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Firestop Drawings


Firestop installation equipment


Firestops being installed

Bad examples (Building and Fire Code Violations)[edit]

Building code violations

No firestop at all[edit]

Unfirestopped openings

Certified Products But Wrong Installation[edit]

Certified products, wrong installation

Re-entered but not properly resealed[edit]

Re-entered but not resealed firestops

Improper and Unenforced Specifications (No speciality subcontractor = up to 15 trades doing firestopping on one site)[edit]

Broken firestop workscope

Proper Firestops[edit]

Operable firestops

Marine firestops[edit]

Marine firestops

Building Joint Firestops Requiring Materials also tested as Penetration Seals[edit]

Building joints

Firestop Tags[edit]

Firestop tags and applications

Fire tests[edit]

Fire testing

Also see[edit]