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Quick Delete: Adds useful links to tag files as missing source/license/permission or for deletion, and notify users accordingly (you can also define custom buttons). [talk] 

QuickDelete depends on AjaxQuickDelete which hosts the main code.

The gadget is not active on non-existent or special pages. Since August, 2018 it is disabled on deletion requests and related pages (it is indeed possible to nominate a deletion request for deletion manually).

There are a few things you can configure in your personal /common.js (or /vector.js or /monobook.js).

AjaxQuickDelete and QuickDelete[edit]

To watch user talk pages, to which you add tags, add:

window.AjaxDeleteWatchUserTalk = true;

To watch file pages, to which you add tags, add:

window.AjaxDeleteWatchFile = true;

To watch file pages, to which you decline renames, add:

window.AjaxDeclineMoveWatchFile = true;

Some actions require communication with other wikis (e.g. notifying uploaders and replacing files). There are unfavorable fallbacks that can be used by default, if you do not want the script performing edits under your user accounts on different wikis:

window.aqdCORSOptOut = true;


You can also configure custom labels for your tool box (requires the QuickDelete gadget enabled) in the following way.

For example, if you want to tag files as {{Duplicate}}s:

window.AjaxDeleteExtraButtons = [{
		'label': 'Dupe',
		'tag': '{' + '{duplicate|1=%PARAMETER%|user=%USER%}}',
		'img_summary': 'Tagging as duplicate of  [[%PARAMETER%]]',
		'prompt_text': 'Which file is this a duplicate of?',
        'optin_notify': 1

If you want to speedy personal files and advertisements (without filing a deletion request):

window.AjaxDeleteExtraButtons = [
                    'label': 'Speedy Selfie/F10',
                    'tag': '{'+'{SD|F10}}',
                    'img_summary': 'Requesting speedy deletion: [[COM:CSD#F10|CSD F10]] (personal photos by non-contributors)',
                    'talk_tag': '{'+'{subst:speedynote|1=%FILE%|2=[[COM:CSD#F10|CSD F10]] (personal photos by non-contributors)}}',
                    'talk_summary': 'Notification of possible speedy deletion for %FILE% due to [[COM:CSD#F10|CSD F10]] (personal photos by non-contributors)',
                }, {
                    'label': 'Speedy Advert/G10',
                    'tag': '{'+'{SD|G10}}',
                    'img_summary': 'Requesting speedy deletion: [[COM:CSD#G10|CSD G10]] (files and pages created as advertisements)',
                    'talk_tag': '{'+'{subst:speedynote|1=%FILE%|2=[[COM:CSD#G10|CSD G10]] (files and pages created as advertisements)}}',
                    'talk_summary': 'Notification of possible speedy deletion for %FILE% due to [[COM:CSD#G10|CSD G10]] (files and pages created as advertisements)',

If you have a 'talk_tag' parameter declared, the related users get automatic notified. If you want decide case by case (to notify users) you can use the boolean 'optin_notify' parameter.

Or if you want to tag clear copyvios with one click (with a link to the google image search engine in the speedy deletion reason field):

window.AjaxDeleteExtraButtons = [
                    'label': 'Copyvio (www)',
                    'tag': '{'+'{copyvio|1=[[COM:NETCOPYRIGHT|Copyright violation]], found elsewhere on the web and unlikely to be own work: [{{filepath:{'+'{subst:BASEPAGENAME}}}} google search]}}',
                    'img_summary': 'speedy deletion: possible copyvio',
                    'talk_tag': '{'+'{subst:copyvionote|1=%FILE%}}',
                    'talk_summary': 'Notification of possible copyright violation for %FILE%',

→ Some more life examples on a personal configuration.