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Male shadow/silhouette template.

The Wikimedia Human body diagrams is a collection of images whose main purpose is to provide a way of explaining medical conditions and other phenomena.


Human body diagrams[edit]

Main article at: Human body diagrams

Template location:Template:Human body diagrams

How to derive an image[edit]

Derive directly from raster image with organs[edit]

The raster (.png format) images below have most commonly used organs already included, and text and lines can be added in almost any graphics editor. This is the easiest method, but does not leave any room for customizing what organs are shown.

Adding text and lines:

Derive "from scratch"[edit]

By this method, body diagrams can be derived by pasting organs into one of the "plain" body images shown below. This method requires a graphics editor that can handle transparent images, in order to avoid white squares around the organs when pasting onto the body image. Pictures of organs are found on the project's main page. These were originally adapted to fit the male shadow/silhouette.


More organs are found at: Human body diagrams/Organs

Derive by vector template[edit]

The Vector templates below can be used to derive images with, for example, Inkscape. This is the method with the greatest potential.

See Human body diagrams/Inkscape tutorial for a basic description in how to do this.

Examples of derived works[edit]

More examples


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Donating organs[edit]

Please leave a message if you have pictures of organs suitable for inclusion, preferably natural-looking ones rather than animated ones, and preferably be frontal view.

All kind of organs are appreciated, but the following are especially wanted:

  • Prostate
  • Urinary system (preferably like the digital other version of the displayed, painted one, but with the proportions of the painted version)
  • Reproductive system ( ovaries and testes)

You must be prepared to give the image(s) a Public Domain license or equivalent.

Think of it as a digital version of HLA-matching used in organ transplantation. Public Domain matches everything and can be used in any other derived work, regardless of its license.

Organs in other formats[edit]

Click the arrow at the right to view each format respectively. More versions of the organ may be available by clicking on each image.




Transparent .png
look transparent on the body (see Image:Symptoms of AIDS.png as example).


All images in the source collection are in the Public Domain, meaning that you can make derivatives without asking permission.