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flag of Franche-Comté
Free County (Free Countian: Fraintche-Comtè; Arpitan: Franche-Comtât; French: Franche-Comté), the former "Free County" of Burgundy, as distinct from the neighbouring Duchy, is a cultural and historical region and a traditional province of eastern France. It is composed of the modern departments of Doubs, Jura, Haute-Saône and Territoire de Belfort and has a population of 1,180,397 (2016). blazono


departemento de Francio[redakti]

dudek kvin - Doubs[redakti]

tridek naŭ - Jura[redakti]

sepdek - Haute-Saône[redakti]

naŭdek - Territoire de Belfort[redakti]

vidu ankaŭ[redakti]