Guiana Highlands

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The Guiana Highlands extend across Guyana, southern Venezuela and northern Brazil (South America).


Tepui is table mountain.(Mt. Kukenan & Mt.Roraima aren't called Tepui. Why not?)

The meaning of the pemón word "tepui" is "mountain". For the Pemón people, any form of geographical elevation is a "tepui", thus, Kukenán and Roraima are, in fact, called tepuis. Some writers, for some reason, decide to call Kukenán and Roraima "mount" which, strictly speaking, is not wrong.

In Venezuela, to differentiate between a "traditionally shaped mountain" or simply a "mountain", and a table mountain in the Guiana Massif, Venezuelans say "tepui".

See also Roraima.

Angel falls[Bearbeiten]

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