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GlobalUsageUI è un gadget che aggiunge all'interfaccia utente le informazioni dell'uso globale di ciascun file. It displays a red label in the corner of gallery boxes, which, when clicked loads global usage information for all gallery boxes on the current page.

Descrizione dell'uso

The Commons Global Usage Badges tool can be quite handy. Makes it a breeze finding files to prioritize for editing and review by adding a small red square beside gallery thumbnails which displays the number of articles linked to the file.

Attuvabile su commons tramite Preferenze>Accessori>Interfaccia: File and categorie>Global Usage Badges.

Initially, when first viewing gallery pages (such as maintenance categories) one will see a "?" mark displayed beside all thumbs. Once one 'clicks' one of these "?" marked red buttons the gadget will be activated within the current gallery and will scan all entries. At which point the "?" marks disappear and a number (1+) in a red square will be shown beside only those files which are actually currently in use (0 = 'blank'). Scorrendo i riquadri rossi numerati, viene visualizzata una lista di pagine collegate.

Best wishes y'all. Remember to be kind and considerate towards fellow editors and associated projects.

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