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File information[edit]

This file was marked as equivalent to w:Image:Texas_state_flag.png from according to the NowCommons tag.

This is the edit history for that file's page:

  • [2004-09-06T18:31:07Z] Ed g2s (State flag of [[Texas]]. {{PD}})
  • [2004-12-23T07:55:23Z] Neutrality ({{PD-US-flag}})
  • [2005-01-12T05:32:59Z] WhisperToMe
  • [2005-06-09T05:59:38Z]
  • [2005-06-10T15:24:45Z] Nv8200p (Category:Images of Texas)
  • [2005-09-21T00:00:35Z] Dbenbenn ({{NowCommons|Image:Flag of Texas.svg}})
  • [2006-01-27T03:00:13Z] (Doesn't exist on es)

Original title:

  • Texas_state_flag.png

Upload log:

  • (del) (cur) 18:31, 6 September 2004 . . Ed g2s (Talk | contribs) . . 384×256 (1,434 bytes) (State flag of Texas. {{PD}})



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