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ExtraTabs2 is a gadget to add a number of tabs which provide links to useful Toolserver tools and related Special pages. It provides different tabs depending on the namespace of the page the user is on. Note that in the standard Commons skin ("Vector"), the additional links appear in the dropdown menu next to the search bar, accessible by clicking the arrow icon (MediaWiki Vector skin action arrow.svg). The gadget is activated by visiting Preferences and ticking the "Extratabs2" box. The script itself can be found at MediaWiki:Gadget-ExtraTabs2.js.

File namespace[edit]

  • Global usage: Special:GlobalUsage/filename - shows usage of a file across all Wikimedia wikis (Wikipedias, Wikibooks, etc.)
  • Find categories: Toolserver: CommonSense - for finding appropriate categories for images
  • Log: Special:Log/File:filename
  • Purge: Action: Purge the page cache
  • Generate thumbnail: Action: Purge the thumbnail cache for an image. This link only appears if the Thumbnail Purge gadget is enabled.

User namespace[edit]

Category namespace[edit]

  • CatScan: Toolserver: CatScan (category intersection)