Hermann Loew Collection

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Hermann Loew Collection Hermann Loew Collection Museum für Naturkunde Berlin.

The Loew collection and its historo-taxonomic significance.

Aside from Diptera collected by Loew himself, mostly from the area around Posen and Meseritz (then in Prussia but now in Poland) and elsewhere in what is now Germany. The collection contains much material collected by other, mostly anonymous German entomologists from Germany and other parts of Europe.There is also material collected in (not by Loew) : -Brasilien ,Bismark Arch [ipelago] German New Guinea , Bogota, Columbien, Chile, Venezuela, Cuba,Carolina, Chile, Sumatra – Soekaranda, Montivide[o], Askhaabad, Transcaspian, Amboine, Klein-Asien-Asia Minor, Arab fel., Andalusia, Griechenland, Santiago, Lapland, N. Kamerun Cameroons, Kaukkasus, Texas, Aegyptea. In these respects the collection, though impressive in most respects differs little from that of any other contemporary assemblage. The collection however contains: - 1a. Material sent by Alexander Henry Haliday which was either type (in the modern sense) or which he considered representative of his own taxa 1b Material sent by Alexander Henry Haliday comp. exemp. Linnaeus or comp. exemp. Meigen ( following Halidays examination of these collections in London (Linnaeus) and Paris (Meigen)) 2.Material sent by Johan Wilhelm Zettersted either type or representative of Zetterstedt taxa.. 3.Material sent by Carl Rasmus Staeger illustrative of Staegers’s description. 4.Material sent by Camillo Rondani ‘comparito con il tipo’. 5.Synonymic notes, either on or with pinned specimens.