Historic Columbia River Highway

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General information[edit]

Unidentified locations[edit]

Sandy River to Warrendale[edit]

Sandy River Bridge at Troutdale (MP 14.2)[edit]

Stark Street[edit]

Sandy River (Stark Street) Bridge (MP 16.7)[edit]

Chanticleer Point[edit]

Crown Point Viaduct and Crown Point (MP 23.9)[edit]

Figure-Eight Loops[edit]

Latourell Creek Bridge (MP 26.1)[edit]

Shepperd's Dell Bridge (MP 27.4)[edit]

Bridal Veil Falls Bridge (MP 28.4)[edit]

Wahkeena Falls Bridge (MP 31.6)[edit]

West Multnomah Falls Viaduct (MP 31.9)[edit]

Multnomah Creek Bridge (MP 32.1)[edit]

East Multnomah Falls Viaduct (MP 32.3)[edit]

Oneonta Gorge Creek Bridge and Oneonta Tunnel (MP 34.3)[edit]

Horsetail Falls Bridge (MP 34.6)[edit]

Warrendale to Hood River[edit]

McCord Creek Bridge (MP 38.6)[edit]

Moffett Creek Bridge (MP 39.8)[edit]

Tanner Creek Bridge (MP 41.1)[edit]

Toothrock and Eagle Creek Viaducts and Toothrock Tunnel (MP 42)[edit]

Eagle Creek Bridge and Eagle Creek Recreation Area (MP 42.7)[edit]

Ruckel Creek Bridge (MP 43.6)[edit]

Herman Creek Bridge (MP 47.7)[edit]

Gorton Creek Bridge (MP 52.7)[edit]

Lindsey Creek Bridge (MP 55.8)[edit]

Warren Creek Bridge (MP 56.5)[edit]

Viento Creek Bridge (MP 58.8)[edit]

Mitchell Point Viaduct and Tunnel (MP 60)[edit]

Ruthton Point Viaduct (MP 62.9)[edit]

Phelps Creek Bridge (MP 64.3)[edit]

Hood River to The Dalles[edit]

Hood River Bridge (MP 66.8)[edit]

Hood River Loops[edit]

Rock Slide Viaduct (MP 69.9)[edit]

Mosier Twin Tunnels (MP 72)[edit]

Rock Creek Bridge (MP 73.2)[edit]

Mosier Creek Bridge (MP 73.7)[edit]

Memaloose Overlook[edit]

Rowena Dell Bridge (MP 79.0)[edit]

Dry Canyon Creek Bridge (MP 79.7)[edit]

Rowena Crest[edit]

Rowena Loops[edit]

Chenoweth Creek Bridge (MP 88.0)[edit]

Mill Creek Bridge[edit]