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Galapagos Islands, Ecuador


San Cristóbal[keisti]

Santa Cruz[keisti]

North Seymour[keisti]

Sharks, Wolf Island[keisti]

Isabela Island, as seen from SPOT Satellite.[keisti]

Santa Fe Island[keisti]

Darwin Island, Darwin's Arch[keisti]

Bartolomé Island[keisti]

Rábida Island[keisti]

Itabaca Channel[keisti]

Floreana Island[keisti]

Española Island (Hood Island)[keisti]

Fernandina Island, La Cumbre volcano (Viewed from the International Space Station)[keisti]

Flora & Fauna[keisti]

Español: Fauna de las Islas Galápagos




Pinzones de Darwin/Darwin's finches (Geospizinae)[keisti]

Español: Pinzones de Darwin (Islas Galápagos)



Plants common on the Galápagos Islands.

Book "Galapagos Plants" by Klaus Schönitzer[keisti]

Legal Info: Scanned and uploaded with permission of the author!

English: Drawings and descriptions of plants common on Galapagos. Complete scan of the book "Galapagos plants" by Klaus Schönitzer (Contribution No. 172 of the Charles Darwin Foundation; printed in Quito, Ecuador; 50 pages) Scanned by Michael F. Schönitzer.
Español: Dibujos y descripciones de plantas comunes en Galapagos. Escaneo complete del libro "Galapagos plants" por Klaus Schönitzer (Contribución Nº 172 de la Charles Darwin Foundation; imprimido en Quito, Ecuador; 50 páginas) Ecaneado por Michael F. Schönitzer.
Deutsch: Zeichnungen und Beschreibungen von auf Galapagos häufigen Pflanzen. Vollständiger Scann des Buches "Galapagos plants" von Klaus Schönitzer (Contribution Nr. 172 der Charles Darwin Foundation; gedruckt in Quito, Ecuador; 50 Seiten). Eingescannt von Michael F. Schönitzer.