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The "Add Media Wizard" multimedia beta button in the enhanced editing toolbar.

Multimedia beta, also known as "mwEmbed", is a gadget which enables support for several multimedia tools. These tools, developed in collaboration with Kaltura, are considered "beta" versions, being usable but with some flaws and bugs. You can help by reporting issues or giving feedback. The gadget is activated by visiting Preferences and ticking the "Multimedia beta support" box. The script itself can be found at MediaWiki:Gadget-mwEmbed.js.

The new features

Enabling or disabling the multimedia beta features[edit]

You can enable or disable the mwEmbed in the Gadgets tabs of your preferences page (you must be logged in to do this). MwEmbed is listed under Multimedia beta support. Use the check box to enable or disable and then click Save.

Using the Multimedia Beta features[edit]

Add Media Wizard[edit]

The "Add Media Wizard" multimedia beta feature is accessed via an additional button in the editing toolbar. To enable the toolbar, go to your Preferences and tick "Show edit toolbar", and click Save. If you enable the "enhanced editing toolbar" (your Preferences, "Enable enhanced editing toolbar"), the button looks like this:


otherwise, in the standard editing toolbar the button looks like this:


HTML 5 video player[edit]

The new video player is a HTML5 video player. If you use the browsers Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera, video playback will be native. For Safari, you can download and install the Xiph QuickTime components. If your browser does not have integrated video playback, the old Cortado JAVA player is used.

By clicking the [CC] button in the toolbar of the player, you can select subtitles if they are available, or open the Universal Subtitles editor to create subtitles for the video. You can find in-depth information on the Universal Subtitles help page.

Test video If the multimedia beta is enabled, this video should display the "html5" video player with a gray play button in the middle of the thumbnail

Firefogg video uploading[edit]

It is easier to upload video, with the new Firefogg upload tool. This tool makes it easier to upload video in the format that is required for Wikimedia and Wikipedia. It requires the use of the Firefox webbrowser. Visit the Firefogg help page for more information and instructions.


For more information on the Kaltura Media Sequencer, please visit the Sequencer help page.

Giving feedback[edit]