Fried dough foods

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English: Many cultures around the world have foods made by deep frying dough.


See Doughnut

English: One of the most familiar fried dough food today is the ubiquitous doughnut, and is often used by English speakers as generic term for this class of food.

Fried dough foods of the world[edit]


Many European fried dough dishes derive from the practise of using up lard, butter, sugar and eggs, dietary luxuries, before Lent.


Middle East[edit]




North America[edit]

Latin America[edit]


Similar foods[edit]

Fried bread[edit]

Most of the foods on this page are produced by frying an uncooked dough in hot oil, however a ready to eat bread may also be fried, in the past this was done to make edible bread which was no longer fresh.


By using a dough with a high fat content, baked foods can be produced with a very similar mouth feel to a fried one. Many supermarket and chain store brought doughnuts may actually be baked not fried.


Other foods with a similar mouth feel to fried dough foods, is when it is a mash of vegetables with a high starch content, e.g. taro, potatoes, yams etc, that is deep fried rather than a dough made from flour.