Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach - Xenia Orchidacea

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Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach (1823 - 1889) - Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig Kränzlin (1847-1934)
"Xenia Orchidacea - Beiträge zur Kenntniss der Orchideen"
Leipzig: F. A. Brockhaus, (1858-1900)

Quarto (27, 5 x 21 cm), with 300 (partly hand-coloured) copper engravings, after drawings by Reichenbach, Wendland, Giraud, Kraenzlin and others.
The colouring of the coloured plates is confined to the flowers.
Text in German and Latin

vol. I, 246 pages with 100 illustrations (1858)[edit]

vol. II, 232 pages with 100 illustrations (1874)[edit]

vol. III, 192 pages with 100 illustrations (1900)[edit]


Index: Xenia III - Generalregister zu Band I-III[edit]