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Hiroshima_Aftermath_1946_USAF_Film.ogv(Ogg multiplexed audio/video file, Theora/Vorbis, length 17 min 17 s, 480 × 360 pixels, 435 kbps overall)


English: Color Film footage taken by Daniel A. McGovern and Harry Mimura (Akira Mimura) in Hiroshima in early 1946. The precise dates in March and April 1946 are shown on each clapperboard within the video. The opening frame of the video displays reference number "342.USAF.11078". The first clapperboard at 0:07 is : "USSBS Motion picture proj. / Lt. Mc Govern / Date April 8 46 / Roll 219, Project 30 / Take 1 , Scene 60 / Sequence / Hiroshima" (USSBS : United States Strategic Bombing Survey)

The clapperboard at 3:36 displays : "USSBS Mot. Pic. Proj. / Cameraman Harry Mimura Tono / Director 1st Lt. D.A. Mc Govern AAF / Location Hiroshima Date March 27 ?? / Proj No 10 Seq No 2 Scene No 1 / Roll No 339 Mag No - Take No 2".

See also shot list below:

Shot list

MS High angle interior of gutted church, as the scene opens a Catholic priest walks from underneath the choir loft, at his side are four Japanese children. Priest removes his cap and kneels in prayer. MLS Pan down from SE corner of church tower to floor of church, where same action takes place. MS priest looks around the gutted interior while at his side stand the four children. MLS Pan low angle showing SE corner of church tower; then slow pan down past choir loft to priest and four children. MS Low angle, priest looks around interior of church. MCU Small Japanese child shyly clings to priest's hand. Pan to priest. MS Small barley patch amid the ruins along the SE section of Hiroshima being tended by owner. MLS looking N-NE showing a group of newly constructed (yellow pine) homes built on the former site of Japanese Transport Regiment Barracks which is located N of the Gokuko Shrine in Hiroshima. MS Pan L to R of same as above. MS Typical example of a yellow pine house complete with shrubbery. MS Miscellaneous shots showing general activity of people and their new home. Same as above. MS Cemetery N from zero, showing tombstone with small crypt stone displaced and human bones scattered around. MC Same as above, closer shot of crypt and bones. MS Same cemetery as above. E end shows another crypt and small wooden box containing bones. Miscellaneous bones scattered about. MLS Establishing shot shows the rows of small boxes, containing the remains of relatives, stacked along the wall. The Virgin kneels in front of the boxes in prayer. MC Reverse angle of the girl shown in previous scene, praying. Implements used in the ceremony are on the table and consist of candle, prayer book and incense. MC Pan R to L showing rows of boxes containing the remains. MS Pan R to L same as above, different lot of boxes. MS Interior - girl seated at table in foreground. Table contains several religious articles used in ceremony. Relative enters to pick up remains of his beloved one, bows to the official, hands official his identification slip, who in turn looks through the file, then walks to the large stock pile of small wooden boxes containing the remains, selects the proper one and hands it to the relative. MS Relative brings box containing the remains to the Virgin for the necessary prayers. A Father, Mother and Son, in the rubble of Hiroshima searching for roof tile to be used in their new home. As the scene opens, the son moves across the frame (L-R); in his hand he holds a few intact pieces of tile, his mother also finds some and motions to her son and his father to come and fetch it. MS A Japanese male searches through ruins of his former home for salvageable items. In the background can be seen the ruins of the Catholic Church. MS Four Japanese boys searching through rubble for salvage. MC Same as above. CU Two Japanese boys salvage tile from what was once the kitchen sink of a home. MLS Establishing shot of a cemetery. A woman passes through lines of headstones carrying in her right hand a bouquet of flowers, she moves closer towards the camera, then a shot follows the woman as she passes through lines of headstones. She reaches the gravestone of her son, kneels slowly, places the flowers in the two stone flower vases on each side, clasps her hands in prayer and meditates for a few moments. LS Looking N showing a woman walking S along a road through rubble in front of building 13. MLS Showing the entrance to the Savings Bank which is set up doing business in a light wooden structure built inside the shell of the original bank building. MS Showing a cart a several individuals walking along a road, which has been partially cleared, among debris, just N of building 14. MS Showing a man walking through debris of a collapsed red structure building 13. MLS Japanese male cleaning away rubble from his property, preparatory to planting his garden and erecting his new home. MS Looking up at a Japanese telephone maintenance man repairing lines on telephone pole. MLS Group of Japanese children collecting sea shells along fringe of Motoyasu River, near bridge 20. MS Same as above, closer shot of two children. Interior of Japanese Newspaper Office. MS Several Japanese reporters at work. Main character, center making a cigarette, starts to write his "big story". CU Reverse action of above, Camera position over left shoulder of reporter, showing him writing in Japanese script. MS Editor's desk - Main character, still smoking his cigarette, walks over to editor and turns in his story, complete with pictures. The main character walks out of the scene, while editor scans the material and decides to use the story. CU Editor's desk, pictures scattered about. Editor selects pictures to go with story. Pan up from desk to editor. MS Editor calls a copy girl, copy girl picks up material and takes it to makeup desk. MS Makeup desk, copy girl delivers material. MS Reverse angle of above, over-shoulder shot of makeup editor outlining designated area in red ink. MS Establishing shot, typesetters' rack showing several typesetters at work picking out the Japanese characters by hand. CU Same as above. Angle shot showing typesetters at work. MC Same as above, different angle shows only the hands of typesetters selecting the characters. CU Makeup procedures following typesetters, several closeups. CU Entire page typeset and ready for press. CU Translation editors desk where several American magazines ("Newsweek") lay on desk. MC Same as above. Looking over shoulder of translation editor, utilizing American and British publications to obtain pertinent opinions for publication in Japanese newspaper. MS Establishing shot, giant presses start rolling and printing newspaper (underexposed). MC Same as above, angle shot (underexposed). MS Presses printing newspapers. Finished papers coming out of press. Two Japanese place paper in groups of fifty. MS Papers come out of press. Two Japanese engaged in sorting completed newspaper. MC CU Same as above, over-shoulder shot pressman looks at finished copy. Close up of newspaper. (Full shot). MS "V" shaped twin rolls newspaper rolling through press (underexposed). MLS Looking NE, pedestrian traffic and trolley car moving past the destroyed Agricultural Society Building in background. Located 3700 feet from zero at 178 degrees. A series of shots, several Japanese women drying green seaweed on a line. MS Several shots of group of Japanese children salvaging small pieces of tile. They use a rail spike to pry the tile loose. A series of shots showing a group of Japanese laborers loading corrugated sheet metal scrap on a truck, preparatory to salvage.

Date from 22 March 1946 until 8 April 1946
date QS:P,+1946-00-00T00:00:00Z/9,P580,+1946-03-22T00:00:00Z/11,P582,+1946-04-08T00:00:00Z/11
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Author Harry Mimura (cameraman), Daniel A. McGovern (director)
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English: Life among the rubble in Hiroshima in March and April 1946. Film footage taken by Lieutenant Daniel A. McGovern (director) and Harry Mimura (cameraman) for a United States Strategic Bombing Survey project.


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