Reitter - Die Käfer des Deutschen Reichs

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English: These scans are from Edmund Reitter's Fauna Germanica: Die Käfer des deutschen Reiches ("Beetles of the German Empire"), published in 5 volumes 1908-1916 (some content was not delivered until 1917).

The color-print plates were prepared by Dr. K.G. Lutz, and the book was published by Lutz' own company (K.G. Lutz' Verlag).

Genus names are in "quotation marks" because they do not necessarily conform with the species' current placement.

Volume/Tome/Band I (1908)[edit]

Volume/Tome/Band II (1908)[edit]

Volume/Tome/Band III (1911)[edit]

Volume/Tome/Band IV (1912)[edit]

Volume/Tome/Band V (1916)[edit]