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The buttons as seen by anonymous users

Stockphoto is a gadget, enabled by default for all (even anonymous) users.

It is meant to help with media reuse, by adding on file pages buttons helping with credit lines, licensing requirements and code generation.



The “Use this file on the web” dialog

Several buttons provide credit lines and code snippets:

Opens a dialog, providing: "Page URL", "File URL", credit line (with or without HTML), "Download image file" (providing links to various resolutions)
Use this file on the web
Opens a dialog, providing: "Page URL", "File URL", credit line (with or without HTML), code snippets in BBcode or HTML to embed the file with the appropriate licensing information.
Use this file on a wiki
Provides wiki code snippets to use the file on a wiki (e.g. Wikipedia)
Email a link
Starts an e-mail with a link to the file and a credit line
Redirects to Commons:Reusing content outside Wikimedia


Anonymous users see the gadget as big buttons on the right of the file, logged-in as a thin bar just above the image.

How does it work?[edit]

The gadget relies on machine-readable data defined by Commons templates.

How to turn this feature off[edit]


Early design mockups

The tool was coded by Magnus Manske and introduced in October 2011. The design was taken from early mockups created by Guillaume Paumier as part of the Wikimedia Foundation Multimedia usability initiative.


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