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August Friedrich Kellner (February 1, 1885 - November 4, 1970) was born in Vaihingen an der Enz, Germany, and died in Lich. He was a German social democrat, a justice inspector and the author of a secret diary written in the time of the Nazi period in Germany.

Deutsch: August Friedrich Kellner war ein deutscher Sozialdemokrat, Justizinspektor und Autor dokumentarischer Aufzeichnungen in der Zeit des Naziregimes in Deutschland.
Español: August Friedrich Kellner fue un socialdemócrata alemán, inspector de Justicia y autor de un diario escrito en secreto durante el Tercer Reich.
Français : August Friedrich Kellner était un social-démocrate allemand. Il devient greffier de justice au tribunal et écrit son journal à l'époque du régime nazi en Allemagne.
Magyar: Friedrich Kellner vaihingeni születésű katona, majd német biztos volt, aki nagyhatású (de Magyarországon kevéssé ismert) feljegyzéseiről ismert külföldön.
Italiano: August Friedrich Kellner fu un socialdemocratico tedesco, ispettore di giustizia e autore di un diario segreto nel periodo della Germania Nazista.
Nederlands: August Friedrich Kellner was een Duitse sociaal-democraat een auteur van een geheim dagboek tijdens het Nazi-tijdperk.
Polski: August Friedrich Kellner – niemiecki socjaldemokrata, inspektor sprawiedliwości i autor znanych wspomnień pisanych w tajemnicy w czasach III Rzeszy.
Português: August Friedrich Kellner Foi um Social-democrata alemão, inspetor de justiça e autor de um diário escrito secretamente durante o domínio do Terceiro Reich.
Svenska: August Friedrich Kellner, född 1 februari 1885 i Vaihingen an der Enz, död 4 november 1970 i Lich, var en tysk socialdemokrat, tingsnotarie och författare till en dagbok under nazitiden i Tyskland.

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Friedrich Kellner[edit]

Friedrich Kellner 1908 with army comrades.jpg

Friedrich Kellner, 23 years old, with army comrades in 1908. He is seated, second from right, wearing a beret. The braid on his chest indicates his status as a sharpshooter.

Friedrich Kellner in 1902, center, with cousins.jpg

Friedrich Kellner (center) with friends, c. 1902.


Friedrich and Pauline Kellner in 1914.jpg

Friedrich and Pauline Kellner in 1914 in Mainz. The first wedding anniversary of a fifty-seven year marriage.

Friedrich Pauline Fred in woods 1926.jpg

Friedrich and Pauline Kellner and their son Fred in 1926, on vacation in Schwarzwald, the Black Forest.


The Friedrich Kellner Diary.jpg

The Friedrich Kellner diary consists of 10 volumes with a total of 861 pages. It contains 676 individually dated entries from September 1939 to May 1945. More than 500 newspaper clippings are pasted on the pages of the diary.

Caption - The Diary of Friedrich Kellner.jpg

Kellner diary - Sütterlin script.jpg

A closeup look at the Sütterlin style of lettering used by Friedrich Kellner.


Vaihingen an der Enz-Tränkgasse-2007-01-18.jpg

Vaihingen an der Enz, Germany, is the birthplace of Friedrich Kellner. The town is located on the bank of the Enz River. It is not far from Heidelberg.


Stone sculptures of Friedrich and Pauline Kellner.jpg

Limestone statues of Friedrich and Pauline Kellner, included in the museum exhibits of the diary. He is holding a fountain pen, and she is holding a scroll of paper. Sculpted by Robert Scott Kellner.

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The first public exhibit of the Friedrich Kellner diary, George Bush Presidential Library and Museum in College Station, Texas, April - May 2005