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Shortcut: COM:AES

Auto edit summary that has a link to this page in ( this arrow), appears when users haven't provided edit summaries by themselves.

List of automatic summaries

User's action Automatically generated text ($1 and $2 being variables) Interface page
Large scale edits to pages
Removing all of the contents from page Blanked the page MediaWiki:autosumm-blank
Replacing >90% of a page, leaving less than 500 characters Replaced page with '$1' MediaWiki:autosumm-replace
Creation of pages
Creating new page Created page with '$1' MediaWiki:autosumm-new
Created new blank page Created blank page MediaWiki:autosumm-newblank
Changes to redirects
Creating redirect page Redirected page to $1 MediaWiki:autoredircomment
Changing redirect target Changed redirect target from $1 to $2 MediaWiki:autosumm-changed-redirect-target
Removing redirect Removed redirect to $1 MediaWiki:autosumm-removed-redirect
Admin actions
Rollbacked changes by last page editor (rollbackers/admins) Reverted edits by $2 (talk) to last revision by $1 MediaWiki:revertpage

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