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This is a walkthrough of how to start editing in a sandbox on Wikipedia. You can

use a sandbox to

experiment with wiki syntax,

make practice edits,

take notes and collect material,

or draft an article that can later be moved into Wikipedia.

To make a user sandbox,


you need to

log in to your user account.

Once you've logged in,

click on "Sandbox" in the personal tools links at the top of the page. This will bring you to your

default sandbox page, which is a

subpage of your user page.

In the edit window, you can begin composing your sandbox page. It will come preloaded with

a bit of wikicode for a sandbox template, which you can leave there or delete. Once you've

written a little bit of your sandbox article, you can

press the show preview button

beneath the edit window to

see what the page will look like. Then,

enter an edit summary in the field beneath the edit window to describe what you've done, and

press Save page.

You've started your sandbox article! You can always

press edit to make more changes. And if you leave the sandbox template there, it has some

useful tutorial links as well as a

link for requesting a review of your sandbox draft for inclusion as a new Wikipedia article.

Happy editing!