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Português: Diagrama dos membros das organizações intergovernamentais sul-americanas.
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This is a retouched picture, which means that it has been digitally altered from its original version. The original can be viewed here: Flag of Venezuela.svg.


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Original upload log[edit]

This image is a derivative work of the following images:

  • File:Flag of Uruguay.svg licensed with PD-user
    • 2011-08-22T00:41:11Z Alkari 1350x900 (2593 Bytes) code cleanup
    • 2010-04-06T22:49:41Z Zscout370 1350x900 (4822 Bytes) Reverted to version as of 09:02, 27 February 2010 (see talk page)
    • 2010-04-06T22:48:43Z Kineto007 512x341 (3946 Bytes) Corrected Blue (more darker).
    • 2010-02-27T09:02:15Z Zscout370 1350x900 (4822 Bytes) Sorry about the larger file size, but the sun size was just not right. Supposed to be 11/15 of the canton.
    • 2007-01-06T17:53:43Z Pumbaa80 900x600 (2432 Bytes) own work with correct dimensions and clear code; see talk page
    • 2006-05-26T01:39:54Z Huhsunqu 675x450 (55636 Bytes) Sun
    • 2006-03-02T02:17:41Z Denelson83 900x600 (70207 Bytes) Proper thickness of blue stripes
    • 2006-03-02T02:11:08Z Denelson83 900x600 (70321 Bytes) Improved version, e-mailed to uploader by author of xrmap, PD
    • 2006-02-14T01:11:44Z Denelson83 900x600 (32304 Bytes) Dimensions rounded off
    • 2006-02-09T14:41:06Z Reisio 810x540 (30559 Bytes) rv to previous - the colors/dimensions/appearance of this one are imo more inline with photographs I've seen of official-type Uruguayan flags
    • 2006-02-05T17:57:47Z Denelson83 750x500 (50211 Bytes) Paler face
    • 2006-02-05T17:54:55Z Denelson83 750x500 (50211 Bytes) Restoring previous version, with improvements
    • 2006-02-05T10:38:27Z Vzb83 810x540 (30559 Bytes) Reverted to earlier revision
    • 2006-01-31T11:10:44Z Denelson83 750x500 (51393 Bytes) Improved version
    • 2006-01-20T05:32:06Z Reisio 810x540 (30559 Bytes) /me blames text editor - fixed
    • 2006-01-20T05:29:08Z Reisio 744x496 (14173 Bytes) Reverted to earlier revision
    • 2006-01-20T05:25:30Z Reisio 540x360 (30559 Bytes) fix sun (had no face), alter colors based off a gov site & images found online
    • 2005-11-24T22:13:48Z Nightstallion 744x496 (14173 Bytes) Flag of Uruguay from the [ Open Clip Art] website. {{PD-OpenClipart}} [[Category:SVG flags]]
  • File:Flag of Argentina.svg licensed with PD-ineligible
    • 2011-08-20T14:20:13Z Bencmq 800x500 (5693 Bytes) Code cleanup and file size reduction by [[User:Alkari]]
    • 2011-03-17T14:52:52Z Zscout370 800x500 (18066 Bytes) More code reduction
    • 2011-03-14T19:24:20Z Zscout370 800x500 (21188 Bytes) Basic size, trying to cut down on paths and size.
    • 2010-11-28T02:52:30Z Zscout370 216x135 (24355 Bytes) Decreto 1650/2010 was passed given the IRAM specifications as the legal specifications. Ratio was changed to 1x1.6 and the Pantone colors changed. Corel Draw X5 was used to modify this image.
    • 2009-03-02T21:14:36Z Kved 784x504 (2636 Bytes) Reverted to version as of 15:08, 26 May 2008
    • 2009-03-02T20:49:38Z Hambrientino 467x300 (68279 Bytes) Reverted to version as of 05:56, 1 October 2005
    • 2009-03-02T20:36:02Z Hambrientino 0x0 (2593 Bytes) Reverted to version as of 03:19, 16 September 2007
    • 2009-03-02T20:35:33Z Hambrientino 0x0 (2593 Bytes) Fixed the sun
    • 2008-05-26T15:08:42Z TigerTjäder 784x504 (2636 Bytes) Missed xlink namespace declaration.
    • 2007-09-16T03:19:30Z TigerTjäder 0x0 (2593 Bytes) Fixed the sun.
    • 2007-01-07T16:36:37Z Pumbaa80 980x630 (2644 Bytes) manually recoded
    • 2006-02-03T00:04:58Z Reisio 6339x4075 (116047 Bytes) switch to 9:14 ratio
    • 2006-01-31T22:58:43Z Reisio 6520x4075 (108238 Bytes) remake, sun & web colors from, ratio 1.6 (15:24)
    • 2006-01-31T21:06:48Z Reisio 467x300 (50900 Bytes) use web colors from (see talk)
    • 2006-01-30T01:34:13Z Reisio 467x300 (50900 Bytes) Reverted to earlier revision
    • 2005-11-06T11:05:21Z Barcex 467x300 (73683 Bytes)
    • 2005-10-21T23:01:38Z Zscout370 467x300 (50900 Bytes) Cloned a few things. I am working to compress and clone more for the flag.
    • 2005-10-01T06:03:03Z Zscout370 467x300 (68355 Bytes) Trying my hand at the image again, seeing if I could cut down on the file size.
    • 2005-10-01T05:56:04Z Zscout370 467x300 (68279 Bytes) I changed the ratio of the image to 9:14, also to 300 pixels. There is a debate about the colors, so I could provide sources soon. But I own several Argentine flags, but the blue is differnet than what we have here.
    • 2005-09-28T23:41:34Z Dbenbenn 772x496 (59845 Bytes) correct shade of blue, flag ratio, and position and size of sun from [[w:flag of Argentina]]
    • 2005-09-27T14:15:29Z Dbenbenn 992x496 (60017 Bytes) from by Sigge Kotliar, PD
  • File:Flag of Bolivia.svg licensed with PD-shape
    • 2009-08-16T06:17:16Z Zscout370 1100x750 (277 Bytes) Reduce bytes
    • 2008-02-27T18:07:33Z Avala 1100x750 (2038 Bytes) colors fix per recomm.
    • 2006-02-05T11:36:16Z Anakin 1100x750 (574 Bytes) Rétablissement de la version précédente
    • 2006-02-05T09:57:46Z Denelson83 750x500 (1968 Bytes) Colour match with [[:Image:Flag of Bolivia (state).svg]]
    • 2006-01-31T10:49:46Z Denelson83 1100x750 (574 Bytes) Reverted to earlier revision
    • 2006-01-31T10:48:05Z Denelson83 750x500 (369974 Bytes) Slightly improved version
    • 2005-12-21T19:26:06Z Reisio 1100x750 (574 Bytes) rewrite, simpler markup
    • 2005-10-04T14:29:21Z Anakin 330x225 (799 Bytes) désolé, mauvaise manoeuvre juste avant
    • 2005-10-04T14:21:47Z Anakin 330x225 (799 Bytes)
    • 2005-10-04T00:03:59Z Dbenbenn 1800x1200 (596 Bytes) change colors to rgb(216,30,5) (red), rgb(247,226,20) (yellow), and rgb(0,122,61) (green) according to talk page
    • 2005-09-28T04:58:37Z Dbenbenn 450x300 (803 Bytes) fix slight error in vertical position of stripes
    • 2005-09-27T22:20:28Z SKopp 450x300 (1612 Bytes) The flag of Bolivia. Source: Drawn by [[User:SKopp]] {{Template:Insignia}} [[Category:Flags of Bolivia]]
  • File:Flag of Brazil.svg licensed with PD-BrazilGov
    • 2011-08-20T14:22:09Z Bencmq 720x504 (5352 Bytes) Code cleanup and file size reduction by [[User:Alkari]]
    • 2011-02-08T20:57:50Z Zscout370 720x504 (6741 Bytes) Fixed stars, see talk page.
    • 2011-01-21T05:47:08Z Zscout370 720x504 (6741 Bytes) colors from of Brazil#Colors, Pantone values from
    • 2010-12-03T17:59:16Z Zscout370 720x504 (6630 Bytes) Reverted to version as of 21:06, 15 September 2007 (see talk)
    • 2010-11-11T06:46:45Z Zscout370 2000x1400 (17948 Bytes) Increase basic size
    • 2010-11-11T04:03:43Z Zscout370 200x140 (22212 Bytes) The official file is good, but it has errors with the size and placement of the golden diamond, the globe is shaped incorrectly (supposed to be 7 CM diameter).
    • 2010-11-07T17:17:38Z Tonyjeff 567x397 (19901 Bytes) Using official file from the government's site (see description)
    • 2007-09-15T21:06:20Z TigerTjäder 720x504 (6630 Bytes) Had lefte one star rotated.
    • 2007-09-15T20:20:58Z TigerTjäder 720x504 (6641 Bytes) Straight stars.
    • 2007-09-13T08:56:47Z TigerTjäder 900x630 (6818 Bytes) Now that I finally got some time to look into it deeper, I saw what was wrong in the current version. Sorry for reverting your upload, Pumbaa80. This revision is just a cleanup on Pumbaa80's version (not much to clean, the co
    • 2007-02-09T00:39:29Z TigerTjäder 500x350 (10682 Bytes) {{Flag |NAME= |DEFAULT=1 |OF=[[Brazil]] |FROM=1992-05-11 |CREATOR=Benjamin Constant, Raimundo Teixeira Mendes, Miguel Lemos, Manuel Pereira Reis, Décio Vilares |FORMAT=7:10 |FIAV=111111 |MAINCOLORS=green, yellow, blue, white
    • 2007-01-14T20:13:44Z Pumbaa80 900x630 (7019 Bytes) exact dimensions from; positions and orientations of the stars estimated from the construction sheet given there
    • 2006-10-15T04:17:53Z TigerTjäder 500x350 (10682 Bytes)
    • 2006-08-29T15:16:47Z Huhsunqu 1000x700 (25050 Bytes) Colores según recomendaciones
    • 2005-10-09T06:33:37Z Zscout370 500x350 (10709 Bytes) This was created by [[:en:User:TigerTjäder]], based on the website of the Brazilian Government. He has released this under the GFDL license. See
    • 2005-10-09T04:18:54Z Dbenbenn 1063x744 (37318 Bytes) from by Cezary Biele, PD
  • File:Flag of Chile.svg licensed with PD-Chile
    • 2011-10-03T16:27:18Z Piastu 1500x1000 (884 Bytes) Reverted to version as of 18:04, 24 August 2011
    • 2011-10-03T15:59:56Z Sterling.M.Archer 1080x720 (3095 Bytes) Minor color fixes
    • 2011-08-24T18:04:08Z Kyro 1500x1000 (884 Bytes) Revert. libsvg seems to have a pb with the previous version
    • 2011-08-21T07:17:29Z Alkari 1500x1000 (691 Bytes) code cleanup
    • 2010-03-08T02:26:18Z Zscout370 1500x1000 (884 Bytes) Pantone color shades are from and
    • 2009-11-17T07:22:07Z Zscout370 1500x1000 (904 Bytes) Reduce code, mostly a lot of empty spaces.
    • 2006-09-13T22:16:03Z Madden 1500x1000 (1168 Bytes) fixed a mistake with white
    • 2006-09-13T22:10:02Z Madden 1500x1000 (1167 Bytes) code to avoid transparency after scaling
    • 2006-06-07T19:52:25Z Huhsunqu 1500x1000 (2468 Bytes) Pantone to RGB as in [[Commons:Pantone color chart]]. Not great differenc. Not dimensions change
    • 2006-04-30T17:39:17Z Dbenbenn 1500x1000 (930 Bytes) Make the star exact ([[User:Pumbaa80]]'s idea); colors are unchanged.
    • 2006-02-18T20:16:09Z B1mbo 1500x1000 (902 Bytes) lighter version
    • 2006-02-18T20:03:38Z B1mbo 1500x1000 (2220 Bytes) "Official" colors
    • 2006-02-12T03:24:15Z Dbenbenn 1500x1000 (892 Bytes) restore the high-precision star. Colors are the same: red=#d21034, blue=#0035ad
    • 2006-02-11T17:09:21Z Vzb83 1200x800 (2055 Bytes) Pantone 186C for red and 286C for blue, see discussion; scaled to more manageable size
    • 2006-02-05T23:08:21Z Antoine 3000x2000 (1354 Bytes) The [[w:flag of Chile|flag of Chile]]. This file was written by [[User:Dbenbenn|David Benbennick]]. The colors are defined by the "Government of Chile". It's easy to put a border around this flag: {{border|[[Image:Flag of Ch
    • 2006-02-05T18:17:49Z Vzb83 3000x2000 (1354 Bytes) Pantone 186 C for red; see discussion
    • 2006-01-08T21:58:13Z Antoine 3000x2000 (1354 Bytes) The [[w:flag of Chile|flag of Chile]]. This file was written by [[User:Dbenbenn|David Benbennick]]. It's easy to put a border around this flag: {{border|[[Image:Flag of Chile.svg|100px]]}} {{PD-self}} {{Insignia}} [[Catego
    • 2006-01-08T19:58:20Z Vzb83 3000x2000 (1354 Bytes) changed the colours based on
    • 2005-12-08T14:44:17Z Dbenbenn 3000x2000 (1354 Bytes) more accurate geometry, keep colors the same. By me, PD.
    • 2005-10-29T01:47:51Z B1mbo 450x300 (3084 Bytes) Correción de colores
    • 2005-09-27T22:36:37Z SKopp 450x300 (2060 Bytes) The flag of Chile. Source: Drawn by [[User:SKopp]] {{Template:Insignia}} [[Category:Flags of Chile]]
  • File:Flag of Colombia.svg licensed with PD-shape
    • 2008-11-25T07:17:57Z Fibonacci 900x600 (379 Bytes) Valid SVG.
    • 2007-03-28T06:31:58Z Fibonacci 600x400 (304 Bytes) Optimised.
    • 2006-08-21T00:28:54Z Madden 600x400 (314 Bytes) optimized
    • 2006-06-03T21:46:48Z Fibonacci 600x400 (314 Bytes) Simplified
    • 2006-05-20T17:32:01Z Madden 600x400 (510 Bytes) clean code
    • 2006-02-24T01:54:30Z Huhsunqu 300x200 (3369 Bytes) Recuperar una revisión anterior
    • 2006-02-23T15:53:07Z Denelson83 900x600 (2990 Bytes) Reverted to earlier revision
    • 2006-02-23T15:35:57Z Huhsunqu 300x200 (3369 Bytes) Colours as used thourgh the country
    • 2006-02-02T16:56:03Z Vzb83 900x600 (2990 Bytes) colours from
    • 2006-02-01T00:59:17Z Denelson83 900x600 (2990 Bytes) Darken the yellow
    • 2006-01-31T10:44:15Z Denelson83 900x600 (2975 Bytes) False border removed
    • 2006-01-31T10:43:23Z Denelson83 900x600 (3168 Bytes) Colours corrected
    • 2005-09-27T22:40:13Z SKopp 450x300 (1612 Bytes) The flag of Colombia. Source: Drawn by [[User:SKopp]] {{Template:Insignia}} [[Category:Flags of Colombia]]
  • File:Flag of Ecuador.svg licensed with PD-OpenClipart, PD-self
    • 2010-07-29T04:50:58Z Zscout370 1440x960 (782896 Bytes) Not only are the arms supposed to be 1/2th of the width of the flag, the arms needs to be in a 12x10 rectangle. Fixed to match emailed specifications and also reduced some code.
    • 2010-07-22T02:18:01Z Zscout370 1200x800 (1215328 Bytes) Yup, the ratio is 2x3 since November of 2009 (confirmed by the EC Government). Arms from the PDF file listed earlier in the history.
    • 2010-07-21T19:43:18Z Zscout370 1600x800 (873496 Bytes) Reverted to version as of 18:26, 21 July 2010 (until this is sorted out)
    • 2010-07-21T18:51:46Z Enriquearteaga 1200x800 (1763784 Bytes) Reverted to version as of 18:49, 21 July 2010
    • 2010-07-21T18:14:08Z Enriquearteaga 1200x800 (1763784 Bytes) {{Information |Description={{en|1=Flag of the Republic of Ecuador}} {{es|1=Bandera de la República del Ecuador}} |Source={{own}} |Author=[[User:Enriquearteaga|Enriquearteaga]] |Date=21 de julio del 2010 |Permission={{Attribu
    • 2010-06-08T03:48:12Z Fry1989 1600x800 (873496 Bytes) colours
    • 2010-03-08T03:06:16Z Zscout370 1600x800 (871984 Bytes) Ok, finally got the arms to display how I want it.
    • 2010-03-03T03:22:05Z Zscout370 1600x800 (858241 Bytes) Overhaul, used government seal at However, I still cannot confirm the ratio change.
    • 2009-08-22T20:37:14Z Zscout370 1200x600 (145155 Bytes) Also, doesn't have any "flames" on the edges of the yellow part of the coat of arm's flags
    • 2009-08-22T20:31:26Z Zscout370 1200x600 (169441 Bytes) mentions the coat of arms is 1/2 the height of the flag. However, I am still checking on the ratio change.
    • 2009-05-23T08:38:32Z Artem Karimov 1000x500 (195942 Bytes) code cleanup
    • 2007-09-16T22:08:55Z M.C. 1000x500 (227289 Bytes) Reverted to version as of 17:01, 21 June 2006 restore last good version
    • 2007-09-15T16:07:18Z Night Ranger 1000x500 (226347 Bytes) Reverted to version as of 07:00, 24 February 2006. Stop mucking around.
    • 2007-09-15T11:31:38Z Eleassar 1000x500 (227289 Bytes) Reverted to version as of :, 0 <>
    • 2007-09-15T11:31:25Z Eleassar 1000x500 (226347 Bytes) Reverted to version as of 16:52, 21 June 2006
    • 2006-06-21T17:01:25Z B1mbo 1000x500 (227289 Bytes) Version uploaded at [[:Image:Flag of Ecuador (state).svg]]. Modifications made by [[User:Huhsunqu]].
    • 2006-06-21T16:52:50Z B1mbo 1000x500 (226347 Bytes) Recuperar una revisión anterior
    • 2006-06-09T13:43:10Z Madden 1200x600 (319 Bytes) clean, simple code
    • 2006-03-13T17:22:14Z Huhsunqu 1000x500 (3467 Bytes) Only Republic's flag uses the CoA. Last version uploaded as [[:Image:Flag of Ecuador (state).svg]]
    • 2006-02-24T07:00:28Z Denelson83 1000x500 (226347 Bytes) Improved version, e-mailed to uploader by author of xrmap
    • 2006-02-22T23:04:21Z Denelson83 800x400 (92064 Bytes) Centre arms exactly
    • 2006-02-21T16:15:02Z Huhsunqu 800x400 (94086 Bytes) centro un poquito
    • 2006-02-21T16:09:11Z Huhsunqu 800x400 (94038 Bytes) Colores, convierto el gallinazo en cóndor
    • 2006-02-16T05:32:12Z Denelson83 1000x500 (87604 Bytes) Dimensions rounded off
    • 2005-11-24T22:30:25Z Nightstallion 992x496 (79947 Bytes) Flag of Ecuador from the [ Open Clip Art] website. {{PD-OpenClipart}} [[Category:SVG flags]]
  • File:Flag of Guyana.svg licensed with PD-ineligible, PD-self
    • 2011-08-20T00:19:09Z Alkari 500x300 (406 Bytes) code cleanup
    • 2005-09-28T04:52:06Z SKopp 500x300 (2279 Bytes) The flag of Guyana. Source: Drawn by [[User:SKopp]] {{Template:Insignia}} [[Category:Flags of Guyana]]
  • File:Flag of Peru.svg licensed with PD-ineligible
    • 2012-05-01T23:28:21Z Fry1989 900x600 (381 Bytes) not with that red
    • 2011-03-27T16:07:33Z F. F. Fjodor 900x600 (216 Bytes) reduced code
    • 2010-08-02T21:34:16Z Huhsunqu 900x600 (381 Bytes) encoding
    • 2009-08-09T20:00:07Z Huhsunqu 900x600 (364 Bytes) COLORES SEGÚN fiav
    • 2008-02-25T21:15:08Z Juan filomeno 900x600 (364 Bytes) {{Information |Description= |Source= |Date= |Author= |Permission= |other_versions= }}
    • 2006-05-29T13:15:44Z Yaddah 900x600 (364 Bytes) Code reduction
    • 2006-04-05T18:19:30Z Huhsunqu 900x600 (3612 Bytes)
    • 2006-03-01T04:25:18Z Denelson83 900x600 (3619 Bytes) Round off dimensions
    • 2006-02-28T11:51:42Z Dbenbenn 1026x684 (353 Bytes) scale up so it fills the image description page
    • 2005-10-02T02:41:55Z Dbenbenn 450x300 (504 Bytes) by me, PD
  • File:Flag of Paraguay.svg licensed with PD-OpenClipart
    • 2011-02-07T05:59:17Z Zscout370 1000x600 (81702 Bytes) Some stripes were not even, reduce code.
    • 2010-06-30T00:36:49Z Fry1989 1000x600 (105314 Bytes) strokes in the arms
    • 2006-02-14T02:24:21Z Denelson83 1000x600 (100971 Bytes) A 3:5 image was put in a 1:2 frame; fixed
    • 2006-02-05T00:35:14Z Vzb83 1000x500 (100920 Bytes) 5:3, colours from, fixed emblem
    • 2006-01-31T11:10:02Z Denelson83 1000x500 (103459 Bytes) Attempting to improve
    • 2006-01-31T11:02:50Z Denelson83 992x496 (101582 Bytes) Attempting to improve
    • 2005-11-24T22:30:45Z Nightstallion 992x496 (101582 Bytes) Flag of Paraguay from the [ Open Clip Art] website. {{PD-OpenClipart}} [[Category:SVG flags]]
  • File:Flag of Suriname.svg licensed with PD-ineligible
    • 2011-09-12T19:10:35Z Alkari 900x600 (566 Bytes) code cleanup
    • 2011-02-04T17:41:29Z Zscout370 900x600 (1362 Bytes) Code
    • 2006-02-05T16:44:06Z Vzb83 900x600 (3193 Bytes) redrawn
    • 2006-02-05T14:48:26Z Vzb83 900x600 (4414 Bytes) fixed the star; colours from
    • 2006-01-16T21:05:39Z Kookaburra 900x600 (4042 Bytes)
    • 2006-01-16T21:00:50Z Kookaburra 80x80 (3985 Bytes) ..once again
    • 2006-01-16T20:53:26Z Kookaburra 900x600 (3984 Bytes) add white stripes
    • 2005-11-24T22:29:49Z Nightstallion 1063x709 (3237 Bytes) Flag of Suriname from the [ Open Clip Art] website. {{PD-OpenClipart}} [[Category:SVG flags]]
  • File:Flag of Venezuela.svg licensed with PD-ineligible
    • 2011-09-14T21:16:47Z Alkari 900x600 (1155 Bytes) code cleanup and precision
    • 2007-03-20T01:03:40Z Nickshanks 900x600 (1363 Bytes) Cleaned up SVG code significantly.
    • 2006-10-08T21:26:02Z Denelson83 0x0 (3948 Bytes) Reconstructed according to info at
    • 2006-07-02T20:26:58Z B1mbo 0x0 (3344 Bytes) Aproximate colors by [ Vexilla-Mundi], translated to RGB according [[Commons:Pantone color chart]]
    • 2006-03-15T00:13:27Z Zscout370 0x0 (3344 Bytes) Compressed SVG code
    • 2006-03-14T02:03:15Z Zscout370 0x0 (5327 Bytes) New flag, adopted March 12, 2006, drawn according to (civil/merchant flag variant). Was given permission to revert
    • 2006-03-07T18:48:04Z Angus 0x0 (4742 Bytes) Recuperar una revisión anterior
    • 2006-02-23T21:15:53Z Denelson83 0x0 (4742 Bytes) Version with seven stars is most commonly used
    • 2006-02-23T20:55:04Z Huhsunqu 0x0 (2075 Bytes) Recuperar una revisión anterior
    • 2006-02-23T20:04:06Z Kusaja 0x0 (273749 Bytes) Reverted to earlier revision
    • 2006-02-23T16:15:40Z Huhsunqu 0x0 (2075 Bytes) Recuperar una revisión anterior
    • 2006-02-23T16:01:44Z Huhsunqu 0x0 (199488 Bytes) Recuperar una revisión anterior
    • 2006-02-23T01:08:00Z Denelson83 0x0 (273749 Bytes) Round off dimensions
    • 2006-02-23T01:04:43Z Denelson83 0x0 (199488 Bytes) Reverted to earlier revision
    • 2006-02-23T00:50:37Z Huhsunqu 0x0 (2075 Bytes) Recuperar una revisión anterior
    • 2006-02-22T21:08:49Z Kusaja 0x0 (199488 Bytes) Reverted to earlier revision
    • 2006-02-22T19:53:38Z Huhsunqu 0x0 (2075 Bytes) Recuperar una revisión anterior
    • 2006-02-22T13:52:29Z Bastique 0x0 (199488 Bytes) Optimized version with color correction
    • 2006-02-22T13:35:05Z Bastique 0x0 (1871186 Bytes) Reverted to earlier revision
    • 2006-02-22T13:34:26Z Bastique 0x0 (379794 Bytes) Reverted to earlier revision
    • 2006-02-22T04:28:13Z Reisio 0x0 (1871186 Bytes) Reverted to earlier revision
    • 2006-02-22T03:55:52Z Huhsunqu 0x0 (2075 Bytes) Following the law, Venezuela National Flag is just composed of the three bands, stars makes the civil ensign and astars and COA makes state flag.
    • 2006-02-21T04:43:57Z Bastique 0x0 (1871186 Bytes) Reverted to earlier revision
    • 2006-02-18T23:48:47Z Reisio 0x0 (3815 Bytes) Reverted to earlier revision
    • 2006-02-18T11:20:18Z Vzb83 0x0 (379794 Bytes) national flag (with coat of arms) drawn using construction sheet at, colours based on estimate in Album des pavillons (, coat of arms obtained from
    • 2006-02-09T11:02:06Z Denelson83 0x0 (3815 Bytes) Arms don't belong here
    • 2006-02-09T10:44:37Z Angus 0x0 (1871186 Bytes) Copied from [[Image:Flag of Venezuela 1930-2006.svg]]. As of 2006-02-09 the official Flag of Venezuela has 7 (seven) stars.
    • 2006-01-31T11:11:03Z Denelson83 0x0 (4808 Bytes) Enlarged
    • 2006-01-21T19:46:45Z Zscout370 0x0 (2230 Bytes) Fixed hues
    • 2006-01-21T07:41:00Z Reisio 0x0 (2230 Bytes) Reverted to earlier revision
    • 2006-01-21T06:50:09Z Denelson83 0x0 (7086 Bytes) Corrected
    • 2006-01-19T14:35:22Z Zscout370 0x0 (2230 Bytes) I am going to go with the Civil flag now, since there is going to be a new coat of arms drawn, and I need to go find it. I will present a state version in some timely manner.

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