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This page is a translated version of a page Help:Nominate for deletion and the translation is 25% complete. Changes to the translation template, respectively the source language can be submitted through Help:Nominate for deletion and have to be approved by a translation administrator.

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Il link "Proponi per la cancellazione" viene fornito come parte della politica di cancellazione, per rendere più semplice la proposta di cancellazione di contenuto. È parte del "AjaxQuickDelete" attivato di default e può essere disattivato nella pagina Preferenze.

On every content page's toolbox, which is part of the sidebar and may have to be uncollapsed, a link named "Nominate for deletion" is provided.

You can nominate the content, including media files, for deletion by clicking on that link: your Internet browser will first generate the following pop-up dialog box:

2013-10-10 Curator Nominate-for-deletion-dialog.png

Please write your reasons there. As this popup dialog box's size is quite small, you might not be able to read all the words of your message at the same time, so that you might prefer to write your message on a separate text editing tool on your computer and copy paste it from there. It's also possible magnifying the editing area clicking  . Wiki markup such as [[ ]] is accepted.

A convenient way to explain briefly the problem might be to refer to a specific Wikimedia Commons policy. For deleting an image of contemporary artwork outdoors in France, you might refer to [[COM:FOP#France]], but the file's uploader might not be familiar with Wikimedia Commons' acronyms, so please add a few explanations with simple words.

After proceeding, your Internet browser will automatically:

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