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Firefox 2 and later ✓OK
Internet Explorer 8 ✓OK
Internet Explorer 7 ✓OK
Internet Explorer 6 ✓OK Win XP Pro, SP2. IE6 sometimes "forgets" to redraw the
category list when editors are closed. Resizing the window a
little bit makes it redraw the contents correctly.
Konqueror ✓OK
Chrome ✓OK
Opera 9.50 and later ✓OK Opera 9.50 on Win XP, SP2. Opera 9.50 sometimes does not
redraw the suggestion list correctly. Resizing the window a
little bit makes it update its display correctly.
Not OK on earlier Opera versions(severe bugs in the rendering
make at least the suggestion list completely unusable).
Safari 5/Mac ✓OK Safari 5.0.4 (6533.20.27) on Mac OS X 10.6.2
Safari 4/Mac ✓OK
Safari 3/Mac Symbol question.svg unknown presumed ✓OK
Safari 2/Mac Symbol question.svg unknown
Safari 3/Win ✓OK Safari 3.0.4 & 3.1.1 on Win XP Pro, SP2
Safari 2/Win Symbol neutral vote.svg don't care Early Safari versions for Windows are known to be buggy.
We don't cater to broken browsers (well, except IE :-)
Users should upgrade their browsers to Safari 3.
Firefox 1.5 Symbol question.svg unknown needed?
IE/Mac Symbol neutral vote.svg don't care IE for the Mac is obsolete. Use Safari instead.
Internet Explorer 5.5 ✓OK