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This page provides the translation for Help:Watchlist messages/Wizard.


Step Step name Introduction Closing paragraph
0 Learn This Watchlist Message Creation Wizard will guide you through the steps required for creating a watchlist message which will be shown in the Wikimedia Commons notice.

The better the message is targeted by specifying criteria, the more messages can run simultaneously without spamming users. Only if all criteria are fulfilled, the message is shown.

Usually, the fields will be filled using the formatting required by the template. If you have no clue what to enter, set the caret into the field in question and press the key. It may take a while until the suggestions appear; then simply select an element from the suggestions. If a field allows multiple values, you can repeat this procedure as often as required. One of the specified values must be met by the user, to fulfill a multiple-value-condition.

Fields that need to be filled-in are marked with a an asterisk ( * ).

Until after publishing the message, you can step forward and back.

This Wizard is editable. The source code is available.

Click next to start creating a Watchlist Message with entering a message text that should be shown.
1 Message text Enter the message in Wikimarkup (aka Wikitext).

A good message text is short and meaningful, can be understood by non-native speakers and is easily translatable. As a rule of thumb, a message should not be longer than 6 lines in the text box. Links to pages containing further information can be added, if required. Using images or distracting text animations or colors should be avoided. The message is important – no question – otherwise you won't be here but this is a matter of personal views and this is no contest for grabbing attention.

Click next to set the shedule and the message topic and type.
2 Schedule and topic Please carefully consider the end date because it will be also used as an expiration date of the dismissing system. Click next to fine-tune targeting.
3 Advanced Fine-tune to whom to show the message. Click next to check your input. If everything is sane, you will be able to publish the message with just two further clicks.
4 Post message Please check that everything looks like expected. Testing multiple languages is unfortunately not supported. To test them, use the Sandbox. Note that the message is always visible in the preview, even if it wouldn't in the final page. Clicking "publish" will open a dialog where you can modify the edit summary and finalize this task.


Group Heading Introduction Closing paragraph Icon
schedule Schedule Display this message… Config-date.png
geo Geo-Targeting Geo-Targeting allows notifying people by their current location. In order to geo-target to multiple regions using coordinates, one has to use multiple messages (with the same text). Cities with the same name may exist in multiple countries. It is recommended to either also marking the area in the map or at least selecting a country. Please note that the Geo-information which is derived from the IP address is often fuzzy. Tests with VPN or proxies can help you to assess the situation.

When targeting to political constructions like the EU, you have to list all countries + the EU. Usually, you want to include satellite users as well: A1:A2:O1:--:your-country

project Wikimedia Commons user account status and preferences Tokyoship Commons icon.svg
browser Filtering by Browser allows targeting the message depenent on the user agent (UA)/client the user currently makes use of


Value Name Icon
licensereviewer Image reviewers / License reviewers Checked copyright icon.svg
autopatrolled Autopatrollers Commons Autopatrolled.svg
filemover File movers Commons File mover.svg
patroller Patrollers Commons Patroller Icon.svg
OTRS OTRS members Exp OTRS.png
adminonly Administrators Commons Administrator.svg
translationadmin Translation administrators Translation - Noun project 987.svg
gwtoolset GWToolset users GLAM logo 2018 square.png
upwizcampeditors Upload Wizard campaign editors Icon - upload photo.svg


Value Name Icon
camino Camino Camino icon.png
chrome Google Chrome Google Chrome icon (2011).svg
msie Microsoft Internet Explorer Internet Explorer 10+11 logo.svg
firefox Mozilla Firefox Firefox Logo, 2017.svg
iceweasel Iceweasel Iceweasel icon.svg
netscape Netscape Netscape icon.svg
konqueror Konqueror Konqueror 4 Oxygen.svg
lynx Lynx Lynx Browser 2.png
opera Opera Opera O.svg
safari Apple Safari Antu internet-web-browser.svg
ipod Apple iPod
iphone Apple iPhone Web-browser Faenza.svg
blackberry Blackberry Phone-blackberry-bold.svg
ps3 PlayStation 3 Black Playstation 3 icon.png
rekonq Rekonq Rekonq-0.3.svg
android Android Android robot.svg


Value Name Icon
-- N/A
AP Asia/Pacific Region Asia-Pacific Song Contest 2010.jpg
EU Europe Flag of Europe.svg
AD Andorra Flag of Andorra.svg
AE United Arab Emirates Flag of the United Arab Emirates.svg
AF Afghanistan Flag of Afghanistan.svg
AG Antigua and Barbuda Flag of Antigua and Barbuda.svg
AI Anguilla Flag of Anguilla.svg
AL Albania Flag of Albania.svg
AM Armenia Flag of Armenia.svg
CW Curaçao Flag of Curaçao.svg
AO Angola Flag of Angola.svg
AQ Antarctica Proposed flag of Antarctica (Graham Bartram).svg
AR Argentina Flag of Argentina.svg
AS American Samoa Flag of American Samoa.svg
AT Austria Flag of Austria.svg
AU Australia Flag of Australia.svg
AW Aruba Flag of Aruba.svg
AZ Azerbaijan Flag of Azerbaijan.svg
BA Bosnia and Herzegovina Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg
BB Barbados Flag of Barbados.svg
BD Bangladesh Flag of Bangladesh.svg
BE Belgium Flag of Belgium.svg
BF Burkina Faso Flag of Burkina Faso.svg
BG Bulgaria Flag of Bulgaria.svg
BH Bahrain Flag of Bahrain.svg
BI Burundi Flag of Burundi.svg
BJ Benin Flag of Benin.svg
BM Bermuda Flag of Bermuda.svg
BN Brunei Darussalam Flag of Brunei.svg
BO Bolivia Flag of Bolivia.svg
BR Brazil Flag of Brazil.svg
BS Bahamas Flag of the Bahamas.svg
BT Bhutan Flag of Bhutan.svg
BV Bouvet Island Bouvet Island flagmap.png
BW Botswana Flag of Botswana.svg
BY Belarus Flag of Belarus.svg
BZ Belize Flag of Belize.svg
CA Canada Flag of Canada.svg
CC Cocos (Keeling) Islands Flag of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands.svg
CD Congo, The Democratic Republic of the Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.svg
CF Central African Republic Flag of the Central African Republic.svg
CG Congo Flag of the Republic of the Congo.svg
CH Switzerland Flag of Switzerland.svg
CI Cote D'Ivoire Flag of Côte d'Ivoire.svg
CK Cook Islands Flag of the Cook Islands.svg
CL Chile Flag of Chile.svg
CM Cameroon Flag of Cameroon.svg
CN China Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg
CO Colombia Flag of Colombia.svg
CR Costa Rica Flag of Costa Rica.svg
CU Cuba Flag of Cuba.svg
CV Cape Verde Flag of Cape Verde.svg
CX Christmas Island Flag of Christmas Island.svg
CY Cyprus Flag of Cyprus.svg
CZ Czech Republic Flag of the Czech Republic.svg
DE Germany Flag of Germany.svg
DJ Djibouti Flag of Djibouti.svg
DK Denmark Flag of Denmark.svg
DM Dominica Flag of Dominica.svg
DO Dominican Republic Flag of the Dominican Republic.svg
DZ Algeria Flag of Algeria.svg
EC Ecuador Flag of Ecuador.svg
EE Estonia Flag of Estonia.svg
EG Egypt Flag of Egypt.svg
EH Western Sahara Flag of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.svg
ER Eritrea Flag of Eritrea.svg
ES Spain Flag of Spain.svg
ET Ethiopia Flag of Ethiopia.svg
FI Finland Flag of Finland.svg
FJ Fiji Flag of Fiji.svg
FK Falkland Islands (Malvinas) Flag of the Falkland Islands.svg
FM Micronesia, Federated States of Flag of the Federated States of Micronesia.svg
FO Faroe Islands Flag of the Faroe Islands.svg
FR France Flag of France.svg
SX Sint Maarten (Dutch part) Flag of Sint Maarten.svg
GA Gabon Flag of Gabon.svg
GB United Kingdom Flag of the United Kingdom.svg
GD Grenada Flag of Grenada.svg
GE Georgia Flag of Georgia.svg
GF French Guiana Flag of French Guiana.svg
GH Ghana Flag of Ghana.svg
GI Gibraltar Flag of Gibraltar.svg
GL Greenland Flag of Greenland.svg
GM Gambia Flag of The Gambia.svg
GN Guinea Flag of Guinea.svg
GP Guadeloupe Unofficial flag of Guadeloupe (local).svg
GQ Equatorial Guinea Flag of Equatorial Guinea.svg
GR Greece Flag of Greece.svg
GS South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands Flag of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.svg
GT Guatemala Flag of Guatemala.svg
GU Guam Flag of Guam.svg
GW Guinea-Bissau Flag of Guinea-Bissau.svg
GY Guyana Flag of Guyana.svg
HK Hong Kong Flag of Hong Kong.svg
HM Heard Island and McDonald Islands Heard mcdonald 76.jpg
HN Honduras Flag of Honduras.svg
HR Croatia Flag of Croatia.svg
HT Haiti Flag of Haiti.svg
HU Hungary Flag of Hungary.svg
ID Indonesia Flag of Indonesia.svg
IE Ireland Flag of Ireland.svg
IL Israel Flag of Israel.svg
IN India Flag of India.svg
IO British Indian Ocean Territory Flag of the British Indian Ocean Territory.svg
IQ Iraq Flag of Iraq.svg
IR Iran, Islamic Republic of Flag of Iran.svg
IS Iceland Flag of Iceland.svg
IT Italy Flag of Italy.svg
JM Jamaica Flag of Jamaica.svg
JO Jordan Flag of Jordan.svg
JP Japan Flag of Japan.svg
KE Kenya Flag of Kenya.svg
KG Kyrgyzstan Flag of Kyrgyzstan.svg
KH Cambodia Flag of Cambodia.svg
KI Kiribati Flag of Kiribati.svg
KM Comoros Flag of the Comoros.svg
KN Saint Kitts and Nevis Flag of Saint Kitts and Nevis.svg
KP Korea, Democratic People's Republic of Flag of North Korea.svg
KR Korea, Republic of Flag of South Korea.svg
KW Kuwait Flag of Kuwait.svg
KY Cayman Islands Flag of the Cayman Islands.svg
KZ Kazakhstan Flag of Kazakhstan.svg
LA Lao People's Democratic Republic Flag of Laos.svg
LB Lebanon Flag of Lebanon.svg
LC Saint Lucia Flag of Saint Lucia.svg
LI Liechtenstein Flag of Liechtenstein.svg
LK Sri Lanka Flag of Sri Lanka.svg
LR Liberia Flag of Liberia.svg
LS Lesotho Flag of Lesotho.svg
LT Lithuania Flag of Lithuania.svg
LU Luxembourg Flag of Luxembourg.svg
LV Latvia Flag of Latvia.svg
LY Libya Flag of Libya.svg
MA Morocco Flag of Morocco.svg
MC Monaco Flag of Monaco.svg
MD Moldova, Republic of Flag of Moldova.svg
MG Madagascar Flag of Madagascar.svg
MH Marshall Islands Flag of the Marshall Islands.svg
MK Macedonia Flag of North Macedonia.svg
ML Mali Flag of Mali.svg
MM Myanmar Flag of Myanmar.svg
MN Mongolia Flag of Mongolia.svg
MO Macau Flag of Macau.svg
MP Northern Mariana Islands Flag of the Northern Mariana Islands.svg
MQ Martinique Snake Flag of Martinique.svg
MR Mauritania Flag of Mauritania.svg
MS Montserrat Flag of Montserrat.svg
MT Malta Flag of Malta.svg
MU Mauritius Flag of Mauritius.svg
MV Maldives Flag of Maldives.svg
MW Malawi Flag of Malawi.svg
MX Mexico Flag of Mexico.svg
MY Malaysia Flag of Malaysia.svg
MZ Mozambique Flag of Mozambique.svg
NA Namibia Flag of Namibia.svg
NC New Caledonia Flags of New Caledonia.svg
NE Niger Flag of Niger.svg
NF Norfolk Island Flag of Norfolk Island.svg
NG Nigeria Flag of Nigeria.svg
NI Nicaragua Flag of Nicaragua.svg
NL Netherlands Flag of the Netherlands.svg
NO Norway Flag of Norway.svg
NP Nepal Flag of Nepal.svg
NR Nauru Flag of Nauru.svg
NU Niue Flag of Niue.svg
NZ New Zealand Flag of New Zealand.svg
OM Oman Flag of Oman.svg
PA Panama Flag of Panama.svg
PE Peru Flag of Peru.svg
PF French Polynesia Flag of French Polynesia.svg
PG Papua New Guinea Flag of Papua New Guinea.svg
PH Philippines Flag of the Philippines.svg
PK Pakistan Flag of Pakistan.svg
PL Poland Flag of Poland.svg
PM Saint Pierre and Miquelon Flag of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon.svg
PN Pitcairn Islands Flag of the Pitcairn Islands.svg
PR Puerto Rico Flag of Puerto Rico.svg
PS Palestinian Territory Flag of Palestine.svg
PT Portugal Flag of Portugal.svg
PW Palau Flag of Palau.svg
PY Paraguay Flag of Paraguay.svg
QA Qatar Flag of Qatar.svg
RE Reunion Flag of Réunion.svg
RO Romania Flag of Romania.svg
RU Russian Federation Flag of Russia.svg
RW Rwanda Flag of Rwanda.svg
SA Saudi Arabia Flag of Saudi Arabia.svg
SB Solomon Islands Flag of the Solomon Islands.svg
SC Seychelles Flag of Seychelles.svg
SD Sudan Flag of Sudan.svg
SE Sweden Flag of Sweden.svg
SG Singapore Flag of Singapore.svg
SH Saint Helena Flag of Saint Helena.svg
SI Slovenia Flag of Slovenia.svg
SJ Svalbard and Jan Mayen Svalbard geoflag.svg
SK Slovakia Flag of Slovakia.svg
SL Sierra Leone Flag of Sierra Leone.svg
SM San Marino Flag of San Marino.svg
SN Senegal Flag of Senegal.svg
SO Somalia Flag of Somalia.svg
SR Suriname Flag of Suriname.svg
ST Sao Tome and Principe Flag of Sao Tome and Principe.svg
SV El Salvador Flag of El Salvador.svg
SY Syrian Arab Republic Flag of Syria.svg
SZ Swaziland Flag of Eswatini.svg
TC Turks and Caicos Islands Flag of the Turks and Caicos Islands.svg
TD Chad Flag of Chad.svg
TF French Southern Territories Flag of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands.svg
TG Togo Flag of Togo.svg
TH Thailand Flag of Thailand.svg
TJ Tajikistan Flag of Tajikistan.svg
TK Tokelau Flag of Tokelau.svg
TM Turkmenistan Flag of Turkmenistan.svg
TN Tunisia Flag of Tunisia.svg
TO Tonga Flag of Tonga.svg
TL Timor-Leste Flag of East Timor.svg
TR Turkey Flag of Turkey.svg
TT Trinidad and Tobago Flag of Trinidad and Tobago.svg
TV Tuvalu Flag of Tuvalu.svg
TW Taiwan Flag of the Republic of China.svg
TZ Tanzania, United Republic of Flag of Tanzania.svg
UA Ukraine Flag of Ukraine.svg
UG Uganda Flag of Uganda.svg
UM United States Minor Outlying Islands Flag of Johnston Atoll (local).svg
US United States Flag of the United States.svg
UY Uruguay Flag of Uruguay.svg
UZ Uzbekistan Flag of Uzbekistan.svg
VA Holy See (Vatican City State) Flag of the Vatican City.svg
VC Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Flag of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.svg
VE Venezuela Flag of Venezuela.svg
VG Virgin Islands, British Flag of the British Virgin Islands.svg
VI Virgin Islands, U.S. Flag of the United States Virgin Islands.svg
VN Vietnam Flag of Vietnam.svg
VU Vanuatu Flag of Vanuatu.svg
WF Wallis and Futuna Flag of Wallis and Futuna.svg
WS Samoa Flag of Samoa.svg
YE Yemen Flag of Yemen.svg
YT Mayotte Flag of Mayotte (local).svg
RS Serbia Flag of Serbia.svg
ZA South Africa Flag of South Africa.svg
ZM Zambia Flag of Zambia.svg
ME Montenegro Flag of Montenegro.svg
ZW Zimbabwe Flag of Zimbabwe.svg
A1 Anonymous Proxy Pirate Flag.svg
A2 Satellite Provider Navstar-2F.jpg
O1 Other Pictogram voting question.svg
AX Aland Islands Flag of Åland.svg
GG Guernsey Flag of Guernsey.svg
IM Isle of Man Flag of the Isle of Mann.svg
JE Jersey Flag of Jersey.svg
BL Saint Barthelemy Flag of Saint Barthelemy.svg
MF Saint Martin Flag of Saint-Martin (fictional).svg
BQ Bonaire, Saint Eustatius and Saba Flag of Bonaire.svg
SS South Sudan Flag of South Sudan.svg


Step Group Parameter Type Paraminfo Output Label Placeholder Required Default
1 text localized_text Text to be shown x
2 type select table:wlc-types Type or topic x
2 schedule from date yy-mm-dd 00:00:00 From YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss x 2019-07-18 00:00:00
2 schedule until date yy-mm-dd 23:59:59 Until YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss x
3 geo countries taglist table:wlc-countries : Countries
3 geo cities taglist : Cities — (Server responds (null) if it's unknown) City in native language; separated by a colon (:)
3 geo latFrom|latTo|lonFrom|lonTo geoedit Area
3 project preferences taglist obj:mw.user.options.values ; User preferences The suggested values are taken from your preferences.
3 project languages taglist window:wpAvailableLanguages : User language preference
3 project groups taglist table:wlc-usergroups space User group
3 project condition freetext Condition — if 0 (zero) is returned, the message is hidden
3 browser browser taglist table:wlc-browser : Browser name
3 browser browserLang taglist window:wpAvailableLanguages : Browser or system language
3 browser browserVerMin float Browser version from which on the message will be shown
3 browser browserVerMax float Browser version to which the message will be shown

static config (sitewide)[edit]


further UI strings[edit]

First, center the map and zoom to the position wanted, then select the area.
Select area
Type to get a list of suggestions
Number (e.g. 12.84)
Please select …
Select the correct language and enter text in that language here
Retrieving map from $1 …
Note that when an area is selected, you can't zoom or move the map.
Your GeoIP information: Lat: $1, Lon: $2, City: $3, Country: $4
Due to issues, we are unable to proceed. Click on the listed issues to resolve them.
2 texts in the same language were specified. Either select the correct language or blank the textbox.
The number for '$1' has an invalid format.
An invalid value was specified for '$1'.
A value for the field '$1' is required.
Create-a-watchlist-message Wizard
$1 – $2
Wizard version: $1
When going back to another step, all changes made to this text will be lost.
Message preview
Unequal opening and closing token count detected. Too many $1 or missing $2.
$1 is publishing your message
Message successfully posted
How would you like to proceed?
Visit your watchlist
Go to the listing of messages
Show edit diff
Error while posting the message
Something went wrong posting your message. Please copy & paste the message. Here is a detailed error description: $1
Please confirm that everything is correct
Edit summary
ID Human readable name Description Notes
policy_new New policies Request for Comments about new policies, substantial changes to or the adoption of new policies
policy_change Policy changes Recent or intended amendments to policies
highly_trusted_election Election of important positions Election of people requiring a high level of trust such as checkusers
technical_new New features New technical features
technical_change Technical changes Recent or on-going technical changes
technical_issue Technical issues Technical issues at Wikimedia Commons
mobile Mobile Everything related to Mobile access to Wikimedia Commons
bot_approval Bot approval If community input in a bot-approval request is required
i18n Internationalization Internationalization and Localization
poty Picture of the Year The Picture of the Year contest
wlm Wiki loves Monuments The Wiki Loves Monuments contest
photo_challenge Commons:Photo challenge The Wikimedia Commons “Photo Challenge
other_media_contests Other contests Other media-related contests
glam GLAM Cooperation with Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAM)
other_projects Look at the wider picture Information about other projects that may influence Wikimedia Commons
backlogs Important backlogs Backlogs at Wikimedia Commons that are important to be cleared in time
meetings_photo Photographer meetings Photo workshops, Photographer-relevant topics at general meetings like Wikimania
meetings_tech Dev- and Tech-Meetings Hackathons, IRC hours, Wikimedia Commons-relevant topics at general meetings like Wikimania
The watchlist message creation wizard is a JavaScript tool. Wait a few seconds. If nothing happens, you do not have JavaScript enabled.