Glagolitic alphabet

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The Glagolitic alphabet is the first Slavic alphabet created in 862 or 863 by Sts. Cyril and Methodius. This alphabet was used in more Slavic lands: Bohemia and Moravia, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Kievan Rus etc. It was mostly used in Croatia, where it remained till 19th century but from 16th century onwards it slowly gave way to Latin alphabet. There are two types of the Glagolitic alphabet; one is Angular Glagolitic alphabet and the other is Round Glagolitic alphabet.


In English this alphabet is called Glagolitic, name that is coined centuries after the alphabet was invented. The name comes from the Slavic word glagolъ, which means speak or utterance. It has been conjectured that the name glagolitsa developed in Croatia around the 14th century and was derived from the word glagolity, applied to adherents of the liturgy in Slavonic.

In the following list are given the names of the alphabet in the modern Slavic language:


Note: This table is ordered by the English name of the letters. See Image:Glagolica.gif for the alphabet's own order.

GlagolitsaAz.gif GlagolitsaBuki.gif GlagolitsaCherv.gif GlagolitsaDobro.gif GlagolitsaDzelo.gif GlagolitsaDzherv.gif GlagolitsaFert.gif GlagolitsaGlagol.gif GlagolitsaI.gif GlagolitsaIzhe.gif
Az Buki Cherv Dobro Dzelo Dzherv Fert Glagol Izhe Init
GlagolitsaIzhitsa.gif GlagolitsaJat.gif GlagolitsaJer.gif GlagolitsaJerj.gif GlagolitsaJery.gif GlagolitsaJest.gif GlagolitsaJo.gif GlagolitsaJu.gif GlagolitsaJusE.gif GlagolitsaJusJe.gif
Izhitsa Jat Jer Jerj Jery Jest Jo Ju Jus "E" Jus "Je"
GlagolitsaJusJo.gif GlagolitsaJusO.gif GlagolitsaKako.gif GlagolitsaKher.gif GlagolitsaLjudi.gif GlagolitsaMislete.gif GlagolitsaNash.gif GlagolitsaOht.gif GlagolitsaOn.gif GlagolitsaPokoj.gif
Jus "Jo" Jus "O" Kako Kher Ljudi Mislete Nash Oht On Pokoj
GlagolitsaRtsi.gif GlagolitsaSha.gif GlagolitsaShta.gif GlagolitsaSlovo.gif GlagolitsaThita.gif GlagolitsaTsi.gif GlagolitsaTverdo.gif GlagolitsaUk.gif GlagolitsaVedi.gif GlagolitsaZemlja.gif
Rtsi Sha Shta Slovo Thita Tsi Tverdo Uk Vedi Zemlja