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ProveIt is a powerful reference manager for Wikipedia (and any other MediaWiki wiki). Referencing is a key task at Wikipedia, but the process is often difficult because the citation templates are complex. ProveIt simplifies the process by adding a smart and simple graphical user interface when editing any article. You deal with the interface, ProveIt deals with the wikitext.

The Citoid service, integrated in ProveIt, generates citation data given a URL, DOI, ISBN, PMID, PMCID or QID. It is different from Citoid extension that can be integrated into the VisualEditor and that is not yet enabled on Commons, as of December 2022.


To install this gadget on a wiki, first visit Special:Version to make sure the following extensions are installed:

Then go to MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition and add the following:

* ProveIt[ResourceLoader]|ProveIt.js

Finally, create MediaWiki:Gadget-ProveIt.js with the following code, and read the comments to do the necessary adjustments:

 * ProveIt is a powerful reference manager for Wikipedia
 * Documentation at
 * This script sets the configuration options specific to this wiki
 * and loads the gadget code from Wikimedia Commons
function loadProveIt() {
		'proveit-tag': 'ProveIt', // Revision tag defined at Special:Tags (optional)
		'proveit-summary': 'Reference edited with [[Commons:Help:Gadget-ProveIt|ProveIt]]', // Automatic edit summary (optional)
		'proveit-templates': [ // Local citation templates (without namespace)
			'Cite arXiv',
			'Cite AV media',
			'Cite book',
			'Cite bioRxiv',
			'Cite comic',
			'Cite encyclopedia',
			'Cite episode',
			'Cite interview',
			'Cite journal',
			'Cite magazine',
			'Cite news',
			'Cite paper',
			'Cite press release',
			'Cite report',
			'Cite sign',
			'Cite speech',
			'Cite thesis',
			'Cite tweet',
			'Cite video',
			'Cite video game',
			'Cite web',
		'proveit-namespaces': [ // Supported namespaces (see
			0, // Main namespace
			2, // User namespace
	mw.loader.load( '//' );
	mw.loader.load( '//', 'text/css' );

// Only load when editing
mw.hook( 'wikipage.editform' ).add( loadProveIt );
mw.hook( 've.activationComplete' ).add( loadProveIt );

Done! You can now enable the gadget from your preferences.

Template data[edit]

ProveIt is closely integrated with the template data of the citation templates. The more template data you specify, the smarter ProveIt can get. For example:

  • Parameters marked as "required" are shown in bold
  • Parameters marked as "suggested" are visible by default
  • Parameters marked as "optional" are hidden by default
  • Parameters marked as "deprecated" are shown striked
  • Parameters of "date" type show a Today button that inserts the current date
  • Parameters of "content" type show as a text area rather than single-line input field
  • The "format" field determines whether ProveIt will generate references as blocks or inline

Due to cache issues, ProveIt may take a while to reflect any changes you make to the template data.


Localization is done through, so visit the translation project to help. Your translations will become available automatically in a few days, just be patient.


Development is done through Gerrit and Phabricator. Visit the Phabricator project to report bugs and request features, or clone the code repository from Gerrit to start contributing. The live code is hosted at MediaWiki:Gadget-ProveIt.js and MediaWiki:Gadget-ProveIt.css.

Tracking table[edit]

Wikipedia Initialization code Enabled as gadget Revision tag Local documentation
Armenian Yes Yes (by default) Yes No
Assamese Yes Yes (by default) No Yes
Azerbaijani Yes Yes No Yes
Bengali Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bihari Yes Yes No Yes
Bulgarian Yes Yes Yes No
Chinese Yes Yes Yes Yes
Croatian Yes Yes Yes No
English Yes Yes Yes Yes
Estonian Yes Yes Yes Yes
Finnish Yes Yes Yes Yes
French Yes Yes Yes Yes
German Yes No No No
Greek Yes Yes No No
Gujarati Yes Yes No No
Hindi Yes Yes No Yes
Hungarian Yes Yes No No
Indonesian Yes Yes Yes Yes
Italian Yes Yes Yes Yes
Japanese Yes Yes Yes Yes
Korean Yes Yes Yes Yes
Kannada Yes Yes (by default) No No
Kazakh Yes Yes No Yes
Malay Yes Yes No Yes
Occitan Yes Yes No No
Odia Yes Yes No Yes
Pashto Yes Yes No No
Persian Yes Yes Yes Yes
Polish Yes Yes Yes No
Portuguese Yes Yes Yes No
Punjabi Yes Yes No Yes
Russian Yes Yes Yes Yes
Serbian Yes Yes Yes No
Sindhi Yes Yes No No
Sinhalese Yes Yes No No
Sorani Yes Yes Yes Yes
Spanish Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tamil Yes Yes No Yes
Tulu Yes Yes No No
Turkish Yes Yes No Yes
Urdu Yes Yes No Yes
Vietnamese Yes Yes Yes No
Yue Chinese Yes Yes No No

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  • Originally developed between 2008 and 2011 by a team of Wikipedians at Georgia Tech, including Kurt Luther, Matthew Flaschen, Terris Johnson, Amy Bruckman, Andrea Forte and Christopher Jordan
  • Rewritten, internationalized, improved and maintained by Sophivorus since 2014, who in 2016 got a grant to further enhance the gadget and another in 2019
  • Many other users contributed with feedback, translations and other forms of input. To name a few: Iniquity (Russian localization and feedback), Olli (Finnish translation), MrX and Lindsay (feedback and testing)
  • Also thanks to the authors of the dependencies: MediaWiki itself, jQuery, jQuery UI, jQuery cookie and jQuery textSelection