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(Wikimedia Meta)

For Interlanguage links, often called Interwiki links, which show up in the left toolbar see Help:Interlanguage links

Wikimedia project titles and shortcuts[edit]

Project Long form Shortcut
Wikibooks [[wikibooks:]] [[b:]]
Commons [[c:]]
Wikidata [[d:]]
Meta [[metawikipedia:]] [[m:]]
MediaWiki [[mediawikiwiki:]] [[mw:]]
Wikinews [[wikinews:]] [[n:]]
Wikiquote [[wikiquote:]] [[q:]]
Wikisource [[wikisource:]] [[s:]]
Wikispecies [[wikispecies:]] [[species:]]
Wikiversity [[wikiversity:]] [[v:]]
Wikipedia [[wikipedia:]] [[w:]]
Wiktionary [[wiktionary:]] [[wikt:]]
Wikimedia Foundation [[wikimedia:]] [[wmf:]]

Language versions[edit]

Links to different language versions are normally done by adding the language code, before or after the project code.

[[s:de:Hauptseite]] s:de:Hauptseite
[[:en:b:Main page]] en:b:Main page

If the project code is omitted, Wikipedia is used as the target.

[[:fr:]] fr:
[[:os:]] os:

These links, when used without the leading colon (i.e., [[fr:]] or [[os:]] ) added links to Wikipedia into the lefthand toolbar, and do not appear within the page. See more at Help:Interlanguage links and at Category:Interwiki link templates.

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