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Below the image (highlighted): the start link “request rotation”
Pop-up: the parameter setting window of the script after clicking the “request rotation” link.

The RotateLink is a gadget to add a link “request rotation” to file pages. It can be used to easily request rotation of an image which is in the wrong orientation (further info: Commons:Rotation). The link appears on the line just below the image, and looks like this: ( request rotation).

Most rotations will be done losslessly by Rotatebot within a couple of hours.


Why a script/link? Most people and especially newcomers don't know that we have a bot for this. They often use lossy Windows JPEG rotation which results in wrong EXIF tags and a loss of quality. Note that even “lossless” jpegtran rotation can be slightly lossy (depends on the image's dimensions; at maximum 16 pixels are cropped at borders) but no new compression artifacts are created.

This gadget offers a simple interface for adding {{Rotate}} to the image description page. It doesn't slow down (notably) loading of file pages since the heavy code is loaded only on clicking the link.

The dialog pop-up window remembers the last used degree value (using a cookie, which expires after 14 days).

The pop-up will display a thumbnail which should be used to orient the image correctly. It is cared for that this thumbnail is a freshly produced one by automatically purging the file and by using an unusual image size. The purge may have the effect that (in case of wrong EXIF orientation) suddenly all thumbnail sizes will show up wrong if before only some were wrong.

Switching off and customization[edit]

The gadget is enabled by default for all logged-in users but can be easily disabled in the user's settings by one click (remove the checkmark ☑ in front of “RotateLink”) if someone does not like it.

To have this gadget on pages of a specific file type only use the option window.rotateFileTypes. Example to enable the gadget only on jpeg file pages:

window.rotateFileTypes = ['jpg', 'jpeg'];

Add this line to your common.js.

If you uploaded files recently and don't like to wait until the server is purged (is not needed for uploads after 5 October 2011), thus speeding up the dialog, add

window.rotateDontPurge = true;

to your common.js.



Some pre-existing code/icons are used. We thank their authors for creating and sharing!

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