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Works by Frans Hals

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Portrait of a man holding a skull and Portrait of a Woman[edit]

Portrait of Pieter Cornelisz. van der Morsch[edit]

Frans Hals 077.jpg

oil on canvas, transferred from panel
87 × 67 cm
t.r.: ÆTAT SVÆ 73 / 1616

...; Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh (61.42.2)

Officers of the St. George Civic Guard, Haarlem[edit]

Frans Hals - Banket van de officieren van de Sint-Joris-Doelen.jpg
Category: Officers of the St. George Civic Guard, Haarlem, 1616

oil on canvas
175 × 324 cm
b.l.: 1616

1616: commissioned by the St. George Civic Guard, Haarlem (presumably); St. Jorisdoelen; 1862: Museum der Stad Haarlem, Haarlem; 1913: Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem (OS I-109)

Frans Hals Museum Imagedatabase

Merrymakers at Shrovetide[edit]

Frans Hals - Fêtards du Mardi Gras.jpg

ca. 1616-1617
oil on canvas
131.4 × 99.7 cm

...; 5 June 1765: anonymous sale at an unknown auction house, Amsterdam (as ‘Een ryke Ordinantie van veel Beelden halver Lyf te zien, verbeeldende een Vasten-Avond vreugd, zeer kragtig op doek, door Frans Hals: hoog 36, breet 49 duimen’) (?); ...; by 1874-1883: Monsieur Cocret, Paris; ...; by 1907: Kleinberger (art dealer), Paris/New York; 1907: obtained by D.S. Hess and Company, New York; 1907: purchased by Benjamin Altman, New York from D.S. Hess and Company, New York City; 1913: bequeathed to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (14.40.605) by Benjamin Altman, New York

Metropolitan Museum of Art Collection Database

Portrait of Roemer Visscher[edit]


technique unknown
dimensions unknown

1618: commissioned by Roemer Visscher (1547-1620), Amsterdam (presumably); ...; present whereabouts unknown


213 214

ca. 1618-1620
oil on canvas on panel

...; Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister, Kassel (213 and 214)

Portrait of a Man[edit]

102.5 × 79 cm


Portrait of a Woman[edit]

103 × 82.5 cm



oil on canvas

...; 1885: purchased by the Musée du Louvre, Paris (RF 424 and RF 425) from the regents of the Hofje van Beresteyn, Haarlem

RF 424 RF 425

Portrait of Paulus van Beresteyn[edit]

1619 (presumably)
139.5 × 102.5 cm
t.r.: ÆTAT SVÆ 40 / 1629

Base Atlas
Base Joconde

Portrait of Catharina Both van der Eem[edit]

circle of Frans Hals
ca. 1620
139 × 102 cm
t.l.: ÆTA SVÆ [..] / 1629

Base Atlas
Base Joconde

Catharina Hooft with her Nurse[edit]

Frans Hals - Portret van Catharina Hooft en haar min.jpg

ca. 1619-1620
oil on canvas
86 × 65 cm

...; 1874: acquired by the Gemäldegalerie, Berlin (801G)


Portrait of a family[edit]

left fragment right fragment
See Frans Hals/Work/Portrait of a family

two fragments

Frans Hals and Salomon de Bray
ca. 1620 and 1628
oil on canvas
original size: ca. 271 × 152 cm

Portrait of a man, possibly Isaac Massa[edit]

Frans Hals 080.jpg

oil on canvas mounted on panel
107 × 85 cm
t.l.: ÆTAT SVÆ / 36
t.r.: ANo 1622

...; Devonshire Collection, Chatsworth House, Chatsworth


The rommel-pot player[edit]

four versions


Version 1[edit]

Frans Hals - Joueur de rommelpot Kimbell.jpg

ca. 1618-1622
oil on canvas
106 × 80.3 cm

...; by 1903: Sir Frederick Lucas Cook, 2nd baronet, Doughty House, Richmond, Surrey; by descent to Sir Herbert Frederick Cook, 3rd baronet, Doughty House, Richmond, Surrey; by descent to Sir Francis Ferdinand Maurice Cook, 4th baronet, Doughty House, Richmond, Surrey; Newhouse Galleries Inc., New York; 1951: purchased by Mr. & Mrs. Kay Kimbell, Fort Worth, Texas; 1964: bequeathed to the Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth, Texas (ACF 1951.01)

Version 2[edit]

Frans Hals - Le Joueur de rommelpot "avec cinq enfants".jpg

ca. 1618-1622
oil on canvas

...; Private collection, Munich

Version 3[edit]

Frans Hals - Joueur de rommelpot avec six enfants.jpg

ca. 1618-1622

...; Private collection, Munich

Version 4[edit]

Frans Hals 070.jpg

ca. 1625-1650
oil on panel
38 × 31 cm

...; The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago

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