fresh smartart organization chart rh.png Farm-Fresh smartart organization chart stand.png Farm-Fresh relationships.png Farm-Fresh trace dependents.png Farm-Fresh trace precendents.png

Farm-Fresh sort.png Farm-Fresh sort add.png Farm-Fresh sort delete.png Farm-Fresh sort edit.png Farm-Fresh sort error.png Farm-Fresh sort go.png Farm-Fresh sort alphabel column.png Farm-Fresh sort alphabel descending.png Farm-Fresh sort alphabel.png Farm-Fresh sort date descending.png Farm-Fresh sort date.png Farm-Fresh sort number column.png Farm-Fresh sort number descending.png Farm-Fresh sort number.png Farm-Fresh sort price descending.png Farm-Fresh sort price.png Farm-Fresh sort quantity descending.png Farm-Fresh sort quantity.png Farm-Fresh sort rating descending.png Farm-Fresh sort rating.png Farm-Fresh sort small.png


Farm-Fresh control start.png Farm-Fresh control rewind.png Farm-Fresh control stop.png Farm-Fresh control play.png Farm-Fresh control pause.png Farm-Fresh control fastforward.png Farm-Fresh control end.png Farm-Fresh control cursor.png Farm-Fresh control repeat.png Farm-Fresh control eject.png Farm-Fresh control equalizer.png Farm-Fresh control power.png

Farm-Fresh control start blue.png Farm-Fresh control rewind blue.png Farm-Fresh control stop blue.png Farm-Fresh control play blue.png Farm-Fresh control pause blue.png Farm-Fresh control fastforward blue.png Farm-Fresh control end blue.png Farm-Fresh control cursor blue.png Farm-Fresh control repeat blue.png Farm-Fresh control eject blue.png Farm-Fresh control equalizer blue.png Farm-Fresh control power blue.png

Farm-Fresh resultset first.png Farm-Fresh resultset previous.png Farm-Fresh control pause record.png Farm-Fresh resultset next.png Farm-Fresh resultset last.png

Farm-Fresh cursor.png Farm-Fresh cursor lifebuoy.png


Farm-Fresh world.png Farm-Fresh globe africa.png Farm-Fresh globe australia.png Farm-Fresh world add.png Farm-Fresh world delete.png Farm-Fresh world edit.png Farm-Fresh world go.png Farm-Fresh world link.png Farm-Fresh www page.png Farm-Fresh globe model.png Farm-Fresh ftp.png Farm-Fresh orbit.png Farm-Fresh domain template.png Farm-Fresh subdomains.png Farm-Fresh add dns zone.png Farm-Fresh advanced dns zone editor.png Farm-Fresh addon domains.png Farm-Fresh dns functions.png Farm-Fresh delete dns zone.png Farm-Fresh domain buying selling.png Farm-Fresh domain controversies.png Farm-Fresh domain legal issues.png Farm-Fresh domain name investment.png Farm-Fresh domain name monetization.png Farm-Fresh domain names advanced.png Farm-Fresh email trace.png Farm-Fresh edit dns zone.png Farm-Fresh edit mx entry.png Farm-Fresh globe network.png Farm-Fresh globe place.png Farm-Fresh web disk.png Farm-Fresh webmail.png Farm-Fresh parked domains.png Farm-Fresh network tools.png Farm-Fresh simple dns zone editor.png Farm-Fresh reset dns zone.png Farm-Fresh remote sql.png Farm-Fresh redirects.png Farm-Fresh awstats.png Farm-Fresh earth night.png


Farm-Fresh sitemap application blue.png Farm-Fresh sitemap application.png Farm-Fresh sitemap.png Farm-Fresh sitemap image.png Farm-Fresh sitemap 1.png Farm-Fresh sitemap color.png

Farm-Fresh dns.png Farm-Fresh dns setting.png Farm-Fresh hostname tld.png Farm-Fresh network cloud.png Farm-Fresh network clouds.png Farm-Fresh network ethernet.png Farm-Fresh network hub.png Farm-Fresh network ip.png Farm-Fresh network wireless.png Farm-Fresh ip.png Farm-Fresh ip class.png Farm-Fresh imap server.png

Websites – Services – Logos[edit]

Farm-Fresh internet explorer.png Farm-Fresh opera.png Farm-Fresh safari browser.png

Farm-Fresh google.png Farm-Fresh google new.png Farm-Fresh google custom search.png Farm-Fresh google map.png Farm-Fresh google map satellite.png Farm-Fresh google plus.png Farm-Fresh google talk.png Farm-Fresh google voice.png Farm-Fresh google wave.png Farm-Fresh google web elements.png Farm-Fresh google adsense.png Farm-Fresh google webmaster tools.png

Farm-Fresh blogger.png Farm-Fresh wordpress.png Farm-Fresh wordpress blog.png Farm-Fresh twitter 1.png Farm-Fresh twitter 2.png Farm-Fresh facebook.png Farm-Fresh friendfeed.png Farm-Fresh tumblr.png Farm-Fresh skype.png Farm-Fresh flickr.png Farm-Fresh delicious.png Farm-Fresh devianart.png Farm-Fresh digg.png Farm-Fresh dopplr.png Farm-Fresh dribbble.png Farm-Fresh evernote.png Farm-Fresh fatcow.png Farm-Fresh forrst.png Farm-Fresh gamespot.png Farm-Fresh gowalla.png Farm-Fresh grooveshark.png

Farm-Fresh last fm.png Farm-Fresh mixx.png Farm-Fresh mobile me.png Farm-Fresh msn messenger.png Farm-Fresh my name is e.png Farm-Fresh myspace.png Farm-Fresh netvibes.png Farm-Fresh newsvine.png Farm-Fresh paypal-2.png Farm-Fresh paypal.png Farm-Fresh metro.png Farm-Fresh personal finance.png Farm-Fresh buzz.png Farm-Fresh bedo.png Farm-Fresh brightkite.png Farm-Fresh aim messenger.png Farm-Fresh openid.png Farm-Fresh opml.png Farm-Fresh orkut.png Farm-Fresh picasa.png Farm-Fresh playstation.png Farm-Fresh plurk.png Farm-Fresh qik.png Farm-Fresh readernaut.png Farm-Fresh robo to.png Farm-Fresh subversion.png Farm-Fresh technorati.png Farm-Fresh drugs com.png Farm-Fresh aol mail.png Farm-Fresh aol messenger.png Farm-Fresh apple corp.png Farm-Fresh ehow.png Farm-Fresh global telecom.png Farm-Fresh ms exchange.png Farm-Fresh viddler.png Farm-Fresh vimeo.png Farm-Fresh virb.png Farm-Fresh xing.png Farm-Fresh yelp.png Farm-Fresh youtube.png Farm-Fresh zootool.png Farm-Fresh pandora.png Farm-Fresh cargo.png Farm-Fresh design float.png Farm-Fresh designmoo.png Farm-Fresh ember.png Farm-Fresh geotag.png Farm-Fresh ilike.png Farm-Fresh im messenger.png Farm-Fresh language.png Farm-Fresh odata.png Farm-Fresh open share.png Farm-Fresh posterous.png

Farm-Fresh stumble upon.png

Farm-Fresh wi fi zone.png Farm-Fresh wi fi.png Farm-Fresh bluetooth.png Farm-Fresh apache handlers.png Farm-Fresh http server apache.png Farm-Fresh perl modules.png Farm-Fresh usb 3.png Farm-Fresh json.png

Farm-Fresh download for linux.png Farm-Fresh download for mac.png Farm-Fresh download for windows.png Farm-Fresh upload for linux.png Farm-Fresh upload for mac.png Farm-Fresh upload for windows.png

Farm-Fresh ms frontpage.png Farm-Fresh frontpage.png Farm-Fresh install frontpage extensions.png Farm-Fresh install frontpage mail extensions.png Farm-Fresh uninstall frontpage extensions.png

Farm-Fresh cpanel.png Farm-Fresh cpanel change log.png Farm-Fresh modify cpanel whm news.png Farm-Fresh getting started wizard.png Farm-Fresh basic cpanel wmh setup.png

Farm-Fresh qip angry.png Farm-Fresh qip at home.png Farm-Fresh qip at work.png Farm-Fresh qip away.png Farm-Fresh qip bad mood.png Farm-Fresh qip dnd.png Farm-Fresh qip eating.png Farm-Fresh qip free for chat.png Farm-Fresh qip invisible.png Farm-Fresh qip invisible for all.png Farm-Fresh qip not available.png Farm-Fresh qip occupied.png Farm-Fresh qip offline.png Farm-Fresh qip online.png


Farm-Fresh cart.png Farm-Fresh cart add.png Farm-Fresh cart delete.png Farm-Fresh cart edit.png Farm-Fresh cart error.png Farm-Fresh cart go.png Farm-Fresh cart put.png Farm-Fresh cart remove.png Farm-Fresh cart full.png Farm-Fresh shopping cart reset.png Farm-Fresh cash register.png Farm-Fresh cash register left.png Farm-Fresh cash terminal.png

Farm-Fresh basket.png Farm-Fresh basket add.png Farm-Fresh basket delete.png Farm-Fresh basket edit.png Farm-Fresh basket error.png Farm-Fresh basket go.png Farm-Fresh basket put.png Farm-Fresh basket remove.png Farm-Fresh basket full.png Farm-Fresh basket shopping.png


Farm-Fresh xhtml.png Farm-Fresh xhtml add.png Farm-Fresh xhtml delete.png Farm-Fresh xhtml go.png Farm-Fresh xhtml valid.png

Farm-Fresh html.png Farm-Fresh html add.png Farm-Fresh html delete.png Farm-Fresh html go.png Farm-Fresh html valid.png

Farm-Fresh rss.png Farm-Fresh rss add.png Farm-Fresh rss delete.png Farm-Fresh rss go.png Farm-Fresh rss valid.png

Farm-Fresh feed.png Farm-Fresh feed add.png Farm-Fresh feed delete.png Farm-Fresh feed disk.png Farm-Fresh feed edit.png Farm-Fresh feed error.png Farm-Fresh feed go.png Farm-Fresh feed key.png Farm-Fresh feed magnify.png

Farm-Fresh css.png Farm-Fresh css add.png Farm-Fresh css delete.png Farm-Fresh css go.png Farm-Fresh css valid.png

Farm-Fresh css 3.png Farm-Fresh html 5.png

Farm-Fresh validation invalid.png Farm-Fresh validation label html.png Farm-Fresh validation label html5.png Farm-Fresh validation label.png Farm-Fresh validation valid.png Farm-Fresh validation.png Farm-Fresh accept document.png Farm-Fresh validation document.png Farm-Fresh validation invalid document.png Farm-Fresh validation valid document.png

Farm-Fresh http status ok success.png Farm-Fresh http status permanent.png Farm-Fresh http status temporary.png Farm-Fresh http status not found.png Farm-Fresh http status server error.png Farm-Fresh http status unavailable.png

Additional altered Images based on Farm-Fresh Web Icons[edit]

Farm-Fresh book atlas.png Farm-Fresh gruppe3.png Farm-Fresh gruppe4.png Farm-Fresh gruppe5.png Farm-Fresh all.png Farm-Fresh marker.png Farm-Fresh plenum.png Farm-Fresh tandem.png Abies (from Farm-Fresh christmas tree).png Bush (from Farm-Fresh tree).png

16x16 icons[edit]

Farm-Fresh cake16x.png Farm-Fresh Ice cube 16x16 icon.png

16x16 icons in 32x32 canvas (bullets)[edit]


Farm-Fresh bullet blue.png Farm-Fresh bullet purple.png Farm-Fresh bullet pink.png Farm-Fresh bullet red.png Farm-Fresh bullet orange.png Farm-Fresh bullet yellow.png Farm-Fresh bullet green.png Farm-Fresh bullet white.png Farm-Fresh bullet black.png Farm-Fresh bullet add.png Farm-Fresh bullet delete.png Farm-Fresh bullet go.png Farm-Fresh bullet error.png Farm-Fresh bullet key.png Farm-Fresh bullet wrench.png Farm-Fresh bullet toggle minus.png Farm-Fresh bullet toggle plus.png Farm-Fresh bullet feed.png Farm-Fresh bullet picture.png Farm-Fresh bullet disk.png Farm-Fresh bullet star.png Farm-Fresh bullet arrow bottom.png Farm-Fresh bullet arrow down.png Farm-Fresh bullet arrow left 2.png Farm-Fresh bullet arrow left.png Farm-Fresh bullet arrow right 2.png Farm-Fresh bullet arrow right.png Farm-Fresh bullet arrow top.png Farm-Fresh bullet arrow up.png

Bottom right[edit]

Farm-Fresh bullet archive.png Farm-Fresh bullet attach.png Farm-Fresh bullet back.png Farm-Fresh bullet bell.png Farm-Fresh bullet brush.png Farm-Fresh bullet bug.png Farm-Fresh bullet bulb off.png Farm-Fresh bullet bulb on.png Farm-Fresh bullet burn.png Farm-Fresh bullet camera.png Farm-Fresh bullet cd.png Farm-Fresh bullet chart.png Farm-Fresh bullet code red.png Farm-Fresh bullet code.png Farm-Fresh bullet connect.png Farm-Fresh bullet database.png Farm-Fresh bullet document.png Farm-Fresh bullet down.png Farm-Fresh bullet dvd.png Farm-Fresh bullet edit.png Farm-Fresh bullet excel.png Farm-Fresh bullet find.png Farm-Fresh bullet flash.png Farm-Fresh bullet gear.png Farm-Fresh bullet lightning.png Farm-Fresh bullet link.png Farm-Fresh bullet magnify.png Farm-Fresh bullet medal.png Farm-Fresh bullet office.png Farm-Fresh bullet palette.png Farm-Fresh bullet php.png Farm-Fresh bullet powerpoint.png Farm-Fresh bullet table.png Farm-Fresh bullet textfield.png Farm-Fresh bullet up.png Farm-Fresh bullet valid.png Farm-Fresh bullet vector.png Farm-Fresh bullet word.png Farm-Fresh bullet world.png Farm-Fresh bullet user.png


Farm-Fresh blackboard drawing.png Farm-Fresh blackboard empty.png Farm-Fresh blackboard steps.png Farm-Fresh blackboard sum.png

Farm-Fresh key.png Farm-Fresh key go.png Farm-Fresh key delete.png Farm-Fresh key add.png Farm-Fresh set password.png Farm-Fresh change password.png

Farm-Fresh door.png Farm-Fresh door in.png Farm-Fresh door open.png Farm-Fresh door out.png

Farm-Fresh package.png Farm-Fresh package add.png Farm-Fresh package delete.png Farm-Fresh package go.png Farm-Fresh package green.png Farm-Fresh package link.png

Farm-Fresh box front.png Farm-Fresh add package.png Farm-Fresh delete package.png Farm-Fresh edit package.png Farm-Fresh box search.png Farm-Fresh cgi center.png Farm-Fresh box front open.png Farm-Fresh box closed.png Farm-Fresh box open.png Farm-Fresh box resize.png Farm-Fresh box resize actual.png

Farm-Fresh inbox empty.png Farm-Fresh inbox document music.png Farm-Fresh inbox document text.png Farm-Fresh inbox document.png Farm-Fresh inbox download.png Farm-Fresh inbox film.png Farm-Fresh inbox images.png Farm-Fresh inbox slide.png Farm-Fresh inbox table.png Farm-Fresh inbox upload.png Farm-Fresh delay delivery outlook.png Farm-Fresh manage sources.png Farm-Fresh name manager.png

Farm-Fresh plugin.png Farm-Fresh plugin add.png Farm-Fresh plugin delete.png Farm-Fresh plugin disabled.png Farm-Fresh plugin edit.png Farm-Fresh plugin error.png Farm-Fresh plugin go.png Farm-Fresh plugin link.png

Farm-Fresh bin closed.png Farm-Fresh bin empty.png Farm-Fresh bin.png Farm-Fresh spam folder.png Farm-Fresh recover deleted items.png Farm-Fresh bin recycle.png Farm-Fresh recycle bag.png

Farm-Fresh battery.png Farm-Fresh battery charge.png Farm-Fresh battery full.png Farm-Fresh battery half.png Farm-Fresh battery low.png Farm-Fresh battery plug.png

Farm-Fresh brick.png Farm-Fresh brick add.png Farm-Fresh brick delete.png Farm-Fresh brick edit.png Farm-Fresh brick error.png Farm-Fresh brick go.png Farm-Fresh brick link.png Farm-Fresh bricks.png

Farm-Fresh lock.png Farm-Fresh lock add.png Farm-Fresh lock break.png