Figured maple top guitar samples

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Flamed maple wood[edit]

Main Wikipedia article: Flame maple

Other figured maple wood (non flamed)[edit]

See also Wikipedia article: en:Bird's eye figure and en:Quilt maple.


Further Readings[edit]

  • LPCollector, et al. (2012-2014). Name of the Flame. forum.
    "... We will not be speaking of Blister or Bird’s Eye, as I define those as figure and NOT flame.",
    "TYPES OF FLAMES:  1) Curl  2) Ribbon Curl  3) Flame  4) Tiger Stripe  5) Pin Stripe  6) Fiddleback",
    "THE DIRECTION OF THE FLAME:  1) Chevron  2) Reverse Chevron  3) Gullwing  4) Horizontal ".