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2 screenshots of Special:Log - top half in default view, bottom half with the c:Help:Gadget-PrettyLog gadget enabled.

PrettyLog is a small gadget that gives log pages a layout similar to the search results. If the log contains file uploads, the gadget also adds a small thumbnail for each file.

Apart from a somewhat improved layout, the biggest benefit is that these modifications enable the Gallery details gadget to work also on log pages. Users who have the Gallery details gadget enabled in addition to this PrettyLog gadget will get the "Gallery details" sidebar link. When clicked, the Gallery details gadget will display extended information on all images listed.

Browser compatibility[edit]

PrettyLog has been tested and is known to work on the following browsers:

Firefox 3 ✓ OK FF 3.0.5 on Win XP Pro, SP2
Firefox 2 Symbol question.svg unknown presumed ✓ OK
Internet Explorer 8 Symbol question.svg unknown
Internet Explorer 7 Symbol question.svg unknown
Internet Explorer 6 ✓ OK Win XP Pro, SP2
Konqueror Symbol question.svg unknown
Opera Symbol question.svg unknown
Safari 3/Mac Symbol question.svg unknown presumed ✓ OK
Safari 3/Win ✓ OK Safari 3.2.1 on Win XP Pro, SP2
Safari 2/Mac Symbol question.svg unknown
Safari 2/Win Symbol neutral vote.svg don't care Early Safari versions for Windows are known to be buggy.
We don't cater to broken browsers (well, except IE :-)
Users should upgrade their browsers to Safari 3.
Firefox 1.5 Symbol question.svg unknown needed?
IE/Mac Symbol question.svg unknown needed?
IE 5.5 Symbol question.svg unknown needed?

Additionally, the script has been tested on the monobook, standard, cologneblue, and modern skins using Firefox 3.

Like for many other scripts at WikiMedia projects, a DOM Level 2 compatible browser is a prerequisite.


If you have any problems with PrettyLog, report them at MediaWiki talk:Gadget-PrettyLog.js.