Guadalcanal Campaign

出典:ウィキメディア・コモンズ (Wikimedia Commons)
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General Maps[編集]

General photos[編集]



Landings-Approach, August, 1942[編集]

Battle for Tanambogo and Gavutu, August 7-8, 1942[編集]

Battle for Tulagi and Florida Islands, August 7-8, 1942[編集]

Landings on Guadalcanal, August 7-8, 1942[編集]

Battle of the Tenaru[編集]

Cactus Air Force and Henderson Field[編集]

Tokyo Express[編集]

Battle of Edson's Ridge[編集]

Action along the Matanikau (September 1942)[編集]

October Action Along the Matanikau[編集]

Battle for Henderson Field[編集]

November action on and beyond the Matanikau[編集]

Aola Bay, Koli Point and Carlson's "Long Patrol"[編集]

Final phase-general pictures[編集]

Galloping Horse and western offensives[編集]

Gifu offensive[編集]

Final push and Japanese Ke evacuation[編集]