H-34 Choctaw

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English: The Sikorsky H-34 (company designation S-58) was a medium anti-submarine or transport helicopter developed from the H-19 (basically a lengthened and more powerful H-19). Before 1962 the U.S. Navy anti-submarine variants were designated HSS Seabat, the U.S. Marine Corps transport versions HUS Seahorse, and the U.S. Army versions H-34 Choctaw. These variants became SH-34, UH-34, and CH-34 in 1962, although the different nicknames prevailed. The British company Westland Aircraft produced a turbine-powered version as the Westland Wessex.
Português: O Sikorsky S-58 (ou H-34 no exército norte-americano) foi um helicóptero de transporte do Vietnã.


SH-34 Seabat[edit]

UH-34 Seahorse[edit]

CH-34 Choctaw[edit]