Hans Böhm

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Deutsch: Hans Böhm oder Hans Behem, „Pauker von Niklashausen“ (* um 1458 in Helmstadt; † 19. Juli 1476 in Würzburg) – auch als „Pfeifer von Niklashausen“, „Pfeiferhannes“, „Pfeiferhänslein“ oder „Henselins“ bekannt – war Viehhirte, Musikant, Prediger und Initiator der „Niklashäuser Wallfahrt“ von 1476.
English: Hans Böhm, Drummer of Niklashausen, was born in the small village of Helmstadt, which lies in the south-central region of Germany known as Franconia. The year of his birth is unknown, for peasants such as Böhm living during the 15th century, were not considered significant contributions to the written historical record. However, Böhm's inconspicuous existence changes things abruptly.