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Tabular data allows users to create CSV-like tables of data, and use them from other wikis to create automatic tables, lists, and graphs.

To create a new table, create a new page in the Data namespace with a .tab suffix, such as Data:Sandbox/Name/ Feel free to experiment by creating pages with the Sandbox/<username>/ prefix.

For now, page content can only be edited in the raw JSON format and with a basic table editor, but the TabularImportExport gadget allows import/export from/to CSV and Excel files. There are also third-party tools available:

CSV and TSV[edit]

  • (select "CSV to JSON Array") - Generate output as JSON Array, under 'output options' select option 'if to JSON Array, create array for column names with name'. You will still need to manually add "name": and "type": to each entry in "fields" (see example above for formatting)


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